Introvert at Sea: What to Do In Boracay if You're Not Into Partying

27 June, 2017

One of the world’s biggest lies is that introverts hate people. Medically speaking, introversion is “the act of directing one’s attention toward or getting gratification from one’s own interests, thoughts, and feelings.” However, the satisfaction of being alone doesn’t mean that an introvert is antisocial. As a matter of fact, many Boracay backpackers who make new friends on the road are introverts. They can hang out with a few people, even spend hours conversing about things of mutual interest, but will need to recharge in solitude after.

For an introverted Boracay backpacker, accommodation type and location are important. He needs a quiet and comfy place to rest after a long day of meeting people and exploring places. The accommodation should also be accessible to tourist spots, commercial establishments, and transportation networks for convenience. Alta Vista de Boracay, a premier hotel perched on one of Boracay’s highest peaks, is the best choice for the introverted traveler.

Are you an introvert? Here are 8 things to do in Boracay.

Sightseeing from the sky

Everybody must have dreamt of flying, introvert or otherwise. Parasailing is a favorite outdoor activity among backpackers in Boracay. A person is strapped to a parasail wing and whisked to the sky while being towed by a boat. The standard flight is 500 feet. You can enjoy 15 minutes of gliding for only Php 1,500 to Php 2,500. You may also choose special packages for a combination of outdoor activities including parasailing, banana boating, helmet diving, wakeboarding or waterskiing at affordable rates.

Explore under the sea

How do introverted backpackers in Boracay have fun? They explore the natural wealth of the beautiful island. Scuba diving allows you to marvel at the amazing coral reefs, fish life and other marine wonders. A half-day introductory dive for non-professional divers costs about Php 3,500 while a guided fun dive for certified divers start at Php 1,800. The top dive sites in the island are Angol Point, Coral Gardens, Laguna de Boracay, and the Channel Drift.

Hop from one island to another — on a boat

An introvert may leave a big party early in the night, but can spend long hours chatting with a close friend. Small talks and socializing in large crowds are his Achilles’ heels. However, he also loves spending quality time with people he likes. An introverted Boracay backpacker should never leave Aklan province without trying island hopping. Join a shared tour for about Php 1,000 per person and meet new people. The stops may include the Coral Garden, Puka Beach, Fridays Rock and Crystal Cove. You can also invite a new travel buddy, rent a boat, and visit the diving safaris at Buranga Point, Carabao Island, Pelacatan Island and Maninguin Island.

Recharge in a chic infinity pool

According to official figures, a record of 1.7 million tourists arrived in Boracay in 2016, up by 10.6 percent from the previous year. The highest arrival rates were recorded in summer. The beaches can be too congested for an introvert traveler whose energy can easily get drained in large crowds. You can still relish the natural beauty of Boracay away from crowds of enthusiastic vacationers. Alta Vista de Boracay features an infinity pool overlooking the greens and blues of Boracay and the posh Fairways and Bluewater Golf Course. Dip in the pool and melt your stressors away with a glass of chilled fruit juice.

Embark on a food trip

Nearly all blogs about unique activities to try in Boracay include going on a food trip. In Dampa at Boracay, you can buy fresh seafood and vegetables, and ask restaurants to cook them for you. Enjoy large crabs, oysters and sea urchins for a fraction of the price in Manila. Seasoned travelers strongly advise getting assistance from a local waiter in haggling for prices. There’s a long line of restaurants and food stalls in popular spots in Boracay. You can choose among various cuisines such as Filipino, Chinese, Italian and American.

An introvert may want a quieter place to savor her or his dinner. Alta Veranda, a charming café at Alta Vista de Boracay, takes away the noise and commotion typical in crowded Boracay restaurants. It serves sumptuous local and foreign dishes that suit different taste buds.

Chill out at the bar

Introverts’ interests range from books and movies to music and gaming. Their level of knowledge and passion may lead other people to call them “nerds.” However, an introvert is unlikely to start a conversation not because he’s shy, but due to his abhorrence of small talk. Once the conversation gets rolling, an introvert can keep the discussion interesting for long hours both as an insightful speaker and a keen listener.

Where can an introvert enjoy chilled margarita and possibly make new friends? Visit the Southeast Asian-inspired Alta Vista de Boracay and unwind at the Sports Bar. The bar is well-stocked with alcoholic beverages that can give you just the right amount of buzz. The patrons are mostly guests who prefer the cool solitude of an isolated accommodation.

Trek Mount Luho

What to do in Boracay when you want to avoid throngs of tourists? Trek the surrounding mountains.  Any backpacker exploring Boracay shouldn’t miss Mount Luho, the highest peak in the island. Most visitors take a ride to an uphill road leading to the view deck. But where’s the fun in that? From Barangay Bulabog at the other side of Boracay Island, you can hike to the view deck overlooking the trees, seas and golf courses in Boracay. Take pictures, have a drink and just relax.

Burn your stress away on the view deck

stress away on view deck

Introverts recharge by withdrawing from people once in awhile. It can be a couple of hours or the rest of the day. An introvert doesn’t get bored alone. He enjoys his own company and considers silence as one of life’s necessities. Decompress on Alta Vista de Boracay’s Dinara View Deck which offers a 360-degree view of Boracay’s breathtaking sunset. You can bring a good book, your summer playlist or a yoga mat for meditative exercises.

If you’re an introvert who have never been to Boracay, don’t be overwhelmed by photos of congested beaches and hard partying. The island has a lot to offer, even to people who prefer calm relaxation.