Stress is regarded as one of today’s main killers. It is linked to a number of diseases, mental disorders, and accidents. The demands of our everyday lives, whether at home, in school or at work, result to a stressful and poor quality of life. Technology is another factor that drives our high-pressure society. There’s a constant need to stay connected and shared delusion that working harder than anybody else guarantees success. Taking a time off is not only advisable, it’s a necessity in maintaining one’s physical and mental health. This summer, go solo backpacking in Boracay on a budget!

Traveling to Boracay off the grid is a perfect therapy against life’s stressors. It disconnects you from technology, even for a short period, and draws you closer to nature. Ensure a truly relaxing time off by taking note of 10 travel tips for solo backpackers.

Research well about your destination

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Many argue that spontaneity is the essence of backpacking. However, this doesn’t mean that you should be callous during your travels. It’s advisable to plan your Boracay itinerary ahead and do some research about your destinations. What are the safe modes of transportation? Where are the best accommodations for Boracay backpackers?  If you’re a first-time traveler to the island, you can get helpful recommendations from travel sites, discussion boards, and the local government websites.

Let family or close friends know about your travels

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One of the most important pointers in your safety guide when traveling alone is letting people know of your activities. Provide information about your destinations only to a few trusted people such as your parents and other family members. Avoid broadcasting your itinerary on social media. Security experts warn that criminals use information online to pursue home burglaries, kidnapping, and other illicit acts. You can wait until you get back before sharing your trip on social media.

Choose a safe accommodation

Going backpacking doesn’t necessary mean you’re expected to sleep inside a tent in the middle of nowhere. What are your accommodation options as a first-time backpacker in Boracay? There are hostels, travelers’ inns, and hotels that suit any budget. Look for an accommodation that will give you true value for your money and ensure your safety. Alta Vista de Boracay offers topnotch comfort with the right amount of seclusion.

Keep emergency contacts ready

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Traveling off the grid doesn’t necessarily mean that you’d need to isolate yourself from society. Whether you’re backpacking alone or with a group, it’s advisable to have an emergency phone with extra batteries. Save the hotline numbers of police authorities, ambulance service, and hospitals for emegencies. If you can have these numbers on speed dial, the better.

Get in touch with local authorities

You may have heard about the tragic stories of backpackers going missing. While there’s no way you can predict the dangers of traveling, taking precautionary measures can help. Visit the police precinct or tourism office in your destination. This will let authorities know of the presence of a backpacker in their locality. They will also offer safety tips, helpful information about local customs, and precautions on outdoor activities.

Pack a first-aid kit

Falling ill or getting involved in an accident are risks every traveler takes. The key is preparedness. Pack a first-aid kit with medicines for common colds, allergies, and diarrhea, as well as alcohol and gauze for wounds. Since you’ll be spending a lot of time outdoors, make sure you have enough supply of disinfectants and sunscreen. Contact your health insurance provider and know about accredited medical facilities in Boracay and other neighboring municipalities in case of emergencies. Do a research on the health conditions in your destinations. Most rural areas in the country have dengue prevalence, so make sure you’re protected against mosquito bites.

Hidden pockets for your valuables

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How can you secure your money, credit cards, IDs, and other valuables while going backpacking? Sew hidden pockets into your clothes. You can ask a tailor to alter your pants with hidden pockets for your valuables. Don’t carry all your money at same time. Know whether there are ATMs  in the places you’re visiting. Bring only amount you’d need per destination.

Observe local customs

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As the saying goes, “When in Rome, do as the Romans do.” Educate yourself of the local customs in your destination and be mindful of these practices. You’re also obliged to observe local ordinances such as no-smoking and cleanliness rules in camping areas and other public places. This is not only a sign of respect to the locals, but also a measure to avoid unnecessary problems. Help maintain Boracay’s natural beauty and protect wildlife.

Keep a low profile

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When planning about things to do in Boracay alone, always keep in mind your personal safety. Authorities advise backpackers, especially women, from drawing attention to themselves. Female solo backpackers must dress modestly. Save your bikini tops for beach swimming. If you’re trekking or visiting the town, a loose shirt and cargo shorts will do. Visitors of holy sites such as Catholic churches are expected to observe proper dress code. Safekeep your belongings such as your camera. Avoid flaunting your personal properties.

Stay alert

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Backpacking can take your mind off of your surroundings. Wherever you plan to go, stay alert especially when you’re traveling to an unfamiliar place. If you can, stay awake during your commutes. Regulate your alcohol intake and avoid taking drinks from strangers. Bring packed food if you’re visiting secluded areas. Observe the people around you. If you notice any hint of danger, contact the authorities as soon as possible.

Make the most of summer by devising ways on how to reduce your stress levels. This is your opportunity to venture to new places whether with companions or on your own. Go backpacking in Boracay off the grid. Before packing your stuff, take time to plan your itinerary, research on your destinations, and prepare safety measures. A stressful vacation will only defeat the purpose of taking the time off.