10 Reasons Why You Should Celebrate Christmas at the beach

10 November, 2018

Are you the type who loves to host a Christmas party? Are you having a hard time thinking how you can outdo yourself this year? Lucky you, as we have an awesome idea that you should seriously consider. Why not host a beach party in Boracay?

Sure, it does sound like a lot of work considering all the new guidelines in place, but there are plenty of reasons why you should do it this year. Do you still doubt us? Here are 10 fun reasons why you should start planning the upcoming holiday in the white sands of Boracay.

Party in the white sand, sun, and waves

Christmas Party in White Sand

Photo courtesy of Porapak Apichodilok via Pexels.com

Boracay is known for its lush white sand, crystal clear water, and the warm sun. Wouldn’t it be nice to enjoy all of these with your closest friends and family during Christmas? Sure, there are plenty of new guidelines in place that prevent you from partying on the beach like the ban on using single-use plastic and bottles. There are, however, more ways to party without breaking any rules.

For example, you can load up on alcoholic drinks in your tumbler or store food in a reusable container. This way you don’t have any trash to dispose of, have fun, follow the law, and help keep Boracay clean.

Have a bonfire party

Christmas Bonfire Party

Photo courtesy of Jens Mahnke via Pexels.com

Although this may not be allowed in Boracay, there are other beaches or hotels that host bonfire parties. Some even let you to do it on your own. Assuming you find a nice beach where you can light up a bonfire, wouldn’t it be nice to catch up with your family or friends?

You can roast marshmallows and pair it with a hot cup of chocolate or coffee, whichever you prefer. You can also sing songs and dance around the bonfire with a few bottles of beer. Just remember to keep the beach clean and throw all of the trash in the garbage bag.

Hitting two birds with one stone

Christmas at Beach Hitting Birds with One Stone

Photo courtesy of Shahbaz Akram via Pexels.com

Hitting two birds with one stone is exactly what you do when you host a Christmas beach party. Not only do you celebrate Christmas, you also get to host a swimming party.

If you do this in Boracay, you get to be one of the first tourists to go to the island since reopening last October. This could level up your hosting repertoire and fun factor of the event that those who went with you will look forward to your next event.

You can try water activities

Christmas Try Water Activities

Photo courtesy of Alex Bobrov via Pexels.com

The new guidelines for tourists visiting Boracay will prevent you from enjoying various water activities like riding the jet skiing, island hopping, and such. Luckily, there are other things that you can do to enjoy the cool crystal water of Boracay.

Depending on the extent of the guidelines, you might be able to go kayaking, paddle boarding, or go skimboarding. Aside from those, you may try beach volleyball or football. Just make sure you play it in an open space so you don’t bother or hit other tourists.

Enjoy the scenery

Chritmas Enjoy the Beach Scenery

Photo courtesy of Julius Silver via Pexels.com

Be it people, pets, wild animals, the sea, the surrounding mountains or your own Christmas attire – the good thing about the beach is that there are plenty of things to look at. If the view from below isn’t enough, you can climb up a mountain to enjoy the scenery with your friends and family.

Surely, there’s one nearby. You can pack your party stuff and opt to camp out there after a day of splashing on the beach. There’s nothing like watching the sunset from a different vantage point.

It’s a one-of-a-kind experience

christmas at beach one of a kind experience

Photo courtesy of Bayu Jefri via Pexels.com

It’s safe to say that anyone can easily go to a pub and party the night out. Sadly, not a lot of people get the chance to head to the beach for a night of partying. Wouldn’t it be nice to be the one who let them experience a Boracay beach party? It’s surely a one-of-a-kind experience that many will never forget. As a party planner, isn’t this the best take away from any event you host?

You can enjoy nearby destinations

Enjoy Nearby Destinations

Photo courtesy of Alta Vista de Boracay

The good thing about hosting a party in Boracay is that you can always visit nearby tourist destinations to show your guests around. Maybe you can also talk to a certified tour guide during your stay in Boracay to travel around the area’s most popular destinations or roam around the hidden gems in the island.

After-party in the club

Christmas at Beach After-party in the Club

Photo courtesy of David Bartus via Pexels.com

If partying on the beach isn’t enough, you can always enjoy the Boracay nightlife and visit the many clubs near the shore. You can even hop straight to some bars there even if you’re in your bathing suit and dance the night away and party like it’s your birthday.

There’s also many clubs that hold bar crawls. Join in one of those and you might just get to meet new friends and get drunk while you’re at it.

If all else fails, party in the hotel

Christmas at Beach Party in Hotel

Photo courtesy of Bruce Mars via Pexels.com

Don’t like partying in the clubs or the beach? Hotels like Alta Vista De Boracay will most likely be hosting its own Christmas party. Moreover, they, too, can help you host a party and tour nearby destinations so that you and your guests have an unforgettable time in Boracay.

Easy to give back

Christmas at Beach East to Give Back

Photo courtesy of Rawpixel via Pexels.com

Boracay closed down for six months to rehabilitate because both locals and tourists failed to keep its environment clean. We wouldn’t want that to happen again, don’t we? The best way to avoid this from happening is to clean up after your party. You can also do coastal cleanups to set an example not just to your guests, but to other locals and tourists as well.

Boracay has a lot to offer when it comes to having a good time, which is awesome for those who love to party the night out this Christmas or just kick back and relax. Just don’t forget to do your part and keep it clean so that we can all enjoy this beautiful place.