Every heartache is unique and there is no sure-fire formula to instantly and completely heal a broken heart. People who have gone through – or are still going through – painful breakups will understand how the world takes on a bleak backdrop of desolating nothingness when seen through the tear-drenched eyes of lost love.

We understand why the world suddenly seems to stop moving, and you see no future for you after your breakup. You have lost the life you had been accustomed to for a long time, along with the person who gave meaning and happiness to your days.

But your breakup is not the end of the world! Go ahead, cry it out for a few days or weeks, allow your pain to consume you until you realize that it’s time to move on. And what better way to get moving than to pack your bags and travel to places where you can make some valuable self-discoveries! Not convinced yet? Find out how traveling can best help you deal with your breakup.


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Of course, the key to making this work is to travel to places you’ve never visited – and especially not those with memories of your recent ex! You need to go somewhere full of new wonders and discoveries, some place where your heart will be filled with newfound joy. You can opt to commune with nature by island hopping, diving or snorkeling, or simply enjoying the beach along with the tropical sun and the calming sound of the crashing waves when you choose to rest. Boracay is a great destination with its beautiful white beaches, exciting water adventures, thrilling ATV rides, and excellent accommodations such as Alta Vista de Boracay.

If you’re not much of a beach bum or sea lover, you can still commune with nature by joining mountain treks or river cruises. You can also broaden your knowledge and cultural appreciation by joining heritage tours, mingling with the locals, and trying out native dishes and delicacies.



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Being alone doesn’t necessarily equate to loneliness. Hence, being single absolutely does not mean you can’t have fun! Now that you are not attached to anyone, you are no longer obliged to ask permission on wherever you want to go, or give minute-by-minute updates on what you’re doing or the people you are talking to. You know what this means, don’t you? This spells F-R-E-E-D-O-M!

Take your sweet time appreciating art galleries and museum artifacts. Go for a leisurely walk or ride around town without worrying about a companion who might be getting bored. Meet people and venture out to your heart’s content. Your time is all yours once again. Do whatever you want and be accountable to no one but yourself. You’ll be surprised to realize that there are actually a lot of things you miss from being single.



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If the pain of your breakup has clouded your mind into thinking that your loss marks the end of your existence, then traveling is a definite must to expose you to the world’s endless possibilities.

Being in a new environment and meeting new people will give you a better understanding of a bigger and more dynamic life outside your comfort zone. By giving you a peek into the lives of other people, you will come to realize that there are greater challenges and a million other problems that make your heartache a trivial drop in the world’s sea of troubles. On the brighter side, you will come to appreciate life from a different viewpoint and gain valuable insights from your own experiences.



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There’s no use isolating yourself and wasting away your days moping at home and binging on Netflix when your head is not buried under a shipload of work in the office. The first step to moving on is to actually get moving! So, file that vacation leave and book that flight, cruise, or road trip to wherever your heart desires (excluding the desire to get back with your ex, of course!).

Travel keeps you on your feet moving from one pit stop to another, one adventure to the next, and in the process it fills your mind with exciting discoveries and experiences that overpower the painful memories of your heartbreak.



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There is nothing more liberating than being in an entirely new place where no one knows you. This is the kind of much-needed freedom travel gives you, along with a lot more. When you are living incognito even for just a few days, you can do whatever you want and be as care-free as you want without fear of judgment or ridicule from people who hold a limited perception of who you are and what you can be.

Travel allows you to be brave in conquering your fears. When you find yourself doing things you’ve never done and embarking on new adventures, mending your broken heart no longer seems as impossible as it used to be.



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Travel is the best gift you can give to yourself after a breakup. Not that you are congratulating yourself with a gift, but more as a personal consolation that will, later on, become a rewarding experience. When you venture out and make the most of your trip, you eventually find yourself enjoying your newfound freedom and having more fun than you ever expected. 

So, enjoy this gift to the fullest. Indulge and remember to do things for yourself and not for anyone else, because you owe it to yourself to be happy once again.



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When you were in a relationship, you became half of an “us” and somehow lost your identity as an individual. Traveling and exploring new places on your own after your breakup will get you re-acquainted with the brave and wonderful person you have always been. As you are forced to rely entirely on yourself and trust your own intuition in exploring the unknown, you regain a better grip of your capabilities and boost your self-esteem.

Part of this amazing self-discovery is the realization that you don’t need to rely on anyone else to feel complete. You are complete and whole as you are, and you can be that happy and fun-loving individual you have always been without the help of a partner or an “other half”.



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Traveling does not only bring you to a better and more wonderful place physically, but also emotionally. As you allow yourself to explore new possibilities, view life in a new perspective, and simply enjoy the experience of rediscovering your self-worth, you also manage to distract your mind from the pain of your breakup. Before you know it, your heart is swelling with a newfound happiness that diminishes the intensity of your heartbreak.

 You come home from the experience knowing that you are in a much better place, and you are now a stronger person who is ready to build a new life for yourself and move on from the painful past that you are now willing to leave behind.