Nothing is sweeter than ending your year with a well-deserved vacation. But with the festive atmosphere brought by the holiday season, it’s easy to be sidetracked and procrastinate. It always feels like you have more time to plan your 2019 travel until the last minute. Doing this makes you miss the benefits of booking early that can make your whole vacation more fun and stress-free.

Planning way ahead can give you more insights on the best places to travel in 2019. You’ll learn more about the climate and the crowd which can help in your preparation. This is especially true when booking hotels in Boracay since more people are excited to experience the island after months of rehabilitation.

Moreover, it is recommended to book your flight and hotel at least a month early than your planned date. Doing this can give you better options, cheaper rates, and deals that won’t be there when you cram your booking. Read on to know what’s in store for you when you book early.

Go and save up some ka-ching

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It’s no secret that you’ll save some bucks when you book your holiday early. It’s recommended to book leisure flights a month early and hotel rooms at least two months before your vacation to get the best prices. Two weeks before the flight and seats are almost filled. This will cause airline rates to spike up. The same goes with hotel rooms as they easily get booked especially during the holidays.

Planning trips early can also give you more time to search for awesome deals like piso-fare and other hotel promos. Because of the cheap rates and deals that you can get, you are more inclined to have control over your budget. You’ll have more to spend on activities, food, and other travel-related expenses. You’ll also have months to save up for your pocket money and finance the whole trip.

Enjoy a wider range of options

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Aside from cheap rates, booking early ensures your comfort and the overall mood of your vacation. Booking flights early gives you more seats to choose from. Whether you prefer an aisle or window seat, your wish can be granted. You won’t have to sulk for hours dreaming you’re sitting on a more cozy seat with more leg room.

With hotels, you can have a choice on how big your room can be and you’re free to choose the view you’ll see from your windows. At Alta Vista de Boracay, you can enjoy the lush and verdant hilltop view and the stellar Puka Beach next to it. Sounds relaxing, right?

Booking late can mean that these seats and rooms are already taken even if you have extra budget for it. You know how the saying goes, the early bird catches the worm.

Stress? Can’t relate.

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Hitting the book button months early gives you more time to plan your entire trip. If you’re traveling as a family or as a group of friends, there is more time to organize and delegate responsibilities. You will be able to fix your schedule according to your booked dates ahead of time. This is important especially if you have a busy schedule at work or school. You can file for leave early and finish your tasks so it won’t interfere with your vacation.

You will have time to pack your luggage with your carefully planned outfits. There’s less chance of leaving important things behind and traveling unequipped. Should there be any unforeseen events happening like changes in schedule, you have more time to adjust and prepare for it. Imagine a travel experience where you don’t have to rush things and you can enjoy every moment of it? Now, that’s a perk you’d definitely enjoy and thank yourself for.

Fix your itinerary just like how you want it

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Island hopping? Scuba diving? Parasailing? Side trips? Be able to fit them all and more in your schedule when you are booked early. Booking early gives you a set date and time of arrival and departure which helps you calculate the days of your stay and the number of activities you can do. You’ll also be able to book the activities and restaurants you want to try. Keep in mind that they are more likely to get fully booked as well for the holiday season.

Having your itinerary fixed a month before your vacation lets you shift priorities should there be any changes in your schedule or activities. You have the power to eliminate or include pit stops during your vacation.

These are luxuries you won’t be able to experience when booking late because you’d be occupied with other things. Either you’ll end up not doing all the activities you plan to do or you settle for things that you’re not really interested in. Trust us, that’s a vacation you wouldn’t want to experience.

More time to enjoy your pre-travel buzz

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After you know you’re all set to go, the blissful feeling of excitement will start to fill your soul—and that’s usually a sign that your adventure will be one for the books. Every day will be a countdown to your trip which will give you a better mood and mindset for the vacation. Looking forward to your travel without any stress is one of the best parts of your trip.

You will have little to no time to enjoy a pre-travel buzz when you book late. You only have a week (or sometimes days if you’re really good at procrastinating) to crunch planning, packing, and making sure you’ll leave everything okay. Having a stressful mood before your trip can make you restless and unenthusiastic. Don’t do that to yourself. You deserve a wonderful vacation.


Putting your travel plans at the last minute brings you a bigger risk of it not happening at all. Imagine opening your booking apps a week before your vacation and you see everything no longer available. What a nightmare, right? Booking early ensures that you are more likely to go to your most coveted trip. It seals everything. Changes may happen but you have time to handle them.

Now, book your next holiday trip as early as now and enjoy!