Boracay felt more like a second home to your barkada. Every year, you take time out of your busy schedule to hang out on your favorite island. With the Boracay closure keeping you from traveling to Boracay, you’re probably starting to miss your barkada. Here’s a list that may remind you of your favorite Boracay barkada.

The barkada clown

girls laughing at beach

Nothing keeps a barkada together than the makulit friend who always keeps everyone laughing out loud. You could just sit on the beach all day laughing at his jokes. He’s the reason everyone’s always finding an excuse to have a get-together and just spend hours on end talking and having a few drinks.

Your makulit friend also manages to make everything much more pleasant and fun. So who cares if you get stranded in an airport, fail to get a ride or run out of funds? You’re all guaranteed a great time all the same.

The squad leader

make it happen

Your squad leader is the official obsessive-compulsive planner of the group. He’s the reason the Boracay trip is more than just “drawing.” He can be a control freak sometimes but you know you would not have him any other way. Even the most spontaneous and happy-go-lucky of your barkada appreciates his pangungulit. He’s the one who makes sure the flights have been booked and the accommodations have been reserved. You also have an itinerary all up and ready because of his thorough research and planning savvy. You’ve even grown to love his strict 3 AM wake-up call!

The rich kid

1000 php cash
When everyone’s run out of funds but you’re not nearly drunk enough, you know you have that one friend you can count on to pitch in. Traveling to Boracay with your rich buddy means you can try more activities and feast on more delicious food. It’s all just a swipe of a credit card for him. And in a place as commercialized as Boracay, practically everything is just a swipe away.

Although you’ve all pitched in equally for the expenses, you can count on your rich buddy to cover the extras (a lobster feast, perhaps?) and to bail you out in case you find yourselves in a financial bind.

The shutterbug

camera nikon shutterbug

Your shutterbug friend is the reason you have countless photos from your trip. He’s also ready with a good camera so everyone’s guaranteed a good shot or two. Even if you have very little patience smiling and posing for the camera, you know you’d only end up thanking him once you see the spectacular photos posted in Facebook and Instagram. Besides, you know all your other friends are getting a kick out of making fun poses in front of the camera. It’s one of the things Pinoys just love to do. You also know you can convince your shutterbug friend to do his Photoshop magic and make you look all fresh and fab in your photos.

The boy/girl scout

You are not exactly great with trips where you have to go “cowboy,” but with your girl/boy scout friend in tow you’re confident you’re in good hands. With your girl/boy scout barkada joining you, you could readily say yes to island hopping and hikes. You know your friend will always be ready to hold your hand as you brave the more challenging terrains. You’re even ready to take part in a cliff-jumping adventure!

Whether you are climbing a steep mountain or dealing with a missed flight, lost bags or a wrong turn, you know you can count on this barkada to think out of the bag and fix things.

The kuripot friend

You can’t count on your kuripot friend to treat you to a meal or to anything at all. But you love having him around all the same. He keeps you grounded and less likely to be overindulgent. You know you’d do well to let your kuripot friend take the lead as you traverse the local flea markets, food stalls, and souvenir stores. Beyond just being frugal, your kuripot friend also has great haggling skills and has an eagle eye that’s adept at spotting bargains. He’s also likely to have done extensive research on Facebook, travel blogs, and online forums. He has all the ballpark figures and the best places to go for bargains, be it for your flights, island activities, accommodations or food. You can count on him for a budget-friendly barkada Boracay escapade.

The culture enthusiast

boracay beach

The culture enthusiast likes to go beyond just the surface when traveling. He will convince the barkada to meet the native Ati tribe immerse in their culture. His genuine interest in the local culture also makes him more adept at picking up local words. He’ll have no problem talking to local vendors in their local lingo. The barkada may even end up scoring bargains and freebies from the locals.

The foodie

sea foods foodie

You can count on your foodie barkada to take you to the best food stalls and restaurants — from hole-in-the-wall local delights to swanky culinary havens. He’s spent a lot of time stalking food bloggers and scouring the web to discover all the must-try dishes on the island. His enthusiasm is also contagious, so you know you’d end up trying even the most exotic dishes. You can count on your foodie barkada to take you on an exciting gastronomic ride.

The official navigator

globe at beach

Some people are just more naturally adept at finding their way around places, no matter how complex the terrain is. And you’re lucky to have a friend who matches this description. Clever pathfinders can help you feel more at ease and more willing to explore the Boracay Island to its farthest corner. After all, you have a real-life Waze to help you find your way back to the hotel. Now you won’t have to wear your shirt inside out just so you could get out of an endless maze.

The YOLO/ Walwalera

The barkada’s certified YOLOer will make sure everyone is having the time of their lives. “Drink ‘til you drop” is his official motto, and he’ll have you making the most out of the party destination. Boracay feels like a natural habitat to him, and he’ll have the barkada trying all the adrenaline-inducing activities on the island. He’ll make sure you’ll all have the time of your life on Boracay Island.

The closure is about to end, so make sure you’ve made your reservations at Alta Vista de Boracay. Traveling to Boracay with your friends is only bound to get better after the clean-up.