When Boracay reopens in October, the Philippines might be into the rainy season's home stretch. It might also be a lean season in tourist destinations, making it an ideal time to explore the country. The lean season means cheaper airline tickets, hotel discounts, other promo travel packages. Fewer people will be leaving so you won't have any competition in the office for vacation leaves. There will be shorter lines in restaurants and bars, and smaller crowds (or none at all) in tourist spots.

Imagine having a restored Boracay all to yourself!

Like it or not, the rainy season is a blessing to this tropical country. It brings a supply of much-needed moisture for the dry season ahead. So instead of fretting about the rain and the inconveniences that come with it, celebrate it in the most beautiful island in the world, Boracay.

Here are rainy season travel tips for every type of traveler.

Anticipate trip cancellations

guy in airport flight canceled

Traveling in the rainy season? Prepare yourself for one of the most common woes: cancelled trips. Stay tuned for weather updates. Lucky for you, there are fewer typhoons as the year ends. Most weather disturbances occur between June and September. This doesn't mean that you can count on traveling 100% dry. Oh, you can expect to get wet but the winds are not as ferocious as in the early months.

In the event of bad weather conditions, your airline will move your flight without any additional cost. The same goes with your hotel. The only possible issue is with your approved office vacation. Allow sufficient elbow room for any changes in your schedule. If you're booked for a weekend getaway, consider filing for an additional 2 to 3 vacation leaves. Anyway, you can do some work while you're cozying up in your hotel in Boracay.

Getting sick isn't an option

With the drizzly weather comes the risk of falling ill. How can you take selfies with a runny nose? Always bring a first-aid kit with emergency meds on your trips. You should have sufficient supply of cough and cold medication, and aspirins and paracetamols. Make sure you also have antacids, pain relievers, antihistamine, and laxatives.

Boost your immune system by eating lots of citric fruits, green leafy veggies, and a healthy amount of carbs.

Buy yourself a waterproof raincoat

Don't try to stay dry because you'll surely get wet. What you should avoid is getting drenched in water and eventually catching a cold. Bringing waterproof jacket or a raincoat is a travel packing hack you have to embrace. You should know that there are chic raincoats perfect for your vacation selfies. What about a fashionable rain poncho? A wide brimmed hat and an umbrella are beach essentials. UV rays are present even on rainy days.

Reconsider those flip flops

sandals reconsider flip flops

For many beach goers, their footwear is the least of their concern. How can you enjoy the shore without feeling the white sand under your soles? A pair of flip flops typically defines a beach footwear. You should consider packing other items for your rainy season tips. Flip flops may be okay for your walks on the shore, but not when you're on slippery surfaces. Choose sandals or waterproof shoes with good soles. If you're hiking Boracay's trails, a pair of hiking boots is a must-have.

Protect your gadgets; bring sealable bags

You'll probably rather sacrifice getting drenched in the rain than let your cherished gadgets get wet. No sacrifice is needed if you know travel hacks for the monsoon season.

Get yourself waterproof bags that are available in department stores. Place your plane ticket, IDs, and other important materials in plastic envelopes. Sealable plastic bags will protect your mobile phone, camera, and other electronic gadgets.

Keep your DSLR camera dry in a dry sack

carry dlsr camera

There's a saying that you couldn't get a bad landscape shot in Boracay. The place is simply too stunning whether the skies are blue or gloomy. Take as many photos as you want from your charming hotel room at Alta Vista de Boracay to the hidden islands surrounding Boracay.

Don't hesitate to bring your DSLR camera on your rainy season beach escapade. Protect your camera and other electronic equipment inside a lightweight dry sack or bag. A lens coat will keep your camera lens free from rain water, dirt, sand, dust, and other elements. Choose one that's lightweight, waterproof, and made of breathable poly tricot material.

Go out and enjoy the cool weather

Going to the beach during the monsoon season doesn't mean that you'll be stuck in your hotel room watching cooking shows on cable. For one, it's unlikely that you'll be flying to Boracay during a typhoon. Also, the sun may not be as blistering, but the weather can still permit you to do a lot of outdoor activities.

It's particularly fun to hit the beach when it's not steaming hot outside. The stronger winds suit windsurfing and parasailing. Go island hopping and witness Boracay's charm in the rain.

Indulge in comfort food

Do you know the best activity on a cool weather? Eating. There's no denying that champorado and arroz caldo are extra appealing during the rainy “bed weather.” Indulge in mouthwatering comfort food in Boracay. L'Altura in Alta Vista de Boracay serves a exquisite fusion of oriental and occidental cuisines. Pamper your taste buds with Modern Ramen, which combines Japanese and western flavors. There's a menu of sinfully good desserts. Try the Filipino Dessert Sampler which includes buko pandan gel, turon, and champorado.

Feel the Boracay party vibe

wine glass boracay party

Nothing stops the partying in Boracay, not even the rainy season. There's no shortage of clubs and sports bars on the island. You will see vacationers from different parts of the world sing, dance, and celebrate until morning.

You and your friends don't need to leave your hotel for fun. Alta Vista de Boracay's Sports Bar has a well-stocked bar, a sumptuous menu for your dining pleasure, and a party vibe that's “uniquely Boracay.” A barkada get-together isn't complete without a karaoke contest. Book the well-equipped Karaoke Room in your hotel for a crazy night of 90s pop music!

Don't let the weather rain on your parade

Let it rain. While others fret about the unpleasant weather at home, you'll be taking a dip in an infinity pool in Alta Vista de Boracay. Relax your mind and body in the posh pool, which overlooks a majestic golf course, and the greens and blues of Boracay. You can also take solitary walks on Puka Beach or observe the laidback life in the coastal villages. Cap your afternoon with fresh fruit shakes and lemon tarts at the popular Lemon Cafe in D'Mall. There's so much to do in Boracay!

People have come to abhor the monsoon season in the country. The rains typically bring floods, traffic, and other inconveniences. But it's the reality of living in the tropics. Don't let the somber weather ruin your vacation mood. Fly to Boracay and score cheaper plane tickets and discounted travel packages. Plus, there are fewer tourists in the island, allowing a truly enjoyable R&R.