You’d think that beach season is over, but not quite. It never really ends does it? Not when you talk about the pristine, gorgeous beaches in a tropical country where it is mostly hot all-year round. Take Boracay in the Philippines for example, one of the best beaches in the world. If you plan to go to Boracay and it is already a few months past summer, know that the beauty of the island paradise knows no peak  seasons.

You will not run out of activities you can do in Boracay during off-peak season. And there are a lot of advantages to it too, budget-wise most especially. If you are on a Boracay budget trip, you will be pleased to know that airfare is cheaper, hotels offer discounts, and you can book beach activities for a more affordable price. Then of course, the best part is you can explore the island without having to wrestle your way against a huge crowd of tourists. Imagine sitting by the bay as you watch the sun set without a group of rowdy friends trying to snap silhouette selfies. Much more peaceful, right?

Here’s another travel guide to Boracay duringoff-peak season that won’t hurt your budget.


Sharing is saving

Boracay Off-peak Season Sharing is Saving

Photo courtesy of Alta Vista de Boracay

Any Boracay backpacker would know that more isn’t only merrier but also cheaper. Hotel accommodations normally offer discounted rates during lean months. But if you are staying with a group, it is a steal. Even 4-star luxury hotels are not off your budget.

Alta Vista de Boracay, a top choice among Agoda travelers in 2015, may be booked foronly PHP 2,500 per night. The deluxe room has two queen beds good for four people, a balcony with a view of the mountains, breakfast, and even a bath tub. That’s roughly PHP600/night per person.

There are also budget hostels and guesthouses that fit your budget. Most are lined up along the five-kilometer white beach.


Bundle of activities

Boracay Off-peak Season Bundle of Activities

Photo courtesy of Peanut dela Cruz via Flickr

Boracay will keep you busy. Whatever it is that you want to do, water- or land-based; there are Boracay activities for any budget that you can try.

One of the most popular activities is island hopping because as you are well aware, there’s more to Boracay than the White Beach. How much will this cost? Depending on your haggling skills, you can tour the island with some 30 other guests for around PHP 600 – PHP 800. That includes snorkeling in at least two spots, a stop in Puka Beach, a stop in a cliff diving spot, and a seafood buffet for lunch. There’s also fly fishing, banana boat, and paraw sailing that you can do with the group.

On a casual walk by the white beach, you will be approached by locals and tour companies who can offer a bundle of activities for a discount. How about parasailing, helmet diving, banana boat, ATV ride, zipline, and zorb ball for just PHP 2,000? Sounds like a really good deal, right?


The best things are free

Boracay Off-peak Season Best Things are Free

Photo courtesy of Stefan Munder via Flickr

If you think about it, the best things about Boracay are free. Have you tried walking leisurely along the beach while feeling the powdery white sand between your toes? Have you quietly sat down to just stare at how truly beautiful the sunset is? Have you ever read your favorite book under a beach hut? Have you ever gone on a morning swim while the island is still peacefully sleeping? These are the things you’ll remember about Boracay and these will be the reasons you’ll keep coming back. Even those silhouette jump shots that got everyone cracking will remain one of the most memorable moments for the entire group.

If you are checked into a hotel with full amenities, you can also enjoy those for free or for a minimum fee. Alta Vista de Boracay has an infinity pool with a grand view of a nearby golf course, lush greens, and the beach. There’s also a karaoke room for when you feel like partying at home. You may also catch the sunset or get a 360-degree view of the island at the Dinara view deck.


Seafood unlimited

Boracay Off-peak Season Seafood Unlimited

Photo courtesy of I Travel Philippines via Flickr

No Boracay trip would be complete without feasting on fresh seafood. D’ Talipapa is a popular place to get your hands on some fresh catch. You may buy a few kilos of shrimp, mussels, crabs, and fish at the market and ask a paluto restaurant to cook them for you. Of course, it is so much cheaper if you share the bill with your group.

Whatever it is you are craving for, Boracay will surely deliver. Whether it is continental, Italian or Mediterranean, there’s a restaurant for you. Fast food and coffee shops have also found their way into the island.


Experience uniqueness

Boracay Off-peak Season Experience Uniqueness

Photo courtesy of tlparadis via Flickr

A travel guide to Boracay will show you the many unique offerings on the island. Where else can you get a tattoo by the beach? Locals offer henna and braids for as low as PHP 50. And if you need to get a massage after a whole day of activities, you can ask a local to give you a traditional Filipino massage called hilot for PHP 300 an hour. Massage is performed by the beach so you get a view of the island while relaxing. Oh, and how about the famous Boracay milkshake and calamansi muffins for snacks?

These are just some of the things you can do in Boracay during off-peak seasons, or all year round if you must. The island paradise is probably one of the most gorgeous beaches in the world that you can visit without breaking the bank. There’s a reason why tourists frequent Boracay, and once you experience the island, you’ll understand why.