The heat is still on here in Boracay! It’s not too late to enjoy a quick summer getaway, but don’t waste your time thinking of things to pack for a vacation in this summer paradise.

In this article, we’ll show you how you can explore Boracay with just your travel essentials carry-on backpack. We’ll identify the most important things and gears to bring and how to optimize your backpack to fit your travel essentials without over-packing.

Are you ready for the ultimate packing list? Let’s get started!

Choose the right backpack

adventure backpack black bagPhoto courtesy of Vitaly Vlasov via Pexels

If you want to make your backpacking travel work, you must first pick the right backpack for your needs. So before you worry about what to pack for a beach resort vacation, you need to know what makes a perfect travel backpack.

Remember the 3 C’s: Capacity, Comfort, and Cost.

Capacity is key. Your backpack should be able to accommodate your essentials while still meeting the size requirements for airline carry-on luggage. For a week of travel, a 35L bag can do the trick. A smaller bag will force you to limit what you bring.

With all the things to bring to the beach, your bag will inevitably be heavy. That’s why comfort is another essential aspect to consider. Choose one that has padded straps and back support.

Last is the cost. You wouldn’t want to spend all of your travel money on just your bag. But at the same time, you would want something that can withstand heavy duty usage and can last for several trips. You simply have to find the right balance that suits you.

Optimize and organize

organized travel bagPhoto courtesy of Jdltmaxson via Pixabay

Organizing your bag allows you to store and carry more items and easily find and get things from your bag while you’re on the go. Take time to plan ahead and save yourself from headaches during your trip.

Most travel backpacks have several compartments to accommodate the items in your beach day packing list. But if this isn’t enough, you can use packing organizers which help you compress your clothes and other travel essentials for easy unpacking once you are in your hotel room. It also pays to have some zip-lock plastic bags to separate your toiletries or your wet and dirty clothes.

Pack lightweight and versatile clothing

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Lightweight clothing is an essential piece for Boracay backpackers since it’s easy to roll up and carry, and takes less space in your backpack. Pack light by picking clothes that are either cotton, nylon, rayon, or even silk.

The beach calls for light and breathable clothing but being a backpacker; you also have to pick clothes that can be worn in several different ways. For example, a loose cardigan that’s perfect for dinner can be a great cover up for your bikini the next day.

Lastly, try to pick clothes with color palettes that can easily be mixed and matched. This way, you can still look great even with limited clothes!

Your Boracay Must-haves

backpack eyeglassesPhoto courtesy of Pixabay via Pexels

When traveling light, it’s crucial to consider your must-haves and prioritize it over nice-to-haves. If you’re unsure, lay out all of your gear and clothes; think long and hard about every item and eliminate those that you don’t absolutely need. Be on the lookout for things that you will always need and can serve multiple purposes compared to one-time use items.

Of course, this Boracay backpacking guide won’t be complete without a quick list of must-haves for your trip. Here are a few items for your beach day packing list:

  • Sunglasses
  • Sunscreen
  • Bathing suit
  • Sandals/Flip flops
  • Tank tops
  • Shorts
  • Hat
  • Mobile phone and charger
  • Underwear
  • Pajamas
  • Toothbrush
  • Toothpaste
  • Soap
  • Shampoo
  • Conditioner
  • Facial Wash
  • Moisturizer

Be picky with your packing

bag bed bedroomPhoto courtesy of Fatin Hisham via Pexels

Backpacking for Boracay means enjoying the beach with limited baggage. However, it’s not as easy as it sounds.

To have a memorable backpacking experience, you have to be very picky with the items you pack. One way to do this is by reducing the clothes to bring. Some experienced backpackers limit themselves to three changes of clothing: one to wear for the day, one to wash, and one to dry. If this sounds doable to you, you can save a lot of space in your luggage.

Another way to save on space is to buy what you need as you go. You’ll find a lot of stores in Boracay that sell most of what you’ll need for a great stay. If you’re planning to stock up on your toiletries, consider that the basics are already covered by your hotel.

Size matters with backpacking

art backpack camouflagePhoto courtesy of Pineapple Supply Co. via Pexels

Saving space in your backpack can be a breeze if you consider not only the number of items you have to bring but also their sizes. If you have to bring shampoo, for example, choose the smallest bottle you can find or transfer it to a smaller container. For towels, you can pick a smaller microfiber towel that you can easily fold and compress.

While it may not always be cost-effective to pick smaller sizes, it might be a good compromise if you want to pack light and enjoy your backpacking experience.

Gear up by gearing down

beach cameraPhoto courtesy of Snapwire via Pexels

While it’s tempting to bring all of your gears and gadgets, it’s important to pick only what you need to have a memorable trip.

Nowadays, a smartphone can act as your camera, laptop, and more unless you’re going to work during your trip. You can take your selfies, share them on social media, and search for other ways to enjoy Boracay using just one device! That said, bringing a power bank can help your smartphone withstand the heavy usage.

For your adventure gears such as snorkeling masks, check in advance if there are units you can rent instead of bringing your own.

Protect your travel documents

passport bagPhoto courtesy of Vinta Supply Co. via Pexels

While this already sounds obvious, it’s worth mentioning that you need to pack—and protect—your personal and travel documents. This includes your photo IDs, passports, credit cards, and boarding passes.

You need to make sure they are safe from being damaged by your other belongings as well as the sand and water from the beach while keeping them accessible. If possible, leave them at your hotel room and bring copies in your backpack. Lastly, regardless of your destination, always make sure they are safe from pickpockets. Double check where your travel documents are and always be aware of surroundings, especially in crowded areas.

Traveling is more pleasurable when you don’t have to deal with excess baggage— figuratively and literally. Enjoy your adventures more by using these tips to pack light and let your focus be solely on your experience.