A Glampacker’s Guide: 10 Things You Should Do For A Glam Vacation

11 February, 2019

The world of traveling is a big and diverse world. Anyone can be and is a traveler. There are those that like to travel because they want to see the world while there are those who travel to get a breather from their career. If you’ve been traveling for quite some time now, you would have probably heard of these two travel jargons: backpacker and glampacker.

Backpacking vs. glampacking really is just about how much one is willing to spend and has spent for traveling. Choosing to go with the lowest possible cost applies to the former, while the opposite is true for the latter. Besides appearance and the things they have with them, distinguishing glampacking from backpacking travel is their objective in traveling.

Don’t worry, no one type of traveler is better than the other. But if you are leaning towards the luxe side of traveling, then this article is for you. If you are doing these 10 things, then you are traveling in the only way you know how: glamorously.

#1: You pack the travel essentials

Glampacker's Guide Pack The Travel Essentials

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Clothes? Check. Medicines? Check. Toiletries? Check. Footwear? Check. You’ve got all of these backpacking essentials covered. But as a glampacker, you bring all of the above and more. An extra pair of running shoes, makeup basics, face towels, a portable fan, and even a hair iron. You pack things that will make your travel more comfortable, safe, and above all, glamorous.

But of course, this doesn’t mean you are a lousy packer. You still find it in yourself to control what to bring and how much you will be bringing along in your trip. As a glampacking pro, you’ve mastered the art of packing all the things you need without overpacking.

#2: You are in on the hottest deals

Glampacker's Guide Hottest Deals

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As someone who is into backpacking travel while going for what’s luxurious, glampackers are constantly on the lookout for the best deals that offer them the most fabulous traveling experience. These deals range from accomodations to dinner reservations.

When glampacking, you still look for the best and it’s not just in terms of the quality; it’s also about the cost. You look for hotels that treat its guest with utmost attention at a reasonable price such as Alta Vista De Boracay. You look for restaurants that offer a great tasting menu in a high-end environment. Glampackers have bigger budgets than backpackers, but they still use their budget wisely.

#3: You have an itinerary that’s just fabulous

Glampacker's Intinerary Guide

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A common thing about all glampackers is that they have an itinerary complete with all of the luxe details such as the best places to dine at and the most beautiful spots to visit. But this does not mean you should visit every single tourist attraction. The same goes with dining at all the famous restaurants. Having this “I want it all” mindset may not necessarily be bad, but all the frantic dashing to try everything will prevent you from having a truly glamorous trip.

Take it slow. Have a day where you can just lounge around in your hotel and enjoy the different amenities it offers. Of course, you must make sure that the accommodation has great features, such as Alta Vista De Boracay. There’s nothing more glamorous than a vacation within a vacation.

#4: You are updated with the hottest trends

Glampacker's Guide Hottest Trends

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Traveling can be complicated and glampackers survive by always being in the know. The difference between glampacking vs. backpacking is that while backpacking is keen on the whole “off-the-beaten-path” idea, glampacking takes this and marries it with the hottest trends.

You know where to party during your Boracay travels, you know where the best food crawls are, you know what activities are in or out. You know all these while adding your own twist to your travels and still finding time to discover other less popular choices.

#5: You always have a “keep looking glam” kit

Glampacker's Guide Have a Glam Kit

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Traveling is exhausting and will definitely be tiring even for the most seasoned glampackers. But this will not stop those into glampacking from making sure that they are always camera-ready — eyebrows on fleek, skin perfectly moist, and hair is perfect.

To do this, glampackers always have a kit that contains all that they need to maintain or retouch their glam looks. Sunscreen, moisturizer, oil films, and other things that help them stay glamorous. Glampackers know that it’s better to be safe than sorry, that’s why they make sure they are prepared and always picture-perfect.

#6: You hang out with the locals

Glampacker's Guide Hang Out with Locals

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Those who are after the finer things in life are often thought to be snobbish and hard to approach. But glampackers are definitely not like that. They know how to hang out and jive with the locals.

They have a chat with them, eat with them, have fun with them. Glampacking is still traveling and glampackers take every trip as an opportunity to learn more about the world through the eyes of other people.

#7: Visiting the local tourism office

Glampacker's Guide Local Tourism Office

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Glampacking is all about being as comfortable as possible during the entire trip. What’s a better way to make sure you are comfortable than by securing information that will be of huge help to you once something goes wrong?

This is why glampackers prepare and jot down important numbers, office hours, and contact names so that if there’s an emergency they would know what to do. From police precincts down to hotel reception, expect glampackers to know how to reach them.

#8: You document your glam adventures

Glampacker's Guide Document your Adventures

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They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and for glampackers they use pictures to narrate their travel adventures using IG-worthy content.

Glampackers capture their best moments and adventure with their trusty camera, whether its a phone camera or a DSLR. Since glampacking involves more of the luxury side of traveling, glampackers will not leave any detail out of the picture. From their hotels, to their meals, and most importantly their OOTDs, glampackers will take photos and most likely, post on social media.

#9: You bring home some really solid travel finds

Glampacker's Guide Bring Home Solid Finds

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Saying goodbye to a place won’t be enough and glampackers know this. That’s why it’s a given that they bring home more stuff than what they have originally packed in their luggages. In some rare instances, they have problems checking in their luggage at the airport because of souvenirs.

Sticking true to the glampacker’s identity, they make sure that the souvenirs they bring home are both stylish and useful. They get scarves, earings, necklaces, and even household items such as mugs. But occasionally, they get cute knick knacks just to display at home.

#10: You make sure to enjoy the glamorous trip

Glampacker's Guide Enjoy the Glamorous Trip

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You can come across the best hotel deals or the most luxurious meal but if you aren’t really enjoying, then what’s the point of traveling? Glampackers know that regardless of how luxurious something is or how glamorous a meal is, what is important is enjoying the adventure. These people may choose to be chic but it doesn’t mean they aren’t travelers at heart.

One thing that stops anyone from truly enjoying their trip is a bad hotel experience. While there are a lot of resorts that promise you a wonderful stay, there are a few who actually follow through. Situated in the world-class shores of Boracay, one such hotel is Alta Vista de Boracay. They make sure all your needs are covered so that your glamorous adventure goes off without a hitch. So if you’re planning a trip to Boracay, start reading up on Boracay’s different activities.

Traveling delights you with sights, people, and experiences. It doesn’t matter whichever side you are on in the whole glampacking vs. backpacking debate. All of these things are what make all travels truly memorable.