Fun, Kid-Friendly Boracay Activities for Your Family

29 April, 2015

Boracay is usually defined as the ideal honeymoon spot, the ultimate paradise for couples. Indeed, there’s probably no spot in the country that can compare to the amazing sunsets and powder-soft sand that Boracay is famous for. The island has also become a favorite spot for party-goers who love to shake their bon bons amidst one of the most beautiful backdrops in the world. But this majestic island is also great for family vacations – Boracay is filled with activities that will make kids have a blast during your stay. There are lots of things your kids can do in the island that can help the adults enjoy their vacation as well.

 boracay kids

Photo from Ken Wilson Lee via Flickr, Creative Commons

Before you partake of the wonderful sights and activities that the island has to offer, make sure to secure a great accommodation package via direct booking that can keep your family safe and comfortable. Hotels such as the Alta Vista De Boracay offer activities that the whole family can enjoy, as well as rooms and facilities that can guarantee the safety of the little ones. After settling in your well-appointed suite, take a look at these kid-friendly Boracay activities that you should include in your itinerary.


Take a kid-friendly island cruise.

What’s a trip to Boracay without marveling at the most beautiful sights that this side of the world has to offer? You can rent a boat for the whole family and tour the entire island, which you can do in just one day. Make sure to take as many photos as you can because this is definitely a trip to remember. If you’re staying at Alta Vista De Boracay, you can ask the concierge to help you book an island cruise on the day of your choice.


Time your swim during low tide or take a dip on a secured swimming pool.

Hanging out at the beach is definitely one of the affordable kid-friendly activities in Boracay. Your kids will definitely adore building sand castles with the sugary white sands of the beach and taking a dip in the crystal-clear waters. You can go to any beach on the island and have a marvelous time that you definitely deserve but why not take your kids to a beach where there’s more privacy? Alta Vista De Boracay has exclusive access to Puka Beach, one of the quieter spots in Boracay. If you would rather go swimming with the kids minus the holiday crowds, then this is a great option for you.

If you would rather stay inside the hotel grounds, you can just lounge and bask in the sun at the hotel’s own swimming pools. The children can go to the Kiddie pool while the adults can take a dip at the Infinity Pool. Take in the breathtaking view of the sea and the lush greens of the nearby golf course. Remember to make your kids wear protective gear before allowing them to go to the water.


Explore the bat cave

This is a great way to teach your kids that bats are not the blood-sucking monsters that they believe them to be. The island’s famous Bat Cave provides a guided tour for visitors who want to see fruit bats in their natural habitat. Parents are advised to be extra careful in guiding small children since there are steep angles on the trail and there are no handrails that they can use. Protective helmets and pads are provided for those included in the tour.


Take the famous Banana Boat Ride

If your kids are 3 years old and above, you can take them on a Banana Boat ride. There are banana boats available that is perfect for groups with kids. Boat drivers are extra careful when there are kids onboard. Before paying for the ride, make sure to get the approval of the person in charge of the boats. With safety measures provided, this is one of the best kid-friendly Boracay activities.


Relax in the playroom


alta vista de boracay play room

Photo Courtesy of Alta Vista De Boracay

If you’re too lazy to head outdoors for strenuous activities, you can still give your kids something to do. Alta Vista De Boracay has a playroom that is spacious and filled with toxic-free toys. This is a chance for your kids to meet other children staying at the hotel. You can just relax while watching your kids having an amazing time interacting with other children.

Dare to go parasailing

Again, this is for kids age 6 years and older. Believe it or not, you can take your kids parasailing although this is not for the faint of heart. You have to ask the person in charge about the minimum height or age required for this activity. Remember, some kids can get nauseated or scared up in the air so take extra care before you sign up.


Indulge in a kiddie food trip


Photo from WOW Philippines Travel Agency

Eating out is never a problem in Boracay given the number of restaurants and menus available on the island. Since you’ll have kids in tow, it’s best to go to family-friendly restaurants. If you’re craving for some Mexican food, head to Mayas located at Jony’s Beach Resort and try their burritos. Kids will never get tired of drinking shakes, and what better place to get them from than the famous Jonah’s Fruit Shake and Snack Bar? Make sure to exercise some patience though, since the queues are often quite long.


Travel Tips for Families with Kids

You must be extra careful when traveling with kids, no matter where you’re headed. Boracay is generally a safe place for children but it still helps to become more alert when you’re with the little ones. Boracay has lots of party places that attract all sorts of people, so it’s best to refrain from taking the kids to bars filled with partygoers.

If you plan to visit Boracay during the summer months, keep in mind the temperature that your kids will be subjected to. It’s hottest between March to June so make sure that your kids will stay hydrated during your stay. Bring lots of loose clothes made of cotton material to make the kids more comfortable.

Babysitting services can come in handy if you want to explore places that are not recommended for children. Rather than risk the safety of your kids, you can avail babysitting services to keep an eye on your little ones while you’re away. Ask your hotel if they offer such service or if not, ask for recommendations.