March is here and it only means one thing: summer vacation! Summer is the perfect time for families to come together and enjoy a tension-free vacation with the kids! Kids, no matter what age, would enjoy walking on the beach or a quick horseback riding adventure—or anything that’s new and unique to their minds.

If you’re planning for a family getaway soon, here’s a suggestion: how about flying to Boracay this year? While most people think that Boracay is often a destination for newlywed couples or a barkada outing, it is also a good destination for growing families with young children. Contrary to popular belief, Boracay is loaded with activities that are friendly to family and kids. Here’s the ultimate bucket list of family activities you can do in Boracay! 

1. Try island hopping 

Photo courtesy of yrissarri via Pixabay

Island hopping is one of the most family-friendly activities you can do in Boracay. You can jump from the Crystal Cove to Crocodile Island for a day trip with the family. Let your kids enjoy a breathtaking view of these islands and enjoy discovering new species of fish through snorkeling. The entire family can also enjoy a wonderful picnic by the beach during lunchtime.

2. Take advantage of your hotel’s swimming pool  

Photo courtesy of Alta Vista de Boracay

If you’re hesitant to take your kids to the open waters, especially during high tide, you can take them to your hotel’s swimming pool instead. Here, you can keep an eye on your kids as you are in an enclosed location. As one of the best hotels in Boracay, Alta Vista de Boracay has an infinity pool facing the crystal clear waters of Boracay Island where your kids can enjoy a dip in the pool. 

3. Visit the Motag Living Museum 

Vacations aren't just about taking a break from reality and the concrete jungle, it can also be a wonderful learning experience for the family. Learn about the Aklanon farming community’s traditions and livelihood at the Motag Living Museum located in Malay, Aklan. Through this interactive museum, your children can appreciate the lifestyle of the people who make Boracay charming and unique. 

4. Head over the Boracay Oceanarium 

Photo courtesy of Emir Kaan Okutan via Pexels

Sing “Under the Sea” with the kids when you visit the Boracay Oceanarium, the longest underwater tunnel in the country. This is where your kids can learn marine life from behind a man-made fiberglass tunnel. To complete the kids’ fairy tale fantasy, the entire family can watch a mermaid show after learning about Boracay’s rich marine life.

5. Ride a banana boat with the kids 

Photo courtesy of twenty20 via Envato Elements

One of the most popular water activities on the island is the banana boat ride. Enjoy an adrenalin-filled ride with the children as you speed across the Boracay waters! Don’t worry, life jackets are provided, so you’re sure that you and the kids are safe to take a ride. 

Banana Boat Price: Php 450 per person (Minimum of 5 Persons) 

6. Escape the beach at Hacienda Maria  

If you’re looking to do more than beach trips during your first family trip to Boracay, you can enjoy a wonderful eco-tour at Hacienda Maria, which is a nearby island in Panay. Visit the magnificent forest of the island and its caves, trails, and waterfalls with the children. Don’t worry, there are treks made for kids and older adults alike!

7. Feel the adrenaline with a helicopter adventure 

Photo courtesy of Public Domain Pictures via Pexels

Want your kids to see Boracay island from a bird’s eye view? Then the Boracay helicopter tour should be on top of your itinerary. Have fun as you spend 15 to 20 minutes above hovering above the waters and forests of the island and witness the true beauty of Boracay. 

Helicopter Adventure Price: Php 9,200 per person (Minimum of 2 Persons, Maximum of 3 Persons).

8. Take a walk along the famous white beach  

Photo courtesy of drunker via Pixabay

It’s not a Boracay vacation if you won’t let yourselves enjoy the famous white beach of the island. Take time to chill and relax with your family and walk the whole stretch of the white beach. 

9. Go for a swim during low tide  

Photo courtesy of lapping via Pixabay

You can let your kids enjoy a dip in the natural waters of the island during low tide. Just remember to keep an eye on them especially when the island gets too crowded with tourists.

10. Watch the famous Boracay sunset 

Photo courtesy of Charles via Unsplash

Marvel at the wonderful red and orange sunset by the white beach. The Boracay sunset is one of the most famous sunsets in the world and to be able to let your kids witness that will be a great achievement for you as a parent. 

11. It’s time for a photoshoot! 

Photo courtesy of David Grandmougin of Unsplash

When you’re in an Instagram worthy place like Boracay, it would be such a shame if you don’t take photos of your kids! Make these memories last forever by making fun, cute, and most importantly, Instagrammable photos of your kids at Boracay’s famous tourist destinations! Believe us when we say that your kids will thank you in the future. 

12. Take a kawa hot bath 

Photo courtesy of twenty20 via Envato Elements

Ever thought of taking a bath on a huge cauldron? Unwind with a nice hot kawa bath with the entire family! Your kids can enjoy it, too! You can experience this when you take a day tour to Hacienda Maria or on the mainland. 

13. Indulge in a spectacular food trip 

Photo courtesy of Jonathan Valencia via Pixabay

What are the best dishes to eat in Boracay? Everything! Widen the gastronomic experience of your children by letting them taste the best meals Boracay has to offer. From Jonah’s world-famous fruit shakes to mouthwatering seafood dishes, the entire family will surely enjoy a local food trip from station 1 to 3 of the island. 

14. Hone your children’s singing skills  

Photo courtesy of Ben Koorengevel via Unsplash

Filipino families love karaoke, no matter where they are in the world! Boracay hotels like Alta Vista de Boracay are equipped with a karaoke room where you can enjoy a night of fun sing-alongs with your kids. No judgments! 

15. Go souvenir shopping  

Photo courtesy of Simone Viani via Unsplash

Let your kids take home a piece of Boracay at the end of their beach vacation with a souvenir that will surely remind them of the experience! Among the coolest souvenir items in Boracay include bags, bracelets, necklaces, and t-shirts.

16. Family bonding at the hotel 

Photo courtesy of Alta Vista de Boracay

Family bonding during beach vacations not only happens during outdoor activities. It can also happen in the comfort of your own hotel room. Enjoy a movie night with the entire family in your spacious Boracay rooms. Alta Vista de Boracay offers rooms spacious enough for the whole family!

Allow your kids to explore one of the Philippines’ most beautiful tourist destinations at a young age. Let them play along the white beach and appreciate the beauty of nature and the Philippines through the island. 

Ready to dive into the wonderful experience that only Boracay can offer? Alta Vista de Boracay is here to welcome you and your family for a great and memorable time this summer!