We’ve all been dreaming of it: a day full of love, laugh, and tears of joy; the day where we finally say the words ‘I do’. All of these beautiful memories unfolding against a tropical paradise. The secret in making all of this possible is in the planning.

Destination weddings are definitely on top of any bride-to-be’s list of dream weddings and for sure, Boracay’s pearly white beaches remains to be a crowd favorite. This makes it tricky to get everything in order while making sure your wedding stays unique.

Choosing wedding dates, considering professional wedding planners, determining the budget, among many others, are important decisions you have to make. If you are looking for some tips to help you plan your destination wedding, read on!

1. Picking the perfect wedding destination

beach side cottagePhoto courtesy of BANITAtour via Pixabay

While weddings are magical in themselves, there’s just something about destination weddings that make them feel so unique, memorable, and truly a dream come true. Destination weddings, as the term suggests, has one important aspect you really have to consider: the destination.

Since we are talking about Boracay weddings, the best way to determine where in Boracay specifically is by researching. In Boracay, you can go with the famous beach weddings along the island’s newly discovered intimate areas or go with the classic church wedding at the Holy Rosary Parish located at Station 1, Brgy. Balabag.

Aside from the wedding ceremony, the location of your reception is important too! A mix of modern marvels and Boracay’s tropical charm, Alta Vista De Boracay can host your reception in their function room. There are many ways to enjoy your beach wedding which includes going to popular destinations or choosing unique destination wedding locations. But just like any destination wedding planning guide would tell you: planning and researching well will do you wonders.

2. Choosing the best wedding date

choosing datePhoto courtesy of via Pexels

After talking about the importance of where your wedding will be, it’s time to talk about when you should pencil in your wedding dates.

Any wedding, including a destination wedding, will be affected by the date as to when it will happen. Whether it is for the better or worse of your special day, it will depend on how much you’ve planned for your wedding date.

Just to be clear, you can definitely use online guides about wedding dates like the one from Town and Country to help you decide. But if you are considering a destination wedding in Boracay, you should also consider the best time to go to Boracay. After all, you wouldn’t want your dream wedding to be spoiled by sudden bursts of rainfall or overcrowding of tourists.

3. Building your wedding budget

wedding budget billPhoto courtesy of Pixabay via Pexels

Like any big decision, weddings require a lot of budgeting and planning. After all, we are talking about money here. Another aspect you should invest time in is creating the budget for your destination wedding.

Unlike regular weddings that usually happen in the metro, destination wedding costs include more ticket items. So yes, prepare to shell out more for flights, accommodations, and other incidental fees. But this does not mean you can’t still keep costs at the minimum. The best way to save up money is by grabbing flight packages and seat sales. Another option is by booking wedding packages since these packages include only the necessities which help you avoid overspending for the wedding.

4. Hiring a professional wedding planner

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Ah, wedding planners. There’s still some debate about whether or not hiring a professional wedding planner is worth it. Some say it is, while others say they aren’t. In the case of destination weddings, it would be best if you did get a professional wedding planner.

You might be thinking: “There are already a lot of destination wedding planning guides out there!” Well, yes but these aren’t enough. Remember, we are talking about organizing a big life event in a place that isn’t really that familiar to you. So what wedding planners bring to the table are connections and experience since most of them have already planned beach weddings in Boracay.

In choosing your wedding planner, always look at experience and interaction. Experience will dictate their skill in executing your wedding vision and interaction will dictate how your working relationship throughout the entire wedding planning will be. Wedding planners will play a huge part in your wedding so choose wisely!

5. Preparing the local marriage requirements

marriage requirementsPhoto courtesy of Pixabay via Pexels

Since marriage is an institution that was created by the state, it will naturally be bound by laws. In the Philippines, the same goes. Before a couple weds, both of them need to comply with the local marriage requirements.

If we are talking about church weddings, the main documents required from couples are birth certificates, marriage license, baptismal certificates, and canonical interview. Most of the requirements are only official written documents. Bus as weddings are a sacred Catholic sacrament, the canonical interview is needed to confirm your true intentions for marriage. This is where the parish priest of your chosen church will meet both of you as a couple and talk about your growing relationship from the beginning.

For civil weddings, it is your marriage license. To apply for the license, the couple must go to the local civil registrar of the city they reside in. A full list of these requirements can be found here.

6. Flying your guests

airplane window blue searPhoto courtesy of via Pexels

Now that we are done with the broader concerns of your dream destination wedding, we can zoom in on more specific topics. In this case, it’s flying in your guests.

Unlike normal weddings where going to the wedding venue isn’t much of a concern for the couple, destination weddings really put importance in the how of getting your guests to the venue.

Flying in groups of people aren’t really a problem if you’ve prepared everything prior to the wedding. Group bookings are available in all airlines and if you are in luck, you can score some sweet seat sale bundles. It’s best for you to fix the primary details of your wedding — wedding date and location — so that you can start fixing your guests’ flights.

7. Choose your vendors wisely

wedding buoquet tablePhoto courtesy of Ibrahim Asad via Pexels

Another thing that will contribute to the success of your destination wedding in Boracay are the vendors or suppliers that you will be getting. No, we aren’t just talking about the kiosks or photo booths at the reception here (which are also very, very important!). We’re also talking about the catering service you’ll be trusting, the band that will be playing at your reception, and the stunning wedding cake you will be cutting.

While there are many tips about how to choose the best wedding vendors, a good rule of thumb to keep in mind is to take these recommendations lightly. No one bakeshop or band is a fit for everyone so always just go back to your vision and dream destination wedding.

8. Wedding attire perfect for the beach

beach wedding couple kissingPhoto courtesy of Ibrahim Asad via Pixabay

Perfect scenery, perfect weather, perfect couple. Do you know what could be added to make any dream destination wedding even more memorable? The perfect beach wedding attire.

While beaches aren’t really the same with the typical church wedding, this does not mean you and your guests can’t serve looks. People at your wedding will be rocking tropical vibes — either with the simple white and beige combo or popping floral outfits. It’s important to keep the dress code leaning towards comfort and breathability as beach weddings tend to get a bit hot. Once you’ve finalized your beach wedding attire, inform your guests immediately so they have ample time to prepare.

Destination weddings in Boracay are truly a sight to behold. When done in places like Alta Vista de Boracay, the union of two loving souls in a tranquil tropical paradise becomes even more romantic.