The Boracay party scene is legendary. The night life in the island is as famed as its fine white sand and turquoise waters. Clubs and bars are conveniently located by the beach and around two kilometers away from some hotels. But just like other travel destinations, Boracay is not immune to inconveniences that disturb peace and order. During the 2015 “LaBoracay weekend” for instance, the number of petty arguments decreased by 10%. This number prove that Boracay is still a safe and promising tourist Mecca.

The tiny island is charming, fun, and laidback. It is also generally peaceful with aggressive crimes being close to non-existent and occasional brawls are well, occasional and a result of too much fun with usual beach staple --alcoholic drinks. These slight misfortunes, especially when enjoying parties and the nightlife in Boracay, may be avoided with some common sense, caution, and vigilance. While the excitement may get the best of you, it won’t hurt to subscribe to a Boracay nightlife guide for your safety and protection.

Have a party buddy


Photo courtesy of Be Gordy-Stith via Flickr, Creative Commons


So, you’ve made up your mind that you are not leaving Boracay without getting a taste of what Boracay nightlife is like. It’s not all heart-pounding and ultra loud music and partying. There are bars that have a calmer and feel-good vibe. It’s really your call. But whether you want to dance the night away or just sit and listen to a live band, it is best to come with a group or bring a companion. Not only is it more fun, it is also safer. In a group, there’s always someone who drinks less or none at all or someone who doesn’t seem to get drunk ever. At least, there’s someone to look after the group and be the guide when you go back to the hotel.

If you are traveling alone, it is best to choose a more relaxed bar. It also helps to make friends first before partying so that at least you have someone there who knows you. But never let your guard down and stick to the rules you have set. Have a self-imposed curfew.


There’s no alcohol shortage so take it easy


Photo courtesy of R. via Flickr, Creative Commons

If you are going to a club with the objective of getting drunk and wasted then you’re probably in for some trouble. Enjoying a Boracay beach party doesn’t mean you have to act like you don’t care. You have got to care and beware. Everyone knows how much alcohol his/her body can handle. Stick to your number (could be four bottles max) and tell your friends about it. Tell your buddies that you’d appreciate if they keep track. When you’re feeling that alcohol is starting to kick in, do yourself a favor and slow down.


Go beyond food and places in your research


Photo courtesy of Deortiz via Flickr, Creative Commons

You probably know by now which extreme adventure you want to try and where to find the best island fruit and milkshake. That’s really nice. However, go beyond food, places, and events in your research. Wherever you go and whatever you do, always put safety first. Remember to read and research about what to avoid in Boracay and safety tips for beach nightlife. Check the reputation of the club or bar you want to check out. It helps to know everything from money matters, dress code, and what to do in times of emergency. Scams and mugging to pick-pocketing and overly aggressive and annoying vendors are worth taking a look into.


Choose a safe accommodation


Photo courtesy of Alta Vista de Boracay

When you are booking your hotel at Boracay, never settle for just room sizes and amenities. Check the hotel’s safety and security measures, too. An example is Alta Vista de Boracay’s secured entrance and exit points. This is important, especially for guests traveling alone. It also has a safe in each room for your money, jewelry, and other valuables. If you don’t have this in your hotel, you can rent a safe at the Boracay Tourist Center.


It’s okay to say “no”

Where there are tourists, so are all kinds of businesses. The Boracay Insider pointed that some vendors and locals will trick you into paying more than you should. You will be hounded by vendors throughout your stay and a few will not give up until you give in. Learn to politely say “no.” Feel confident about speaking up.

Saying “no” is also a valuable safety tip in for the beach nightlife. Don’t give in to every offer of buying you a drink. When someone asks you to dance and that someone is obviously intoxicated, politely decline. When a group asks you to come with them to a place you’re not sure of, by all means, leave.


Stranger danger

Okay, you want to make friends in a nice island. Sure. But be wary of the strangers you talk to. Don’t be too generous with information like where you are staying, room number, or personal number. Use body language to protect yourself. New York Times bestselling author of “You Say More Than You Think” Janine Driver says sitting in a group and at the middle of the bar is a good start. Turn your head towards your friends, don’t casually pop out your elbow at the back of your chair, and appear disinterested, if necessary. Small chats are okay and manageable but don’t go to the extent of sharing your heartbreaks or misfortunes because you might come off as vulnerable, weak, needy, and desperate.

Trust your instincts

Always trust your instincts. Never second-guess with safety. Remember that you are in the sea of strangers in an alcohol and sexually-charged environment so always be cautious. If something doesn’t feel right, do something about it or just walk away.

Exercising caution and protecting yourself do not mean you have to lose all the fun. Because really, where’s the fun in being a target of misdemeanor and misfortune? You are most definitely going to enjoy the island more if you know how to look after yourself and practice the Boracay nightlife safety measures.