Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. It is time to prepare for that special day with your significant other. Whether you are celebrating your nth Valentine’s Day or planning to propose, Boracay is the best destination to be. Know recommended accommodations, dinner joints, and fun activities for couples in Boracay. Here is a Valentine’s Day guide for you.

1: Book a room in a premier hotel

 celebrating valentines at boracay book a premier hotel

Photo courtesy of Alta Vista de Boracay

The day of hearts will fall on a Thursday this 2019, so you may want to plan for a long weekend vacation. Book a room at Alta Vista de Boracay, a premier condotel in the beautiful Puka Beach. A 45-sqm studio room offers an exceptional view of the blue seas and green mountains. It provides everything you need including comfy queen-sized beds, a private toilet and bath, and an entertainment system. You can also prepare your coffee and tea and indulge in the stocked minibar. This gorgeous interior space also has a safe for your valuables.

#2: Indulge in a delectable dinner

Celebrating Valentine's at Boracay Indulge in Delectable Dinner

Photo courtesy of Creative Vix via Pexels

It is a tradition to dine out on Valentine's Day. Couples and families reserve tables in their favorite restaurants weeks early. Celebrate Valentine's Day in Boracay with a romantic dinner at L’Altura Restaurant, by the renowned Tamayo's Group. This top-rated resto is in Alta Vista de Boracay, a condotel that sits atop one of the highest points in Boracay.

Surprise your beloved with authentic and innovative dishes by talented chefs. Try the Cajun Seafood entrée and Grilled Adobo with Yogurt, or the Signature Sisig Pizza and a selection of pasta delights. For your dessert, indulge in the refreshingly good Mango Papaya Tapioca.

#3: Go for romantic morning walks by the shore

Celebrating Valentine's at Boracay Go for a Romantic Walk

Photo courtesy of Anastasiya Lobanovskaya via Pexels

Your DMCI Homes accommodation is located in the northern part of Boracay in Puka Beach, also known as Yapak Beach. This untainted beach is famous for its abundance of crushed puka shells on its shores, hence the name.

Expressing your love does not need any grand gesture. If you plan to propose in Boracay with no frills, go for a romantic morning walk on Puka Beach. The peaceful ambiance offers the perfect vibe to get real with your emotions.

#4: Trek the highest point on Boracay

Celebrating Valentine's at Boracay Peak

Photo courtesy of Stephan Seebar via Pexels

Are you and your partner nature lovers? Plan a Boracay tour to peaks, caves, and hidden gems. Discover the breathtaking beauty of Mount Luho, the highest point in Boracay. Trek the long and uphill road to the view decks, which is about 370 feet above sea level. The older deck displays various species of bird and animals in a small zoo. You will be surprised at the wide diversity of animals on the island.

Climb Mount Luho in the afternoon so you can watch the sunset from above. The orange skies make a gorgeous backdrop for your love confessions.

#5: Propose in a charmingly secluded beach

Celebrating Valentine's at Boracay Propose in a Secluded Beach

Photo courtesy of Ibrahim Asad via Pexels

Boracay is more than the world-famous White Beach. Do you know that there are about a dozen other coasts that you should explore? On Valentine’s Day, explore the lesser known beaches of Boracay Island.

The Ilig Iligan Beach has a rugged feel for its virgin shores. Quite a few people visit it, making it a charming spot for couples on vacation. The Balinghai Beach is a fascinating destination – it is only accessible during low tide. It is such a romantic place for your wedding proposal. Another beach to discover is Banyugan, which rests between two massive rock formations.

#6: Embrace the rich biodiversity in Boracay

Embrace Boracay Biodiversity at Valentine's

Photo courtesy of Oleksandr Pidvalnyi via Pexels

Boracay underwent a 6-month rehabilitation to ensure the sustainability of its biodiversity. New rules have been imposed to protect the wetlands, caves, and forests. For your Valentine’s Day weekend date, get closer to nature and its many gifts.

Enjoy night scuba diving with your partner. You can choose from about 25 diving sites around Boracay. Take note that the visibility in these range from 5m to 10m from December to February due to the high density of planktons. Some of the top diving spots you should check include Yapak, Angol Point, Crocodile Island, and Friday’s Rock.

#7: Hold an intimate party for your close circle

Intimate Velentine's Party for your Close Circles

Photo courtesy of Pixabay via Pexels

An engagement party is a special event for the important people in your lives. This year, propose to your significant other in an intimate party in Boracay. You can adorn a beach boardwalk with beautiful lanterns. Invite family and close friends to witness your proposal. You can also hold an intimate party in a well-equipped Function Hall. Alta Vista de Boracay features a hall with a versatile interior, perfect for any event attended by up to 60 persons. You can have a 1930s-themed dance party or a get-together filled with fun games. Remember that your planned wedding is a union of two families and circles of friends.

#8: Be enthralled by the breathtaking Boracay sunset

Be Enthralled by Boracay Sunset at Valentine's

Photo courtesy of Pok Rie via Pexels

Boracay's sunset is undeniably one of the most beautiful attractions in the country. You can witness its spectacular beauty from any part of the island, though there are spots that are undeniably incomparable. You can go paraw sailing, or a leisure ride on a traditional boat, for a magnificent view of the afternoon skies. You can also share private moments on the Dinara View Deck, one of the romantic amenities in Alta Vista de Boracay. This spot offers a 360-degree perspective of the breathtaking sunset.

#9: Complete your outdoor adventure checklist

Complete you Boracay Outdoor Adventure at Valentine's

Photo courtesy of Ibrahim Asad via Pexels

Going on an out-of-town getaway is advisable whether it is Valentine’s Day or not.Traveling can help you relax and recharge. It can also stir original and creative thoughts. For your first adventure as a couple, fly to Aklan and enjoy island activities in Boracay. How about challenging yourselves to try all of these fun outdoor activities?

  1. Helmet diving
  2. Parasailing
  3. Stand up paddling
  4. Kite surfing
  5. Jet skiing
  6. Windsurfing
  7. ATV riding
  8. Ziplining
  9. Cliff diving
  10. Surfing

Do not forget to follow safety precautions. You would not want to ruin your Valentine’s Day with a trip to the ER.

#10: Night swimming + wine

Boracay Night Swimming and Wine at Valentine's

Photo courtesy of Arnuchulo via Pixabay

Some parts of Boracay may be too crowded for you on Valentine’s Day. People will be arriving from other provinces and countries for a couple of romantic days in the world's most beautiful island. If you wish to celebrate Valentine’s Day away from the crowds, you may go for night swimming at the infinity pool in Alta Vista de Boracay. Bring a bottle of wine to cap off the night.

Valentine’s Day is a celebration of your relationship and what makes it worth pursuing. You may opt for a grand and public declaration of your love, or you may go for something more private. Just have fun and make the most of your time together.