With its idyllic atmosphere, Boracay has started to become the ultimate destination for South Korean newlyweds who want to get away from the city and start their new life with sun-kissed skin. Recently, the island has made a name for itself as a favorite romantic spot not just for Filipinos, but for South Korean honeymooners as well. There were about 1, 130, 000 Koreans flocking to the sunny paradise in 2014 as stated by Korea Tourism Organization.

In the mind of every romantic, the beach is the ideal place for relationship milestones to take place. With fine white sand, clear blue skies reflected in the waters, and the sea breeze lulling the locals to sleep after every sunset, what more could honeymooners ask? Never been to Boracay? Not sure what it’s like? If you’re still wondering about the romantic potential of this island, there’s no need to worry about committing  common mistakes of traveling couples in Boracay. Here are the best 7 reasons that Korean newlyweds love this destination:


Newlyweds can bond over a variety of water activities

For South Koreans with an adventurous streak, Boracay is just the right haven. The surprising benefit of these activities? Not only do they stimulate your creative juices and relieve stress, they also  develop connections between people. When newlyweds have fun together, they share trust and compassion as well, which is important for their emotional and mental states.


South Korean Honeymooners can share moments together under the sea.

Photo from skeeze, Pixabay.

Thankfully, Boracay offers everything from parasailing, skim-boarding, and scuba-diving. This is a relief for many South Korean honeymooners who visit the island from December to March. They usually cannot participate in one of their favorite sports such as golf at home because of winter. At Boracay, however, couples can bond and strengthen their relationship with a wide array of fun activities.

Honeymooners can enjoy nature together

Many people picture Boracay as a place with typical sea-and-sand scenario. What they are thinking is accurate but, there is actually more to discover in this beautiful island. One of the treasures that can be explored in this paradise is Mt. Luho. South Korean honeymooners who want a unique, bird's eye view of the island can trek to this spectacular mountain and imagine themselves as king and queen  of this haven.  For a little bit of excitement, they can also try zip lining there!

Aside from the many activities they can enjoy together, they can also appreciate nature's wonders and establish an emotional connection with it.  According to Dr. Jia Wei Zhang of the Psychology Department at University of California Berkley, people who truly feel connected to the environment and who can really appreciate its beauty can be predicted to have higher levels of life satisfaction.

Newlyweds can take the best sunset photos

In the age of social media, taking beautiful photographs is all the craze. South Koreans who are on their honeymoon in Boracay can take photos of each other while they are strolling down the sand or getting a tan having the unique effect of the sunset which no filter can achieve. It’s a great way to preserve the memory and treasure the moment. With Boracay’s friendly population, they can ask for their photo to be taken silhouette style, or take as many candid photos of each other as they like.



Romantic sunset await honeymooners.

Photo by wazimu0, Flickr, Creative Commons.


South Korean honeymooners can taste excellent cuisine

The honeymoon is the best time for a couple to eat their fill after months of stressful wedding planning. South Korean newlyweds could crave anything from fresh seafood to classic Filipino cuisine and find that Boracay offers them nearly anything they can think of.

Each establishment has their own specialty, and the staff are always ready to recommend their bestsellers. They say love makes food taste more delicious, and for South Korean honeymooners in Boracay, this couldn’t be more true.



South Korean couples can fall in love with local cuisine.

Photo from Alta Vista de Boracay.


Newlyweds can opt for quiet conversation in a cozy environment

Boracay Island isn’t just a place for socializing with other couples or having adventures. Honeymooners who prefer some down time can relax, too. There are numerous spas where couples can enjoy each other’s company in perfect quiet environment. This is possible especially with an accommodation that is more private.

When feeling pensive and extra romantic, South Korean couples can also appreciate the view up close at night from a viewing deck that gives them a romantic, sweeping view of the sunset. For some cozy bonding and time together to dream of the future, they can inquire the staff about having some coffee in a homegrown café within their hotel grounds.



Secluded accommodations offer South Korean honeymooners the perfect view.

Photo from Alta Vista de Boracay.

Newlyweds can expect utmost courtesy and easy communication in English

It’s a well-known fact that Filipinos are well-versed in English with it as a second language. South Korean honeymooners who are visiting the Philippines for the first time will find that Boracay locals have the trademark Filipino hospitality. They can also communicate in English. Whether looking for somewhere to eat or something to do, couples will find that the island is full of people ready to guide them.

Honeymooners can experience the unique luxury of Boracay

Nothing beats waking up from a good night’s sleep and envisioning another great day at the beach. To get that great sleep, accommodations away from the hustle and bustle of the city are a must. Newlyweds must feel at home so that they can really enjoy their time together.

At Boracay, South Korean couples can find comfortable, stylish hotel rooms that are away from the business district, complete with kind, efficient housekeeping staff. They can even choose between a  studio or a loft accommodation. Moreover, they can be sure that security will keep watch over them and their valuables all the time.

Studio Room - Alta Vista De Boracay

Privacy, comfort, and security are a must for South Koreans on their honeymoon.

Photo byAlta Vista de Boracay.

A couple’s honeymoon is something they’ll remember for the rest of their lives. They only deserve the best accommodation in Boracay as they imagine what their future as a couple will be like. By widening their options of things to do and taking time to relax, South Korean newlyweds will certainly find their fairytale ending on this island.