With alluring beach destinations like Alta Vista de Boracay quietly waiting on the sidelines, one can’t help but be bitten by the travel bug. If you are the type who likes to give in to your wanderlust, you would often find yourself in the company of turquoise waters and pristine sands. Like most people, it can be hard for beachgoers to disconnect from their gadgets even when they are out to enjoy the beauty of nature. If your devices have become travel essentials for you, it is best you learn the many ways you can protect them from sand and water and from your other beach essentials like sunscreen lotion and oils. Here are sure-fire ways to protect your much-loved gadgets and highly valuable data.


Watch out for sand and dirt

Beach Gadget Safety Watch out for Sand

Make sure you protect your gadgets from fine dust and sand that can scratch the glass panels. Be ready with a case that completely covers the device. You may also keep your gadgets in a Ziplock plastic bag for safekeeping and easy access. Take note of the gadgets’ air holes, which are especially vulnerable to dust, dirt, and sand. You don’t want these elements clogging your cooling systems. If you still end up finding dirt and sand in the crevices of your gadgets, revisit the manufacturer’s instructions and clean your devices accordingly.


Be wary of the temperature

Beach Gadget Safety Wary of Temperature

Take the time to check what temperature your gadgets are able to handle. Apple mobile devices, for one, are not designed to operate at temperatures that go over 95º F (35º C). Laptops are expected to start overheating at 86º F (30º C). Be on the lookout for signs of overheating. This may come in the form of displaying an error message, behaving erratically or totally shutting off. While on the beach or in hot conditions, avoid spending too much time using graphics-intensive, heat-generating apps like video games and GPS. Remember to keep your gadgets under a shade and in areas that are not hotter than the recommended storage temperature, which is 113º F (45º C) for Apple tablets and phones.

Also, remember to be wary of condensation. After having fun in the sun, give your gadgets time to return to room temperature before bringing them into an air-conditioned room.


Keep your gadgets waterproof

Beach Gadget Safety Waterproof

Water can cause serious damage to your phone. Worse, moisture getting into your gadget can void some warranties. Before heading out for the beach, make sure you are prepared with a waterproof case. You may also opt for the ever-reliable and affordable plastic bags. Just pack your devices individually in freezer-sized Ziploc bags and you are ready for the beach. These bags are water-tight and would still let you use your phone’s touch screen through the plastic.

You may also want to be ready with a bag of uncooked rice and a handful of silica gel packets (the ones you usually find in a box of new shoes, you can purchase them at a sporting goods store), as accidents can be unavoidable. If your device gets soaked in water, turn it off immediately and remove the attached batteries and SIM and SD cards. You can then store it in a container full of rice or silica gel packets, as these two work great at absorbing moisture. Wait 24 hours before switching your phone on again.


Limit your gadgets’ contact to oils, sunscreen, and tanning lotion

Beach Gadget Safety

Remember to wipe your hands clean of oil, tanning lotion, and sunscreen before handling your gadgets, especially if you are using rubberized skins that easily get discolored. Avoid using harsh chemicals. Buy cleaning products that are designed for gadgets, and be careful not to get any of the fluid into the camera lens, buttons, and ports. You can also blast your device with a can of compressed air to rid it of any sand particles.


Protect your gadgets from theft

Beach Gadget Safety Protect from Thefts

The beach is a favorite target of thieves. Do not leave your valuables unguarded. You will want to store all your gadgets in one place so guarding them will be easier. A good strategy is to keep them in a cooler with no ice. This has the added benefit of protecting your gadgets from harmful elements, like sand and dust particles and direct exposure to heat. You also get to camouflage your gadgets, making them less of an obvious target for thieves.

You can never be too careful though. You should take the time to make the necessary precautions, in case you have the misfortune of losing your valued gadgets and data. Make sure you make back-up copies of your data before leaving for the beach. Activate your phone’s security options, like the Apple’s “kill switch” feature, which lets you take control of your data in case your device is stolen or lost. Also, make sure you have your “Find my phone” feature ready, so you can use your GPS to track your phone.


Limit the items you take to the beach

Beach Gadget Safety Limit your Items

The last thing you want is to spend your time at the beach overly worrying about your gadgets. Remember that you’re there to either sit back and relax or be out and about having fun. Bring only the gadgets you absolutely need. If possible, take only those you are willing to lose or break. And no, you don’t need to take your ebook reader. This is definitely a good time to go analog with your reading needs. The good ol’ book is not only okay to lose, it is also easy to read in the sun. You won’t have to deal with the glare on your ebook reader.

Remember to book only with hostels or hotels that provide a safe to store your valuables. This way, you can head over to the beach and leave your other gadgets behind, bringing only those that you absolutely need. You may also opt to leave all your gadgets at the hostel or hotel so you can dive in at the beach with zero worries.


Invest in protective cases

Beach Gadget Safety Protective Case

If you head out to the beach often, it may be best to invest in high-quality protective cases. For starters, you should have a reliable waterproof backpack that you can easily carry around. This way, your boat could flip over or you could drop your stuff while crossing a small river, and not have to deal with a ton of wet and broken stuff. You will find specialty beach bags that are not only 100% waterproof but are also designed to float on water in case you drop them while fishing or boating. You should also be ready with waterproof cases for your cameras, cellphones, and other gadgets. They will not only protect your devices from the water but also from exposure to the sand, dust particles, and sunscreen lotion or oils.

Protecting your electronic gadgets is easy-breezy with the tips provided above. There will be no need to worry about your much-valued devices. Now just lay back and enjoy the lovely views!

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