12 Side Trips in Boracay Every Traveler Should Try

15 April, 2020

Here you are, planning what to do with your vacation leave this year. Well, if you're looking to spend your VL and money on something worthwhile, it may best to use them on a good vacation in Boracay. After all, you get to enjoy the worthwhile benefits of traveling if you choose to do so.

And while Boracay seems to only be about the crowds and the hotels, you've got it wrong. There are more beautiful beaches and other exciting places to discover around the island! So, take note of this fun and exciting Boracay side trips that are worth trying this 2020. 

Photo Courtesy of david henrichs via Unsplash

1. Carabao Island

Truly, there are many other ways to discover Boracay. One of them is to go to Carabao Island. This island will give you a break from the usually crowded beaches of Boracay. The beach has more isolated locations and quiet villages. On top of that, this place is one of the best dive spots for the undisturbed beauty of marine life.

2. The Sunken Forest

The Sunken Forest or Dead Forest is an eerie yet exciting place filled with dark tree stumps and gnarled roots. Because of its ambiance, this Boracay side trip makes it the perfect haven for photographers out there. While you're at it, make a profit from your pictures of this fantastic place by creating stock photography one of your side jobs while exploring Boracay

3. Kalibo 

Photo Courtesy of Efren Barahona via Unsplash

Kalibo is a place that's best for those who would love an all-around artistic side trip in Boracay. Have a cultural experience by exploring its unique historical museums and joining the street dance and parties of the Ati-atihan festival. Everyone who has been to Boracay knows that it is one of the much-anticipated festivals on the island, so accommodation fills up quickly. For this reason, it's best to book the best accommodation, such as the Alta Vista de Boracay, after immersing yourself in this festival. 

4. Ariel’s Point 

Going to Ariel’s Point is a side trip in Boracay that is not for the faint of heart. The place is well-known for cliff diving with different levels of planks, namely 3 meters as the lowest; 8 meters as the average; and 15 meters as the highest level. Truly, it’s an experience that's better reserved for travel junkies. If, however, you want other fun island activities, like kayaking and paddle boarding—these are available in this place, as well.

5. Pagatpat Mangrove Park 

Photo Courtesy of deni febriliyan via Unsplash

If you love looking at lush surroundings, then this side trip in Boracay is for you. The Pagatpat Mangrove Park is a serene place where you can stroll in bamboo bridges and gaze at the mangroves and fish below. You can also enjoy karaoke in their nipa huts. And after a long day singing your heart out, you can spend your night at a picturesque accommodation with the best facilities, like the Alta Vista de Boracay

6. Jawili Falls

Areas near Boracay island have numerous waterfalls. One of them is Jawili Falls, which is a Boracay side trip worth trying. This destination is a view to behold, as it shows mini waterfalls from its gigantic limestone staircase. Enjoy the cold spring water—but be warned—some of its pools can be as deep as 10 feet; so make sure not to jump too quickly in the water if you can’t swim! 

7. Mount Luho

Part of enjoying Boracay will always be getting the best view of the beaches. As a side trip in Boracay, Mount Luho is another trekker’s paradise. The trek has steep inclines but is worth the try because it offers the best inspiring views of Boracay and Bulabog Beach--plus, you get to enjoy this awesome experience while surrounded by the soft chirping of different bird species. 

8. Libacao and Madalag

These side trips in Boracay are perfect for those who want to try river experiences on the island. Libacao is a good choice for indulging in the scenery of lush forests and mountain ranges but is also a top pick for its popular water bamboo rafting activity. On the other hand, Madalag is another great river experience where you can relax and swim in the Timbanan River, one of the Philippines’ cleanest rivers. 

9. The Malay Eco Park 

Photo Courtesy of Damon On Road via Unsplash

The Malay Eco Park is a Boracay side trip packed with unique experiences. Aside from its serene view of the trees, you get to see a fossilized leatherback sea turtle and an experience with butterflies up close. You also experience an amazing view of the mountains, fields, and surrounding islands at the park’s highest point.

10. New Washington 

In this side trip in Boracay, you’re bound to step into a culturally vital location. New Washington is known as the Pacto de Sangre or the Blood Compact province where Aklanon historical heroes sacrificed their lives to save their fellow citizens from the hands of the Spaniards. In addition to its cultural significance, this place is also well-known for its bird conservation efforts through its bird sanctuary in Isla Kapispisan.

11. Ibajay 

Photo Courtesy of Eerik Sandstrom via Unsplash

This Boracay side trip is perfect for enthusiastic trekkers. The thick forests of Ibajay have amazing species of Philippine mahogany and pine trees. You can also try mountain biking and picnics in this area where you can top off the end of the day with a visit to the deserted beaches of this place. In addition, you can also try immersing yourself in the locals’ interesting culture through their awesome festivals and events. 

12. The Nabas Wind Farm 

Aside from the undeniable beauty of nature, man-made creations are also side trips in Boracay that are awe-inspiring. One of those creations is the 18 giant turbines of the Nabas Wind Farm. The farm is gaining attention from tourists because visitors are welcome to take pictures in the area. Definitely, it’s a refreshing tour of beautiful and vital man-made structures in Boracay. 

Now that you have fresh Boracay side-trip ideas to try this 2020, why not file that leave now? You may as well grab the opportunity to score great summer deals in a luxurious Boracay resort with excellent facilities, like the Alta Vista de Boracay. So hurry and grab that summer deal now!