Going on an island-hopping adventure or getting the most out of nature's bounty can definitely be a tour you wouldn't want to miss. Traveling to Boracay Philippines presents numerous possibilities whether you are planning for that ultimate honeymoon destination or have long been hoping for the perfect couple time getaway. But hassles may present themselves before you can fully realize what a Boracay trip has in store for that much needed respite from work or post-wedding festivities. Below are some common travel mistakes that may dampen your perfect Boracay vacation and tips on how to avoid them.


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1. Not planning together or agreeing on what to do

First of all, planning for a couple vacation should be a joint effort between you and your spouse as you two will be spending this time together. If planning is done singly, the trip is most likely to be fitted to his or her wishes. As you plan along with your partner, be specific with what you want. Sincerely ask yourself what you want from the trip and then, develop your itinerary of activities and target sites to visit. After both of you finish individual wish lists, reconcile together and agree on what items to cut-off. Do you desire to go on island fun activities such as at Altavista de Boracay? Would you prefer nature tripping with relaxed sightseeing or thrill seeking adventures? Do not limit yourself with what your best-friend's dream honeymoon has been or what others simply insist you will enjoy most. This is your trip together. And definitely, nothing beats a shared planning tailored-fit to you as a couple.

2. Failing to check on passport and visa requirements


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Once you have decided to travel and started planning for it, immediately apply for a passport or check your current one for the expiration date as passport processing requires some lead time. The worst thing that could happen on your flight day is getting rejected at the ticket counter as it totally slipped your mind that your destination country requires a travel visa. Hence, verifying inter-country travel document requirements is also critical.

3. Leaving insufficient time for connecting flights

An hour and a half must be left as window time for connecting flights to avoid missing your next plane and losing your belongings, as suggested at Budget Travel. Less than this time allowance may not be enough, particularly when you are in huge airports where lengthy distances may separate gate terminals.

4. Not making print outs

CNN Travel Staff includes in its list not printing reservation documents as one common travel mistake often overlooked and taken for granted given our mobile internet technology nowadays. In case your smartphone, tablet or laptop blips out, you still know where to go for your hotel accommodation. It also appears wise to include in the print list essential personal information such as passport I.D., insurance, and credit cards for quick identification in case of loss.

5. Limiting itinerary with internet research


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More valuable information may be out there than by just reading entirely from the web. Supplement your research from the internet with a more personal feel and insight about target spots you are eyeing by asking around from friends and relatives. A first-hand account of travel experience from an office colleague or professional travel agent may unhide new, additional inputs on the not-so-highly visited popular sites but are worth going to. Fresh discoveries of these places may even serve as back-ups in case unforeseen circumstances prevent you from proceeding with your full, original itinerary plan.

6. Not knowing when to hire professional services

At the outset, getting the service of professional travel agents may entail additional costs. On second thoughts however, there are actually several benefits of seeking assistance from travel agents. But if you want to make sure that you are on the right track towards planning for that dream vacation, you may want to ask when you should opt to hire a travel agent. Whether you are a hands-on wife or tech-savvy spouse, Brides unveils tips on when it is time to contact a travel agent or it's a case of do-it-yourself task for booking hotels in Boracay.

7. Missing out on negotiation for hotel perks


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Stepping up to make a further personal inquiry via phone or e-mail from Boracay hotels would never hurt you. Such initiative may actually turn out to be advantageous in negotiating for booking discounts and bagging for freebies. Conde Nast Traveler further advises towards informing the hotel the purpose of your stay such as wedding anniversary or honeymoon vacation to avail of additional benefits such as free upgrade or extra special welcome arrangement.

8. Wrong choice of hotel location

It makes sense to make a booking at a little bit more pricey hotel located at where the action is all in than at a cheap accommodation located at farther outskirts. Towards the end, you will finish up saving on transportation fares when you are close to your itinerary requirements. This consideration also saves time from long walks which you could utilize for refreshing up or marvelling at the scenic view such as from Altavista de Boracay's Dinara View Deck.

9. Excess baggage


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As much as possible, travel light as this makes it easier for you to move around. Usually, low-key pieces such as swimwear, t-shirts, shorts, and light dresses that comprise what to pack for beach honeymoon vacations. It is also smart to keep your most indispensable items in a separate, handy pouch which can always be pulled out from your hand-carry bag as you never know when spot checks may be made.

10. Relying solely on credit card

For frequent travellers, the convenience of a credit card for paying up anywhere is one of its biggest come-ons. But relying on it solely as funds source during your overseas travel may easily place your account on the red with various charges for foreign fund transactions. Better exchange for foreign currencies at the airport to cover your liquidity needs while keeping your credit card as back-up for emergency cases. Now however, there are credit cards that waive charges on foreign transactions, and are therefore, more travel-friendly.

11. Absence of "free styling"


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Most couple travelers think that the itinerary must be completely followed to have the best vacation ever. Not necessarily at all times, though. Making room for "free-styling" tour could make your vacation even richer and more memorable with instant, simple pleasures and adventures. Options like al fresco dining or stroll by the beach shore present the element of chance coming largely into play. Let yourselves be surprised!

12. Bringing along work with you

Bringing along work during your couple time getaway is the last definite no-no. Be firm with your decision to spend this private time with your spouse while avoiding fully all possible setbacks. Utilize automatic reply back mechanisms for email and mobile phone to manage expectations when you will be back at work and social circle. Most of all, take time to enjoy your Boracay island vacation.

So the next time you plan a trip and travel to Boracay, remember these mistakes and the things you can do to avoid them. Time for a sweet and worry-free escape!