There are a lot of good reasons why traveling during the rainy season is better. So if you’re traveling during this time, know that this would require a little bit of extra planning vs. your regular holiday getaway. 

Imagine going out of your comfortable accommodations then decide to take a stroll to the nearest tourist spots; suddenly, it rains. Hard. You find yourself without an umbrella or any sort of rainproof item. There goes a day of your vacation. 

To avoid buying what you already have on the spot, thus wasting a day of your well-earned holiday, here are 15 carry-on travel essentials every traveler needs during the wet season.

Photo courtesy of Adrianna Calvo via Pexels

1. Umbrella

This is the ultimate travel essential for the rainy season. Pack a carry-on collapsible umbrella that could fit in your bag. This is super handy, not just during the monsoon, but also when it is super hot outside. To get the most out of this essential, be sure you have a dark-colored umbrella. This way, not only will it protect you from the rain, but it will also serve as an effective portable sunshade. You could get a quality collapsible umbrella for about Php150.00-200.00 at any local supermarket.

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2. A light raincoat or Quick-dry Jacket

Another travel essential for the wet season is a lightweight raincoat or a quick-dry jacket. Usually, these items are bulky but there are some that are light and foldable that could easily and seamlessly fit in your carry-on. These are when you’re going out, most especially the quick-dry jacket. If it rains, you would not want to get that wet feeling; so the quick-dry jacket will work best for you in this scenario. 

A good quick-dry jacket or a raincoat could cost from Php500.00-2,500.00, depending on your brand preference. Visit your local department store for options.

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3. Medicine and First Aid Kits

With the rainy season comes the dreaded flu. Keep your health in check while on the road by packing preventive medications and a first aid kit. 

If you go to your local drug stores, they usually have these first aid kits or medicine kits available for about Php500.00-1,500.00. It is important to pack medicine for cough, colds, migraines, runny nose, slight fever, and muscle pain. Include anti-itch creams to treat rashes, Band-Aid, and disinfectants such as rubbing alcohol and wet wipes.

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4. Water-resistant packing cubes

For preventive reasons during the rainy season, it is advisable to store your clothes in water-resistant packing cubes. These water-resistant packing cubes will keep your clothes dry, as you travel during the rainy season. It’s a definite must-have travel essential that will keep you organized. 

Packing cubes are available at department stores. Prices range from PhP200.00-550.00, depending on size, quality, or design.

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5. Dry Bag

If you’re bringing a camera, a portable charger, and other electronic devices, you would definitely need a dry bag. Dry bags are available at local department stores, usually in the luggage section. They cost anywhere from Php850.00-2,000.00.

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6. Flashlight

Traveling during the seasonal rain means there might be a chance of power outage. Bringing a small flashlight would definitely come in handy. You can get affordable ones that you could hook to your carry-on like a keychain. Find these at your local department store starting at Php200.00.

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7. Waterproof backpack cover

If the trusty backpack you already own isn’t waterproof, then you might as well invest in a waterproof backpack cover to keep your backpack dry, as you travel. Go to your local luggage store; they usually sell this for about Php850.00-1,000.00

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8. Hoodie/Sweater

Since you’re traveling during the wet season, this is one travel essential that you must have in your carry-on. A hoodie or sweater will definitely keep you warm and dry. Nowadays, there are lightweight hoodies you can buy that aren’t bulky and won’t take up too much space in your carry-on. 

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9. Waterproof shoe bag

It’s inevitable that when it rains, your shoes will get wet. A must-have for your rainy season getaway is a waterproof shoe bag that will allow you to store your shoes. You could find this at any department store for about Php200.00-550.00.

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10. Insect Repellant

When traveling during the rainy season, it’s important to be prepared with insect or mosquito repellants. Get yours at a local drugstore near you. They come in a travel size; so they wouldn’t take too much space in your carry-on.

An Insect repellant lotion of 100ml will cost around Php200.00-500.00, depending on your brand preference. Available in local supermarkets and department stores.

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11. Sanitary Wipes

A travel essential, sanitary wipes will allow you to keep your hands, face and other parts of your body clean at all times. You can get these at any local drugstore or department store.

You can purchase a small pack of sanitary wipes for Php25.00-50.00 in your local department store.

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12. Waterproof Phone Case

Your cellphone also needs protection from the rain. Invest in a waterproof phone case to ease any worry that your phone might get wet during the rainy season.

Get these at any department store, starting at Php800.00. Expect the price to go as high as Php1,500.00, depending on the brand and the quality.

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13. Quick-dry Clothes

There are lightweight clothes that are also quick-dry--perfect for traveling during the rainy season. These types of clothes would not need to head to the dryer because of its fast-drying technology. You can pick these up at any local department store for Php250.00-500.00. 

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14. Microfiber Towel

A quick-drying towel is a must-have travel essential for the rainy season. It saves you drying time. The difference of a microfiber towel to a regular cotton towel is that the prior holds more liquid volume and they weigh less than the cotton variant. You can find these in department and specialty stores.

Knowing that it’s going to rain, it is best to come prepared with these items. Whether you’re traveling to the beach, hiking up the mountains or simply sightseeing around the city, bringing these items to protect you from getting wet is absolutely essential. In any rainy destination in the Philippines or overseas, it is best to come absolutely prepared.

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15. Boots

As much as flats or flip flops are comfortable, they will serve no real purpose to protect your feet from getting wet during the monsoon. Instead, opt for a pair of boots as your trusty travel essential. 

Chances are during the seasonal rains, places you will visit will be muddy or soaked. Having a pair of boots will keep your feet dry not only from mud, but also from puddles—and, not to mention—protect you from leptospirosis

Water-repellent hiking boots, although triple the cost, will offer more usability, especially if you’re the outdoorsy type of traveler. Like a quality umbrella, hiking boots will serve a dual purpose for casual strolls on wet streets as well as for short day hikes.

Hiking boots costs from Php1,000.00-5,000.00, depending on the brand. They are available in your local specialty or department store.