Everyone is entering 2019 with a fresh set of goals, expectations, and resolutions. For the new traveler, this means a new list of places to visit and cultures to explore.

While going on a trip is made easier with different online deals and promos, traveling can still be troublesome especially if you aren’t a veteran adventurer. Luckily for those who are just starting to explore the wonders of traveling, knowing the common travel frustrations goes a long way in making any trip memorable.

Don’t be afraid to discover the world and satisfy your wanderlust. Avoid these 10 rookie travel mistakes and make the most out of your trips!

#1: Not double-checking everything

do double check when travelling

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When you go on your first trip, things can and will get confusing. From your flight number down to your hotel reservation, these are things you must get correctly. Why? Because getting them wrong means more expenses for you — rebooking a flight and extending a hotel reservation will make you shell out more cash. Spending more than what you have budgeted is definitely a travel frustration anyone would want to avoid.

The key is to keep a list of all the details you will need so that you don’t rely on memory alone. The next step is to update these details every now and then since they may change, especially if we are talking about international flights. Alta Vista De Boracay lets you track and manage your hotel bookings with ease. Check everything, then check again.

#2: Packing too much or too little

Don't pack too much or too little when travelling

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Traveling for the first time can tempt a few to bring more stuff for some sense of security. While some newbie travelers will think that packing too little is the better route. The fashionistas will bring more clothes than necessary while the boy scouts pack less. This tendency to overestimate or underestimate what to bring is common to both new travelers and veteran adventurers alike.

Finding the perfect balance will require you to know your itinerary very well and then packing accordingly. While there are a lot of travel tips available online that come with a checklist, it’s always good to remember to pack based on your itinerary.

#3: Wanting to see, eat, and try everything

don't want to see, eat and try everything when travelling

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Your first trip should be a memorable one and you should be able to maximize everything that your trip has to offer. But this does not mean you should visit every single tourist attraction. The same goes with dining at all the famous restaurants. You may have the travel frustration of “missing out” but all this frantic dashing to try everything will stop you from fully appreciating and taking in the experience.

Take it slow. Schedule the sights and activities that still gives you and your itinerary some breathing space. New travelers need to trust that they will travel again. The next travel, just like the previous one, is another opportunity to try new things, see new places, and try new food.

#4: Not paying for travel insurance

do pay travel insurance when travelling

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Going on an adventure on your own is one unpredictable ride. You’ll be experiencing the time of your life because of the freedom that traveling’s randomness brings. But stuff happens and you may be faced with emergency medical expenses or cancellation fees. Not getting insured is one of the more common travel mistakes not to make that pokes holes in any traveler’s wallet.

By now, you should be learning more about travel insurance and see its importance to your travels. It is always better to be safe than sorry.

#5: Forgetting to be on the lookout for scammers

don't forget to lookout for scammers when travelling

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Technology has definitely made its impact on everyone’s daily life. We can practically do anything online thanks to technology. Hotel reservations can now be done online, which is pretty convenient. It’s also pretty risky because of online scammers.

Being duped of your money’s worth is definitely a travel frustration you wouldn’t forget.

Thankfully, there are a lot of guides out there that helps you be on the lookout against these shady sites or dealers. Keep a watchful eye, and hopefully, your first-time travel experience doesn’t get ruined by scammers.

#6: Paying for extra fees

do pay extra fee when travelling

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You might think that it is easier to pay for everything in US dollars when traveling abroad. Guess what? The few extra steps of exchanging dollars to the local currency will save you a ton in expenses. When talking about credit cards, there are many travel credit cards to choose from but make sure that the one you have does not have foreign transaction fees.

The amount you save on these extra fees will add up, and before you know it you have the amount you need for your next travel! You’ll be well on your way to becoming a new traveler no more!

#7: Skipping the local tourism office

don't skip local tourism when travelling

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The local tourism board will give you crucial information for your stay — current events, hotlines to remember, and locations of the important offices during emergencies. Most first-time travelers make the mistake of skipping a visit to the local tourism office which leads to a lot of travel frustrations.

It is common for most tourists, especially those that have been traveling for a while, to take charge of their trips on their own. But for new travelers, this shouldn’t be the case.

#8: Sticking to the common route

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When planning a trip, most rookie travelers look for the most popular online guides and blogs. This is a good way of getting a feel of what you shouldn’t miss in terms of sights, activities, and food. But a common first-time traveler mistake is depending on these guides alone.

A big part of traveling is exploring the unknown, and as a new traveler, that’s what you should do. Get off the beaten path and go on an adventure on your own. You never know what lies ahead.

#9: Treating your itinerary as bible

Don't treat your itinerary as bible

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Not planning an itinerary well is a mistake both new travelers and veteran adventurers commit. But it is more common for those traveling for the first time to have a very rigid travel itinerary.

Having the “we will go to the museum because it’s what is on the itinerary” attitude instead of the “we will go to the beach because that’s what we’d like to do” attitude will lead to travel frustrations. Planning your itinerary well means keeping it relaxed. Make sure you leave gaps for you to breathe or for a spontaneous mini-adventure.

#10: Going to a place without doing some research

don't go to place withour research

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Adventure is out there and going on spontaneous trips can be very thrilling. While spur-of-the-moment travels are great, it is still important to dig through different channels and research about your destination. Research helps rookie travelers create the perfect travel itinerary.

You can come across the best hotel deals, the cheapest mode of transportation, and great but hidden culinary hotspots. While Google is your friend, there are resorts that already do the research for you. Situated in the world-class shores of Boracay, one such hotel is Alta Vista de Boracay. They make sure you know the place even before visiting. So if you’re planning a trip to one of the best islands in the world, start reading up on Boracay’s do’s and don’ts.

Traveling will broaden your perspective and stretch your limits. It is a life-changing experience that is definitely worth its cost. Don’t worry if you are still a new traveler in 2019. Experience comes with more travels as well as the mistakes made in those travels. If they’re avoidable ones then you should definitely steer clear of them. Nothing is as fulfilling as an adventure that goes off without a hitch.