Top Eight Common Travel Fears And How You Could Conquer Them

14 December, 2018

Have you been wanting to travel but have been held back by doubts and fears? It’s time to conquer your travel fears. You simply can’t miss out on the amazing experiences that await you. Learn how to conquer your travel fears and get started on an adventure of a lifetime.

Traveling alone

travelling girl alone

Solo travel can be an exciting experience. Anyone who’s experienced it will tell you so. All the same, many are scared of the idea of traveling alone. After all, you won’t have anyone to rely on and the dangers of traveling will feel magnified. However, this fear is often unnecessary and illogical. There are several ways you can stay safe even while you’re on your own.

For one, you can map out the trip beforehand so you can prepare for any eventuality. Make sure you’ll easily get a safe ride at every point, and check whether available accommodations ensure security. Alta Vista de Boracay, for one, has tight security measures at both the gated entrance and exit points to ensure everyone in the vicinity has passed through careful inspection. They also offer shuttle services that will take you to key destinations on the island. With thorough planning, you can stay and feel safe throughout your trip.

If you really can’t get past your fear of traveling alone, join a small group tour so you can travel with other people and make friends along the way. You won’t have to do all the planning by yourself either.

Stepping out of your comfort zone

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You feel the beach calling you. Everything feels hurried and out of control, you just know you could use a break. But you also worry about everything falling apart while you’re away. This is a classic example of people who are afraid to step out of their comfort zone. Because even the daily chaos can feel oddly comforting. Mostly because you’ve gotten used to that kind of life.

Step out of your little bubble, and experience what true comfort feels like. You owe it to yourself. You can make this easier by getting past your worries of things going wrong while you’re away. Picture the worst possible scenario that could unfold while you’re away. You’ll see that it’s either manageable or utterly unlikely. Also, think of all the things you love about your favorite destination. You’ll soon see it’s all worth leaving your home for, even for a few days.

Confronting the unknown

girl jumpimng happy

Fear of the unknown is one of the things that keep people from leaving their comfort zone. This is usually fueled by doubt and anxiety, and a good dose of overthinking. To remedy this, learn as much as you can about the destination you plan to visit. In the era of the Internet, researching as much as you can about a place has become so easy there’s simply no reason to not do it.

There’s a smorgasbord of travel-related sites out there. So put together a detailed itinerary. Find out about the best places to visit, things to avoid, and the best food to try. Before long, you’d be too excited to even think of your travel fears.

Traveling on a plane

traveling on plane

While fear of flying is common, it is a highly irrational one. The chances of a plane crashing are so statistically slim, you’re more likely to die in a car accident. If you’d get in a car without giving it any thought, you should be just as willing to fly. Think of this every time you’re hesitating to travel on a plane. Rationalizing your fear can help. If this fails, you can try other transportation modes instead. For instance, you can take a ferry to reach Boracay instead of booking a flight. It’s a cheaper option, too! With a little resourcefulness, no amount of fear should keep you from traveling to awesome vacation destinations.

Getting lost

map traveling

For some people, getting lost is part of the thrill of exploring a place. For others, the mere thought of it can cause paralyzing fear. With thorough planning, there is no reason for anyone to lose their way. This is especially true now that there are several tools available, such as good old-fashioned maps, Google maps, and GPS system. Checking in a hotel that has an accommodating staff will also help. Alta Vista de Boracay, for one, is known for its friendly and well-trained receptionists. They will be able to assist you in finding your way around Boracay.

Getting harmed abroad

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The thought of traveling to a place where you don’t know anyone and where you don’t speak the local language may be scary. The fear is even more heightened when you start thinking of all the ways you could get hurt while traveling abroad. However, the chances of getting harmed are pretty slim if you take the necessary precautions. If you can’t get past this fear, you can take baby steps and start traveling in your own country instead. Once you get used to traveling, you can venture out to farther destinations abroad. Besides, there are countless wondrous travel destinations in the Philippines. Boracay has been tagged the best island in the world on numerous occasions.

Getting robbed

The risk of getting robbed and falling prey to scams is real. But with the right precautions, it can be avoided. And it should not be a reason to avoid traveling as it could happen anywhere. A short trip downtown is enough to get you into trouble if you are not careful. Be informed about the possible scams in the destination you’ll be traveling to, so you know how to avoid them. You should also learn about the common precautions against robbery. You’ll find plenty of resources online.

Not being able to afford the trip

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Travel can be expensive, but there are ways to make sure you could afford it. For one, you should plan your trip in advance so you can take advantage of the lower prices of advanced bookings. This will also allow you to save up for the trip. Traveling is never unaffordable if you are determined to make it happen. And you should be. Everyone deserves a break every now and then. Plus, traveling will feed your soul. It’s something you simply must add to your list of priorities.

Whether you plan to travel for the holidays or embark on a nomadic lifestyle, it’s paramount that you learn how to have a worry-free travel. You’ll have the best time of your life!