10 Key Qualities of an Amazing Adventure Buddy

30 July, 2019

While traveling solo has become a global trend, traveling is also equated to finding one’s self. Regardless, traveling with a companion and sharing experiences with another has its own perks like having someone to share costs with and to take your perfectly-shot Instagram photos. If you’re planning to have someone join you on your next travel, make sure you find the perfect travel partner.

Photo courtesy of Artem Beliaikin via Pexels

Choosing the wrong travel companion will not only make you stressed, but it could also turn your trip into a complete nightmare.  You don’t want that to happen, do you? After all, you want your trip to be something worth remembering. So before selecting your adventure buddy, know what type of traveler you are. Knowing who you are as a traveler will give you an idea on what makes or breaks you, especially when traveling in a faraway place with someone else.

What makes a good travel companion? Here are 10 qualities they should possess:

1. They roll with the punches

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There are many things that could go wrong when you travel: missed flights, canceled booking reservations, bad weather, disappointing food, the list could go on. When these unforeseen events happen, you don’t want to be stuck with someone who loses their temper. You also don't want to be stuck with someone who complains. What you want is someone who stays positive in spite of the setbacks and knows how to have fun, no matter what.

2. They are not afraid to be honest with you (and vice versa)

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Choose a travel companion who is honest enough to tell you if you’re becoming too annoying or irresponsible. While criticism is not an easy pill to swallow, this will help you stay safe and grounded. If you travel with an honest and wise travel buddy, not only will you learn a lot from your travel experiences together, but you will also be able to improve as a person.

3. They respect your budget

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If you’re the type who sticks with your budget, then you should try to avoid travel companions who will push you to spend beyond your means. Your ideal travel buddy can be someone who has more budget than you, but at the end of the day, he/she will understand and respect what you are willing to shell out. This person will make sure that you both agree to a budget you should stick with when you go on a trip. Remember that a great adventure buddy will not force you to spend on something you shouldn’t or don’t want to. 

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4. They’re good at directions but don’t mind wandering

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Traveling is all about destinations, and to reach a destination, you should know the directions, right? A great travel companion is street smart and good at navigation. While you want to be with a walking map, remember that traveling is also about discovering things that have yet to be discovered. Be with someone who is not afraid to tread on lesser-known areas of famous tourist destinations. You may unexpectedly find yourselves in uniques places where a few travelers are able to explore. But as a word of caution, trust your instincts if it tells you not to go. Safety should be your top priority. It won’t hurt to have good navigation apps on your phone prior to your travel adventures, just be sure you’d be able to return to your hotel after your wanderings.

5. They take good photographs 

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Admit it or not, one of the challenges a solo traveler experience is having one’s photographs decently taken at famous landmarks. It’s either you take a selfie, use a selfie stick, or set up a tripod for you to be able to take that perfect shot. When it comes to this dilemma, having a travel companion who knows how to take good photographs of you is a great bonus. 

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6.  They are not glued to gadgets

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While phones are one of the most important gadgets to have when you travel, you certainly don’t want a companion who is glued to their phones. Imagine eating and talking “alone” because the person at the other end of the table is so preoccupied with his/her phone instead of having a conversation with you. Put the phones down during your vacation and use this opportunity to get to know more about each other and to make new friends with other people around you.

7. They’re not afraid to try out new things

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When you travel, it is inevitable to discover something that is new to you: activities you’ve never tried before, the food you haven’t eaten, to name two. When presented with these discoveries, it can be quite a blessing if you are with someone who is not afraid to try out new things with you. Take these opportunities to make lasting memories you can look back at.

8. They can be real with you (and vice versa)

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Your travel companion will most likely see the best and worst sides of you because you’ll be together most of the time on your trip. For example, they will know if you snore or talk in your sleep, or if it takes you hours in the shower. Be with an adventure buddy who’s going to accept the worst and best parts of you and will like you, in spite of everything. Be with someone who will laugh with you if you trip and lose your poise. More importantly, this person will be there to help you get up and make sure that you’re okay.

9. They allow you to be independent 

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Admit it, you do not want to be tied up with someone who is attached to you all the time. There will be instances in your trip wherein you might want to go solo for a day and have it all to yourself. A good travel companion will give you space to move and explore on your own. At the end of the day, when you come back from your solo adventure, share stories of how your solo day went. 

10. They are dependable, trustworthy, and loyal

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Perfect travel partners will never turn their back on you. You can trust them with your life and with your personal belongings. They will be with you when you’re stuck in an awful situation, and they will make sure that you are okay. You know that they will not put you in danger by pushing you to do things you do not want to do or things that you know aren’t right. A good travel companion will always be there for you.

Once you’ve found the person with these qualities, stick with them. They may be a keeper! Start planning your next trip with them. Of course, if these are the qualities you are looking for in a perfect travel partner, make sure that you also possess these amazing qualities; so that your adventure buddy will have the pleasure of your company in more adventures to come. 

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