Team building activities help your company bond and build trust as a unified team.

One of the many benefits of team building is that they help you and your workmates solve problems together, build friendships, and form a tight unit that’ll be ready to face any work-related hardships. 

One of the best ideas for a team building activity is through outdoor sports! When you take your team building sports activities outside, you encourage a more exciting and fun-loving work atmosphere. 

And where else should you have your summer sports experience if not the beach? A tropical paradise like the beach is a fantastic sports fest venue that never fails to excite. 

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If your whole company is planning team building activities for sports on a beach, why not go for the best beach in the Philippines - Boracay? Not only will you and your workmates get to bond, but you’ll also get the rest and relaxation you all need. With the beautiful white sand beaches and the best hotels in Boracay, the island is the perfect place for your next company trip.

Here’s how you can plan the perfect team-building sports fest in Boracay:

1. Define the goal

Having a clearly defined goal for your company outing will ensure a fun and effective trip for everyone. How do you begin to realize that goal for your team building sports trip? 

The five “W” questions in event planning are a good way to start formulating that defined goal:

  • What is the objective of the event?
  • Who is the event for? 
  • Where’s the best place to hold it? 
  • Why are you hosting it? 
  • When will you host it?

When you answer each question, be as specific as possible so that your goal is well-defined. This’ll ensure clarity in your goal and will help you figure out the rest of your choices for your sports fest.

2. Pick the perfect time and place

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Make sure that you’re taking everyone’s availability and travel limitations into consideration before picking the perfect time and place.

Since you’re already planning for team building sports activities in Boracay, figure out which season is the best for your Boracay company outing. It’s important to pick a time of year when everyone is available, and when the weather is good since your event will be outdoors.

The right venue will also make or break your sports fest invitation. You’d want to pick a place that can accommodate your group but won’t be too expensive and far away from the rest of Boracay. 

Hotels like Alta Vista de Boracay have facilities that can accommodate big groups, with easy access to the beachfront, too. Make sure to pick the perfect time and place for your sports fest so that your company outing ends up being one everyone remembers well.

3. List down the games

Photo courtesy of Vidar Nordli-Mathisen via Unsplash

What are some beach activities that your office members can do that’ll help build rapport and encourage teamwork? Check out our list of suggested games:


  • Beach volleyball or soccer. Split your participants into two groups and get them to work together towards a clear goal - to get more points than the other group. These are also great fitness activities that’ll keep your officemates healthy on your beach getaway.
  • Frisbee. This game is even better than volleyball or soccer because you won’t need to transport a bulky ball or air pump - all you need is a frisbee.
  • Filipino games. Games like agawan-base, sipa, and taya are easy to execute and fun. You also don’t need to pack bulky things in your luggage for these games. Try other unique Filipino team building games too for your beach experience.
  • Sand castle-building. Tired from the active games but still want to compete? Group your officemates into several teams and ask them to build the best sandcastle in under an hour. It’s a leisurely and competitive way to encourage teamwork.
  • Relay races. Formulate a simple relay for them to do on the beach or in the water. It’ll add a new level of difficulty and make it more fun for them too.

These are just some suggestions for fun team building activities for sports teams that’ll create rapport and strong bonds in your company.

4. Determine the timeline in advance

The more time you give yourself to prepare for the team-building sports activities, the easier it will be to plan the whole trip. It’s generally recommended that you give yourself at least six weeks to plan events like this in advance. That should give you time to figure out your goals, do a headcount, plan the games, and book the hotel in preparation for the outing.

Use a calendar and determine the timeline for the next six weeks. Plot out when you’re going to execute certain plans and who’ll help you execute them. Be very detailed and make sure every day leading up to the trip is planned out, and ensure that your days in Boracay also follow a timeline. 

Create a team building preparation checklist. Schedule every sports fest activity down to the minute per day in your calendaring. In determining a timeline, you ensure the success of your team-building event in Boracay. 

5. Logistics, logistics, logistics!

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What logistical concerns will you need to consider when you execute all these plans? Transportation, food and drinks, accommodations, and things to bring are some of the main things you’ll need to think about. Your list of things to bring for your team building activities for sports will depend on the games you have planned for your officemates. Swimwear, footwear, toys, and prizes are just a few of the things you might ask them to bring

6. Get to work! 

You’ve defined the goal of your sports fest. You’ve picked the perfect time and place. You’ve chosen the best team building sports activities for adults. You’ve determined your timeline in advance. You’ve worked on the logistics for your trip. Now, all you need to do is get to work! 

This sports fest will seem like a big and scary idea at first but know that it’s meant to build an awesome rapport among you and your officemates. Having your event outdoors will help your company get out of the office and into the energizing summer sun.

Photo courtesy of Oleg Magni via Pexels

Have your fantastic team-building sports event in Boracay. Get your office out into the sunlight and give them the most exciting experience of the year. Book at Alta Vista de Boracay and get the best accommodations and services from this wonderful hotel paradise.