Social media has become a great avenue for many, especially the millennials, to store memories. If you look at your friend’s Instagram page, you’ll see many “documentations” of their travels with their family, friends, and even their partners.

Jealous? You can start doing that too! It’s not narcissistic, don’t worry. It’s about making great memories that will last a lifetime. Imagine ten years from now, if you want to look back on your first trip to Boracay, all you have to do is open your Instagram account. 

Photo courtesy Laurentuy Morariu of Unsplash

If you and your partner are planning to go on a trip this Valentine’s day, Boracay is still the place to be for couples! With its rehabilitation finished, the island is now in its full potential, making it the perfect place for your couple photos!

To get you started, here are some of the most Instagrammable places in Boracay! 

1. Puka Beach 

Photo courtesy of Hector Periquin of Unsplash

If you’re looking for a place in Boracay that’s not “overly populated” with tourists, then the almost-isolated Puka Beach would be your top destination! Much like the famous white beaches on the island, Puka Beach has its version of the crystal blue waters, white sand, and palm groves, which are perfect elements for your couple photos to post on social media. Plus, you have the liberty to pose without the worry of having photo-bombers. 

2. Nabaoy River 

Boracay isn’t just about the beach, as many ought to know. You can also take a break from the beaches and head over to Nabaoy, Aklan, for a great adventure in the jungle garden and Nabaoy River. Be one with nature and explore the healthy forest of Aklan with fun activities like river tubing and mountain biking. 

You can also explore the glorious waterfalls with your partner! You can also go for a quick barbeque picnic date, a hot kawa bath, and a quick dive in the river with your partner! Be sure to bring your waterproof cameras with you! 

3. Mount Luho 

Photo courtesy of Ben Müller via Pexels

If you and your partner are high on adrenaline, you both can climb up the highest point of Boracay, which is Mount Luho. With its peak rising to 100 meters above sea level, Mount Luho has one of the best views of Bulabog Beach and Boracay Island. If you’re worried about mountain climbing because of the lack of training, don’t be! The track to the top is a delightful walk beginning from Bulabog Beach. At the top of the mountain is Mt. Luho Grill Boracay, where you can enjoy a romantic dinner with your partner! Make sure to take a few couple photos there, too! 

4. Willy’s Rock  

Who says the low tide isn’t fun? It probably is until you get to see Willy’s Rock in Boracay with your own eyes! Located just 100 meters off-shore in station 1, Willy's Rock is a castle-like rock formation that has a chapel and a grotto of the Virgin Mary. It is one of the most photographed landmarks in Boracay, so you definitely do not want to miss this. 

5. The Sunny Side Cafe 

Photo courtesy of Dan Gold of Unsplash

If you and your partner are breakfast people, then the Sunny Side Cafe is the perfect Instagram date for you! Located in Station 3 in Boracay, this restaurant is famous for its all-day breakfast menu. Its scrumptious menu of contemporary breakfasts with a twist and its sunny interior design will always leave you wanting for more. Their foods are Instagram-worthy, too! 

6. The Classic White Beach

Photo courtesy of Ramon Kagie of Unsplash

Let’s be honest, the long stretch of the White Beach in Boracay will always have a soft spot in your heart. It’s basically like a one-stop-shop when you get to the island. Hotels, bars, tourist destinations, you name it, you can find that all of the isle. 

The White Beach is made up of three stations, all of which are facing the beautiful crystal waters and white sand. You can go for a chill swim (without the huge waves), ride a fly fish or go parasailing with your partner, and enjoy the Instagram-worthy sunset with them with a delicious dinner and a few drinks!

7. Bulabog Beach

Another less-populated beach in Boracay Island is the Bulabog Beach which is also known as the adventure sports capital of the island, making it perfect for couples who like to keep their beach bodies fit.  Bulabog Beach is located just 10 minutes from Station 1 of the White Beach. If you and your partner love taking couple photos of your sporty adventures, then this is the beach to be. 

Not only does the Bulabog Beach have a very scenic view, but it’s also home to different adrenaline activities like kitesurfing and windsurfing. This 2.5-kilometer beach is definitely worth a visit, and a slot on your Instagram feed. 

8. Station Juan Cafe 

Photo courtesy of Brett Jordan of Unsplash 

It’s no Boracay trip if you’re not going to eat at the most famous restaurants on the island! One of these restaurants is the Station Juan Cafe located at Station One of the White Beach. 

They are famous for their traditional Filipino and international meals—perfect for a nice date with your partner. Some of their best sellers include the Bagnet Kare-Kare, White House Chicken Pork Adobo, Angus Burger, and Truffle Pasta. 

9. Baling Hai Beach

If you like living in isolation with your partner and crave for serenity while on vacation, then the Baling Hai Beach at the northernmost end of the Boracay island should be on top of your list. Enjoy a nice, quiet, yet fulfilling vacation with your partner, and all the liberty to take couple photos during your vacation. And you need not worry about being too far from civilization, because everything you need is available around the isle. 

10. Alta Vista de Boracay 

Photo courtesy of Alta Vista de Boracay

If you would like to stay at the Puka Beach of the Boracay Island and enjoy a lush green scenery with a dash of ocean blue on your couple photos, then consider visiting Alta Vista de Boracay at one of the highest peaks of the island. Their facilities, including the famous Dinara View Deck, can be your source of gorgeous couple photos, such a memorable adventure for Valentine’s Day. 

Whether it’s Valentine’s Day or not, Boracay is definitely a must-visit for couples. As much as you love taking couple photos, always remember to enjoy the present time you have with your partner. It’s always great to be in the moment and cherish it with the one you love the most. Experience a memorable and instagrammable vacation with your partner at Alta Vista de Boracay. Book now!