A 7-Step Guide to Creating Your Own Boracay Yoga Retreat

20 August, 2019

When the daily stressors start to pile up, we sometimes need to hit the reset button, unwind, and relax to recharge our system and clear our minds. A vacation usually does the job but a better way to be refreshed from everything is by going on a nice yoga retreat. Now, if you don’t decide on your own itinerary, it can be expensive. But it doesn’t have to be. You can also create your very own affordable retreat and there’s no better place to do it than in one of the most beautiful islands in the Philippines: Boracay. Check out this easy way on how you can create your very own Boracay yoga retreat.

1. Check and Fix Your Schedule

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Having this retreat as a vacation leave will not only improve your mood but also your health. But to make the most out of your yoga getaway, it is necessary to check your schedule first. Make sure you have a clear schedule to avoid any disruptions on the days you’ve allotted to have a rest and enjoy your time. Make sure to file your leaves of absence and have them approved. You may indicate in the purpose of your LOA that you’re having a retreat and won’t be available to attend to any office matters during this time. Make sure you get as much work done and schedule upcoming meetings in advance to avoid any inconvenience when you come back after your retreat. 

2. Research on your Destination

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In order to have the most affordable Boracay yoga retreat, you will need to do your research. If you prefer to join a group, you might want to look up places that can offer you travel experiences and life lessons in Boracay, which will also allow you to meet new people as you enjoy your retreat. If you prefer to do it on your own, look for places that have really good areas, preferably the ones with fewer people and conducive enough for you to focus, relax, and meditate.

3. Choose Your Accommodation

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Your accommodation is very important as this is the place where you’ll be relaxing most of the time. The perfect accommodation should have all your needs so you can fully maximize your much-needed escape. It should also have all the necessary amenities that will also help you enjoy and stay active at the same time. Your accommodation is a huge part of your Boracay yoga retreat so make sure you select the best one that is tailored to your needs. Just like in Alta Vista de Boracay, it offers a wide range of amenities and large suites, so you can maximize and enjoy your stay to the fullest.

4. Bring Your Own Mat 

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Since you’re going on your Boracay yoga retreat, it is important to pack light and bring your most comfortable clothes with you. You also need to pack the most important and essential item—your yoga mat. When you go to Boracay and have the opportunity to join some of the studios there, you can, of course, borrow their mats but you will need to pay a rental fee. To save money, you can pack your own mat since most of the mats available in the studios are for rent and fees vary depending on the package you will avail.

5. Visit a Quiet Studio

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If you’re not comfortable doing your yoga retreat in the sand and you prefer relaxing or just taking a stroll by the beach, you can look for studios to do your sessions. There are yoga studios at Station 1 and 2 that offer private classes in groups of two or four. You can join either of these groups or do the sessions alone. Both are done indoors and by the beach. It is best to call and make reservations ahead of time but most of them accept walk-ins. It is best to prepare at least Php 1,220 to Php 2,000 and extra money for mat rentals.

6. Spot Healthy Restaurants or Cafes

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Make eating healthy meals a part of your day for more holistic wellness. Nonie’s in Boracay offers a wide range of healthy choices that are perfect for vegans, vegetarians, and meat lovers, and they’re also delicious for a price range of Php 250 to Php 550.

If you want a healthy twist on traditional comfort food, another place to try is Sea Green Cafe. The price is also just right and you can get a meal for less than Php550 and the ambiance of the cafe is not that bad either. Another place to try would be Station X. They offer breakfast and snacks, to late-night snacks. The place is also vegetarian-friendly, which means they offer a wide variety of healthy meal choices. Their price range is from Php250 to Php410. The ambiance of the place is also very hip and modern so this is another good place for you not only to relax but also a great way to meet other people. 

7. Treat Yourself 

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Lastly, it is important that you make the best out of your retreat by giving yourself a much-needed pampering. Do things that will make you feel completely relaxed such as going offline on social media, exploring the beautiful beach and island, reading a book, or eating your favorite ice cream. 

Take this time to let your body recharge by meditating and taking moments to breathe deeply. Make good use of this precious moment to just unwind and free yourself momentarily from your problems. This yoga retreat is all about focusing on yourself, taking some time off, and recharging.