The Perfect Boracay Locations for Writing Inspiration

15 May, 2017

While Boracay is a great place for travelers, its stunning locations can be ideal for writers in need of inspiration. Sometimes, however, it’s hard to come by. No matter how much a writer loves to write, there will always be moments when he or she needs a source of inspiration. Once inspiration comes, the resulting work can be excellent. As Victor Hugo put it, “Inspiration is a gift.”

Rated as one of the best travel destinations in the world, Boracay has plenty of inspiring spots to motivate writers. And with different Boracay backpackers accommodations, writers can conveniently choose according to preference and budget. Whether it’s for poetry, prose or journal writing, each Boracay tourist spot can spark a writer’s imagination. Visit these 7 awe-inspiring Boracay locations to awaken your passion.

People watching at a beachfront cafe

Writing Inspiration Beachfront

From being a secluded paradise, Boracay has developed into a top beach destination attracting travelers from all walks of life. Because the island has so many food options, you see a lot of visitors satisfying their food cravings as part of their Boracay itinerary. Beachfront cafes are popular because visitors can enjoy the scenery while enjoying their food.

Hang out in these beachfront cafes to observe people. People watching provides a writer a glimpse of another person’s story. The multitude of humanity will inspire, amuse, and fascinate you. It’s an essential part of being writer to have a keen understanding of human nature. Seeing people’s habits, temperaments, appearances, and tastes will broaden your insights.

Reconnect with your deep thoughts on the seashore

Writing Inspiration Seashore

The beach is definitely one of the top Boracay locations to visit for inspiration. With Boracay’s 17 beaches, you can definitely find the right spot for you. White Beach is the island’s main beach, and it’s also the longest. This popular beach has resorts, activities, nightlife, and different crowds. For a quieter spot, head to Puka Beach. Also called Yapak beach, Puka Beach is around 20 minutes by tricycle from the commercial center. The name of this area was derived from the abundant crushed puka shells along the shoreline. These shells feel soft and smooth on the feet. Sit near the beach as you get primed for writing. The quiet surroundings will calm your mind and help you reconnect with your thoughts.

Take a writing leap on a cliff

Writing Inspiration Leap on a Cliff

What to do in Boracay to overcome writer’s block? Consider cliff jumping. Taking a leap in their writing is something many writers struggle to do. There is the fear, the doubt, and the discouraging voice that prevent you from achieving your goals. Cliff jumping provides an adrenaline rush that can jumpstart your writing. Imagine diving into Boracay’s clear waters from a cliff. Don’t you feel braver and more energized?

A famous spot is Ariel’s Point. It has different boards that range from 3 meters to as high as 15 meters or 50 feet. Depending on the arrangement, visitors can have food and drinks on the boat. A simpler yet still exciting spot is in Magic Island. There is a minimal fee that allows you to do unlimited jumps. The place also has cottages where you can eat, rest or write.

A writing retreat in your hotel room

Writing Inspiration Hotel Room

During peak hours, the beach can be a crowded place to write. Writing in your hotel room gives you the necessary peace and quiet in creative pursuits. At Alta Vista de Boracay, write as you admire Boracay’s panoramic view in the comfort of a well-appointed room. For a 360-degree view of the beautiful island, the hotel has the Dinara View Deck. Enjoy a solitary moment and write on the balcony or on a desk facing the sea. If you need extra relaxation, writing in a hotel room allows easy access to the spa or a quick swim in the pool. Having all these comforts will inspire your mind to write.

Spectacular experience in Boracay’s caves

Writing Inspiration Boracay Caves

For centuries, caves have been a source of inspiration and awe to humans. Visiting spectacular rock formations give explorers an unforgettable experience. There are a number of caves in Boracay, each with unique characteristics, patterns, and colors. In Crystal Cave, the stalactites are impressive and there’s a scenic hole at the back that offers a view of the sea. The minerals inside the Crystal Cave glitter when hit by sunlight. Another popular cave nearby is the Bat Cave. There are flying foxes that hang in trees surrounding the area. For convenience, consider hiring a local guide.

Peak of inspiration at Mount Luho

Writing Inspiration Mount Luho

The combination of mountain and sea is a sight to behold. A backpacker in Boracay looking for inspiration might find it in Mount Luho. It offers an impressive viewpoint since it’s the highest elevation on the island. Hiking is a great way to reach the top, but you can also rent a mountain bike and access the peak from the eastern side of the island. From Bulabog Village, you will reach a serene environment where you will hear birds chirping. As you climb to the top, you will see boats dotting the sea. There is an entrance fee, but the breathtaking view makes the experience so much worth it.

A revelation at the butterfly farm

Writing Inspiration Butterfly Farm

Graceful, beautiful, and enchanting, butterflies have a special place in human imagination. Butterflies have their wings not only for flight but also as a canvas of vividly striking patterns. Butterflies signify transformation and change, making them a great source of inspiration. Boracay’s butterfly garden has rare and alluring butterfly species in a tropical setting. Visiting the place can be a fun and educational experience. The garden is just five minutes from the famous D’Mall. On site, you will also find handicrafts and plants for sale. The butterflies will remind you of their transformation from pupae to a magnificent creature.

Knowing where to get inspired in Boracay is key to nourish your writing. Unleash your creativity by visiting these 7 awe-inspiring places. The island’s majestic spots will enrich your imagination.