Summer in the Philippines is not complete without a serious encounter with food feasts and a long day and night of doing practically nothing. Even if you are on summer vacation it does not mean you can slack off on keeping fit. In fact, being in a tiptop shape is all the more exciting in this party-filled season.


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You can engage in various land and sea activities right in the convenience of your accommodation in Boracay. These fitness activities in Boracay will not only make you lose weight and look great, but also provide you a dose of health benefits. Here is a list of activities and tips for fitness in Boracay.

Island hopping

Be whisked away to different islands in the Boracay area and experience the array of activities lined up for the island hopping tour. Get moving while being entertained by nature’s beauty. Walking for 30 minutes can already burn 140 calories.



Meanwhile, swimming will not only refresh you, but will also burn somewhere from 540 to 784 calories per hour, depending on your stroke and pace. With these activities, you can expect to be hungry at certain times of the day. Although some island hopping tours already include meals, you may want to bring healthy snacks like fruits, energy bars, and the like for you to munch on should you feel hunger pangs.



When was the last time you rode a bike? Remember how the wind felt on your hair and on your face? Now, get your crew and race or cruise your way to get rid of about 240 calories. For those who want to up the ante of biking, explore the mountains or elevated roads to get the beer belly out of your system one pedal at a time.


Jet skiing

Get on a jet ski and feel the thrill of maneuvering in the waters. With the fast and fun action, you won’t notice that you will be losing 398 calories in an hour. Be prepared to exert constant effort. You will have to maintain your balance on the jet ski and engage your muscle groups especially in the upper body.



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Channel your inner Tiger Woods as you swing your club to put the ball into 18 holes, the order of which is determined by the layout of the golf course. To make the most out of this game, you may want to walk to get from one point to the next than ride in a cart. According to a study, doing so will burn around 1,500 calories during a four-hour round, compared to 675 calories when you get around using a cart.



You better start building strength in your arms, legs, and core muscles as early as now if you are interested to try wakeboarding. You will be balancing on a board as you are towed by a motorboat across the surface of the water at a speed depending on your skill and comfort. A good 30 minutes of this activity burns 245 calories. Wakeboarding takes time to master, but is worth it because of the adrenaline rush of the working with the water’s resistance.


Scuba diving

Explore vivid underwater life with scuba diving and keep excess weight at the bay, too. Aside from swimming, you will be strengthening your muscles by breathing through a respirator, carrying your scuba diving gear, and returning to and from the boat for another dive. At the end of a 45-minute session, you will have burned around 500 calories. An interested newbie? There are plenty of scuba diving experts to guide you. You just have to follow their instructions.


This is pretty much like wakeboarding except that the driving force comes from a powerful kite above that makes use of strong winds to skim you through the surface of the water. To play this sport, you need to take lessons and earn your International Kite Organization license. It can be difficult at the start especially when you keep on crashing, but you will be able to master this with enough practice and burn 500 calories per hour.


Beach Volleyball

As opposed to the volleyball games that are confined indoors, beach volleyball easily burns some 240 calories per hour. This well-loved sport is not only a calorie buster. All the more, you are able to build teamwork among new officemates, or a great bonding time for family and friends who would rather do something else than talk all day.

Yoga by the Beach



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All you have to do is get the basics of stretching and make sure that you follow the correct posture that goes with precaution in every pose. Remember, you get to lose more weight depending on what type of yoga you engage with and how strenuous the poses you make are. For starters, a good yoga stretch by the beach kills carbs along an estimate of 120 calories.


Horseback riding

Ride on a horse and learn how to use signals to lead it towards your desired direction at your desired speed. As you go around wonderful sceneries with your horse, you get to train your core muscle groups and before you know it, you will have shed up to 270 calories after an hour. Horseback riding can be terrifying for beginners, but don’t worry. Just make sure you are guided by its caretaker or someone with competent horseback riding skills.


While the most common notion of vacation is to relax, you can still unwind while being active. With hotels like Alta Vista De Boracay providing assistance with these activities and having an active summer vacation in Boracay is made easier. After all, these fitness activities are fun ways to not only lose weight in Boracay but also to truly enjoy this island.