The holiday season can sure get busy real quick. So if you have holiday travel plans, allow us to make it easier for you to choose your next destination — the Philippines! Here are 8 awesome reasons why you should travel to the Philippines this year and enjoy the Christmas season there.

You get to try out a lot of food


We Filipinos love food. We find every excuse there is to prepare a feast for just about anyone for any occasion. And you are no exemption to this, especially during Christmas time when people whip out their best family recipes.

If there’s one thing that you can be sure of when you visit the Philippines, it’s that you’ll never go hungry. In Boracay for example, since it’s generally known as a party place, you’re sure to expect tons of food for you to try — from the lechon, adobo, and caldereta. The list can go on and on and that’s just the home-cooked meals you can see in hotels such as Alta Vista de Boracay.

It’s a different gastronomic experience out on the street as vendors sell puto bumbong, bibingka, kutsinta, and other rice-based cakes. You can even go exotic and try balut, aka duck fetus, which most foreigners cringe on. The best thing about this is that most of these cost under a dollar.

Get ready to meet new friends. A lot of them

new friends

Filipinos are known to be very friendly people. Sit down and have a quick chat with them and they already consider you as a friend. The funny thing here is that when you’re in a community, it would look like that everyone is related by blood. In reality, they’re just close to each other that you feel like they’re family. When that happens, get ready to be introduced to everyone they know and, yes, they’ll soon be your friends, too.

Don’t worry. Be it singing at the karaoke bar at Alta Vista de Boracay or getting your fill at L’Altura restaurant, they’ll surely help you have a good time while you’re in the Philippines, especially during Christmas time. A whole day with them and you’ll be arm-in-arm with them singing the night away.

Enjoy the beach during Christmas

beach side

One of the reasons why you should visit the Philippines is that you can enjoy the beach year round. Yes, this includes the holiday season. You get to soak up the warm water and hot sun during the day, albeit a little bit more windy than the usual, but that’s okay. It sure beats freezing your tail off in the snow, right?

So if you’re itching for some vitamin sea, visit Alta Vista de Boracay and enjoy the exclusive Puka Beach or, if you’d rather stay in, the hotel happens to have its own pool.

Feel the warmth of the sun

sunset view

It’s no secret that the Philippines is a tropical country. It’s either sun or rain, no snow. This means you get to feel the warm sun even during the holiday season, while other countries are covered with gray skies and snow.

You can even watch the sun rise or set from the Alta Vista de Boracay Dinara view deck, which has a 360-degree view of the island. Forget the gloomy gray clouds in winter; feel alive and energetic with the sun’s rays.

Party the night away

girl partying

Boracay, even after its 6-month rehabilitation, is and will always be known as a party place. So it wouldn’t come as a surprise if you would want to party until it’s Christmas in the bars along the beach. You can go out with a few friends and dance all night or chug down drinks in a bar crawl.

But if you prefer to sit down, enjoy good food and drinks, and watch your favorite sport, you’ll be happy to know that Alta Vista de Boracay has its own sports bar. Rest assured, you’ll be able to party during your holiday stay in the Philippines.

Shop ‘til you drop


Christmas is the best time to go shopping as malls go on huge sales. But if you want to be a bit frugal, you can opt to drop by the many bazaars or pop-up stores around Alta Vista de Boracay. Taking a look at the surrounding area of this hotel will make it easier for you to haul all those items back to your hotel room.

Moreover, bazaars, which sell all sorts of interesting items, are also open to haggling. A little bit of sweet talk can save you a lot of money. Surely, you’ll be able to buy a present for your family and relatives without breaking your budget.

Get acquainted with Filipino customs

filipino customs

What makes Christmas in the Philippines unique is the Filipino customs and traditions. In the Philippines, Christmas isn’t just about getting gifts and having a party. There’s also a spiritual aspect to it as Filipinos are deeply rooted in their religion. If this is something you would like to experience yourself, get ready to experience the Filipino customs such as Simbang Gabi, Noche Buena, and Christmas Eve countdown.

It can come as a shock for some tourists, but if you’re open-minded, you’ll surely appreciate the beauty of some of the Filipino customs that are practiced to this day. You might even get a little bit hooked into it, the longer you stay in the country.

Experience the world-renowned Filipino hospitality

The Philippines is known to be very hospitable. How? You are always welcome to a Filipino’s house. They will do their best to serve you with the best dishes possible and drinks. They also make sure you have the most comfortable experience when you’re in their home. Essentially, their home becomes your home, too.

If you’re staying at Alta Vista de Boracay, you can expect to feel the Filipino hospitality at its best. Their service will make you feel as if you’re a king or a queen. Enjoy it, but don’t forget to respect their limits.

There are a lot more reasons why you should visit the Philippines during the holiday season. You might want to book your flight and accommodations now to experience why it’s more fun in the Philippines.