Whether you’re spending your birthday or just having a quick trip with your loved ones, spending a weekend in Boracay is the best way to go. When you arrive at the island, you’ll probably be itching to try everything that the island has to offer, especially when you’ve got such little time to do so.

To help you organize your weekend trip, we’ve provided the best Boracay itinerary for your two-day stay!

Since you’re just here for a weekend, there shouldn’t be anything stopping you from getting the best accommodations. You can book a room at Alta Vista de Boracay, which sits atop one of the highest peaks on the island and gives you a breathtaking 360-degree view of Boracay via its Dinara View Deck. 

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Now that accommodation is fixed, what’s on your itinerary? Here’s our 2-day suggestion for the best ultimate game plan for a weekend stay in Boracay.!

DAY 1: Explore Boracay Island

Photo courtesy of Bambi Corro via Unsplash

On the first day of your stay, try to get to know the island first, especially if you’re a Boracay newbie. Stroll around the famous White Beach, eat fresh seafood in D’Talipapa, and bask in the Boracay the sunset while sailing. If you’re not too tired, squeeze in a nighttime activity to get the most out of your weekend in Boracay.

Here’s a sample Boracay itinerary for your first day:



10 AM

Stroll around White Beach

11 AM

Early lunch at D’Talipapa

1 PM

Ride around the island in an ATV or mountain bike

4 PM

Have merienda at HaloMango

5 PM

Go sunset sailing

6 PM

Freshen up back at the hotel

7 PM

Dinner at Streetmarket Boracay

8 PM

Join a pub crawl

10 PM

Go back to the hotel

1. Visit the White Beach

Boracay is world-famous for its white-sand beaches. Your trip is not and will not be complete if you don’t take a stroll around Boracay’s White Beach. Soak up the island life, let the sun give you a fresh start to this short weekend trip.

2. Check out the munchies at D’Talipapa

Photo courtesy of Pixabay via Pexels

When you find yourself by the sea, you have got to try fresh seafood around the area— it’s nothing like what you know from the city. The best seafood on the island can be found at the D’Talipapa Seafood Market, where rows of stalls await you to try authentic Visayan food. 

If you’re visiting Boracay on a backpacker’s budget, don’t fret. The best part of the D’Talipapa experience is you get to buy your seafood and vegetables fresh off the market and have it cooked in a restaurant nearby. You can expect to spend on a full-seafood meal for as low as Php500 in D’Talipapa, depending on how much seafood you buy and how good you are at bargaining for the price.

3. Go in an ATV or motorbike trip

Photo courtesy of Artem Beliaikin via Pexels

You can experience the island differently by riding around the uphill paths of Boracay in an ATV or a motorbike experience. If it’s your first time doing extreme sports and activities like these, there are experienced guides to help you navigate the tracks.

Want an adventure? You can avail of an ATV or motorbike experience for as low as Php1,250. Just ask your hotel’s concierge, or better yet, research ahead of time which places have the best deals and prices.

4. Cooldown at HaloMango

Photo courtesy of Phoenix Han via Unsplash

For a quick cool down between your island adventures, go and have a snack at the famous HaloMango in Boracay D'Mall, where they serve icy mango treats such as halo-halo ice cream. With their large serving, you and your friends will be delighted with every scoop.

5. Experience island sunset on a boat

What’s better than watching the sunset while you’re relaxing? Take in the amazing view while sailing slowly on the calm early evening water. The beautiful scene becomes even more breathtaking once you witness it in the middle of the sea. Don’t believe us? You better try it out yourself!

6. Try out street food at Street Market

For a scrumptious Boracay food experience, head out to Boracay Street Market that offers various food selections inspired by cuisines around the world. Boracay’s street food scene is a haven to foodies; you can taste the local and trending flavors of the Philippines.

7. Join a pub crawl

Once you're on the island, you shouldn't miss out on a taste of Boracay nightlife. To make the most of your stay, you should join Boracay's pub crawl. Although the government has regulated activities like these, it's still an excellent way to maximize your time and make new friends. Who knows, you may even meet your travel soulmate on the beautiful beach of Boracay.

DAY 2: Go island hopping in Boracay

Photo courtesy of Lee Jiyong via Unsplash

What better way to spend your last day on the island than with a little island hopping?  Make sure you get an early start and breathe in the fresh morning air before starting your last day. Try different cuisines, do some sightseeing, and buy your friends and family some souvenirs. You can also end the day by watching fire dancers by the beach. You got to make the most of your stay in Boracay, right?



7 AM

Go on a morning jog at the beach

8 AM

Freshen up at the hotel

8:30 AM

Breakfast at the Lemon Cafe

9:30 AM

Go on an island-hopping trip

12 NN

Lunch at Ariel’s Point

1 PM

Try different water sports

5 PM

Purchase your souvenirs

6 PM

Watch the sunset, again

6:30 PM

Early dinner at Dos Mestizos restaurant

1. Eat breakfast at the Lemon Cafe 

Photo courtesy of Tammy Gann via Unsplash

Lemon Cafe and Restaurant at D-Mall Boracay is a famous restaurant on the island known for its variety of breakfast choices. You shouldn't miss out on an opportunity to start your last day off with their yummy selections. Treat yourself to their breakfast meals and pastries; it'll surely satisfy your cravings.

2. Go island hopping 

Photo courtesy of Jan Walter Luigi via Unsplash

Staying in one place is not the way to go if you only have a day left! Maximize your time in Boracay by getting to know the other islands nearby. Every island is unique, and each has its specialty regarding food, view, and especially activities.

There are quite a few Boracay beaches, so make sure to start early and enjoy every spot you can go to. For an all-around beach hopping trip, we suggest contacting your hotel accommodation's concierge to help you set up this activity. Better yet, you can search online and book them early yourselves for a better price.

3. Check out the famous Ariel’s Point and try some water sports

Photo courtesy of Tatiana via Pexels

After your Boracay island-hopping adventure, go straight to Ariel's Point, where you can try out different water activities like cliff diving, kayaking, and paddleboarding. You can also avail of their barbeque buffet for a tasty lunch at the beach.

4. Dine in Dos Mestizos

For your last dinner on the island, you should try the elegant mixture of Spanish and Filipino cuisine at Don Mestizos restaurant. Their ingredients are fresh and sourced locally, and you’ll be transported right back to your childhood memories of home-cooked meals.


5. Go on a clean-up walk

Photo courtesy of Nathan Cowley via Pexels

Since Boracay’s closure and clean up last 2018, Boracay has changed a lot from their old days. Support the cause and keep the beach clean. Go on clean up walks with a bag where you can put the garbage in. 

You can contact environment organizations to join or partner with. Doing travel volunteering in Boracay is an excellent way to give back to the place that's brought you so much joy over the weekend. Right? Plus, it's a free activity, and it helps the island!

A weekend is not enough to experience the entirety of Boracay. But it’s not impossible to pack all you can do in those two precious days; it’s all about time management and taking advantage of the long weekends in 2020. Besides, once you immerse yourself in the island life, you’ll inevitably find yourself coming back. So don’t fret while you get on a plane back to the city; what you could do is plan and book your next trip!