Sun-kissed skin is in, again, this summer. Aside from memories and photographs, coming home with your summer tan is proof of an epic summer fun and is one of the benefits of being at the beach. If you want to flaunt your beach bod, pair your toned body with a natural tan, to add more contrast and highlight to your muscles.

To achieve the perfect summer glow fast, people commit tanning mistakes that result in uneven tanned skin, burns, and--worse yet, skin cancer. 

To get their tan done fast, others opt to use tanning beds. There are risks in indoor tanning; one of them is skin cancer. Would you seriously want to put your health at risk just for the sake of achieving the perfect summer tan. Health is wealth, after all. It is important to know how to naturally tan your skin; so that you look good and healthy inside out.

So how do you achieve an endless summer tan naturally without breaking the bank or putting your health at risk? And did you know that you can even get a sunless natural tan? Ready your summer sundresses and summer tank tops because in this article, you’ll be learning safety tips and tricks in getting a natural summer tan while you’re at the beach:

1. Understand the natural tanning process

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When your skin is exposed to UVA and UVB rays, the body produces melanin--a brown pigment that protects the skin and gives that tan. That is why staying under the suntans you. Your skin, though, produces melanin for two to three hours; so if you stay under the sun longer, your skin will get burnt. Findings also suggest that skin cells need 48 hours in between exposures to produce melanin in the body; so it is best to spend every other day out of the sun.

2. Exfoliate 

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Before you apply natural tanning lotions, prepare your skin to maximize its effects. Exfoliating will help remove dead skin cells and prevent your newly tanned skin from flaking off; this way, your summer tan lasts longer.

3. Use tan accelerators to kickstart your tanning

Another self-tanning technique to attain sun tan fast and safely is by using tan accelerators. Suntan accelerators come in various forms such as pills and lotions. As a safety practice, though, use these products along with a sunscreen; and check your skin for any reaction from the product. If you feel allergic to it or you’re seeing symptoms of skin cancer, stop using it, and go see your physician immediately.

4. Choose the best time to get your summer tan 

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If you want to get your natural summer tan, the sun is your friend. Prolonged exposure to the sun’s rays can be painful, however, and hazardous to your health. This is why it is best to think about your tanning schedule, especially if you’re at the beach.

The sun is strongest from 10 AM to 4 PM. If you get your tan within this time of the day, you are likely to increase your risk of getting skin cancer. It is best to get your tan under the sun in the morning or after 4 PM.

5. Moisturize outside, hydrate inside 

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Moisturizing keeps your skin healthy. Moreover, it slows down the skin’s process of renewing. If you keep a good routine of moisturizing your skin, it’ll help slow down the process of your tan disappearing.

Of course, you must also hydrate yourself on the inside. While you spend time outside under the sun getting your natural tan done, keep yourself hydrated by drinking fluids regularly. Eat high-water content fruits such as watermelons and cucumbers to cool down your body, make your skin supple, and feel refreshed.

6. Apply sunscreen with at least 30 SPF 

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Some people refuse to use sunscreen when they want to tan their skin because they feel that sunscreens will prevent them from getting tanned. This may be true, but if you avoid using sunscreens, you are likely to burn your skin. If you face this dilemma, don’t worry. You can still protect your skin from the sun and get your tan. All you have to do is use a water-resistant sunscreen that has at least 30 SPF. This level of SPF is enough to protect your skin against UVA and UVB rays but not that strong to prevent you from getting your tan. Keep this inside your summer handbags before you head to the beach. Don’t forget to re-apply every hour, or as indicated on the label.

7. Wear a pair of sunglasses and a hat

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Of course you want to get your summer tan even. However, there are parts of your skin, especially on the face, that should not be exposed under the sun that long — the skin around your eyes, ears, forehead, nose, and scalp. One of the sun safety tips to remember is to always wear a pair of sunglasses and a hat with two to three-inch brim. This way, you can stay chill and stylish on the beach while getting your tan. Just remember not to fall asleep with your shades on while facing the sun and getting your tan.

8. Change positions frequently

Do this to make sure you’ll end up with an even sun-tanned skin. This will also prevent you from getting burns. 

9. Use natural tanning oils and lotions

A way to get that summer glow you want with sunless tanning is by using a tanning lotion, oil, mousse, or spray. These products will give your skin the summer tan you want without the need to bake under the sun.

Do a “spot test” before applying the product all over your body. Apply a small amount of the product in your inner arm. If there’s no negative reactions on your skin for at least 24 hours, then you’re not allergic to it.

Before applying the product to your skin, remember to exfoliate a day before and then moisturize your skin. Don’t apply any deodorant to your underarms; so that your tan will turn out even. Read and follow other instructions for these products. Let the product dry, then wear loose and comfortable summer tank dresses to avoid sweating when you go out.

10. Use make-up and bronzers to faux your glow 

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Another way to faux your summer tan is by using make-up. Bronzers are very much useful in achieving the summer glow you want. Choose a bronzer shade that is close or two shades darker than your skin tone, to achieve a sun-kissed look. Apply a bronzer to parts of your face where the sun naturally hits your face such as your forehead, nose, cheeks, and chin as well as your neck and chest.

11. Eat foods high in beta carotene

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Another way to achieve a safe and endless summer tan is by regularly eating fruits and vegetables high in beta carotene in healthy portions. These include carrots, tomatoes, sweet potatoes, cantaloupe, apricots, spinach, and kale. Because of the chemical carotenes found in these foods, the skin’s pigmentation naturally increases, resulting in a tanner skin.

If you want to achieve the perfect summer tan, there are different options out there for you. Just make sure to follow tanning tips that are safe; so that you will not just look beautiful and healthy on the outside, but on the inside, as well. 

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