When we talk about summer, of course, the wonderful island of Boracay comes to mind. As one of the top tourist destinations in the Philippines, It is on every beach lover’s bucket list.

In 2017, over two million tourists visited the island. With that astonishing number, it’s ideal of you to book a hotel in Boracay as early as now.

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Boracay is loaded with hotels for every type of tourist. While the number of hotels seems overwhelming for you, all will go well if you know what you need to consider before booking one. 

And to help you out, here are some of the most important aspects to consider when choosing a hotel: 

1. Check the hotel reviews 

Nothing is more convincing than real-life experiences. You can look up online reviews of hotels and its amenities, and look at the pros and cons of staying there. Take a look at the negative reviews and see if they have a common denominator, then consider if you can let those pass or would you cross this hotel out of your list. 

2. Location

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Location is everything. Therefore, you should book a hotel near to everything you would possibly need throughout your stay: convenience stores, restaurants, and cafes (especially if you’re on call for work). You wouldn’t want to walk a kilometer just to get to a restaurant for dinner. 

And if you’re a first-time traveler to Boracay, you might want to consider booking a beachfront hotel for your stay. While this is a good choice for you to make the most of the beautiful scenery of the island, you would need to book early as these hotels are the ones that sell out fast.

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3. Types of room accommodations 

Are you traveling alone or with a friend or your entire family? No matter how many are in your travel plans, it’s important to have enough legroom in your hotel. Online bookings often have the room size included in the description, so pay attention to that detail, especially if you’re after spacious rooms. 

You can also consider booking rooms that have more areas for relaxation than just a bed, like a loft or a terrace. 

4. Security

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Of course, security is one of the top priorities you should consider when staying in a place crowded with tourists (and strangers). Check if the hotel has guards on duty 24/7 and if its common areas and hallways are equipped with CCTV cameras. You can also consider the distance of the hotel from the nearest police station to ensure your safety throughout your stay. 

5. Amenities galore 

Hotels nowadays aren’t just for sleeping anymore. Accommodations must make you feel like you’re at home. Amenities like secure wifi, air-conditioned rooms, and the most popular, free breakfast, are what makes a hotel a strong contender for tourists. If you can’t live without the aforementioned, then be sure to book a hotel that has all of those amenities. 

6. Government accreditations

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It was mentioned earlier that Boracay is one of the top tourist destinations in the Philippines. After the island’s rehabilitation in 2018, hotels are now strictly complying with the environmental regulations of the Department of Tourism. So, when choosing a hotel, choose a hotel that has been accredited by the DOT. Currently, there are over 380 accredited hotels on the island, so make sure you’re booking a hotel that complies with the country’s rules and regulations.  

7. Feel-at-home service

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Your hotel serves as your home away from home during a vacation, so it’s important for you to feel comfortable and welcome. And this is achieved through quality customer service. Are the staff friendly and welcoming? Do they maintain their facilities well? Do they keep the hotel rooms squeaky clean? These are the things you need to consider, especially if you’re particular with cleanliness.  

8. Cancellation policy 

Here’s the harsh reality of Boracay, it’s hard to find a hotel to book, more so in booking flights due to the high demand. It’s always better to book a hotel in Boracay first before booking a flight so you can be assured of having a place to stay. And when luck doesn’t go your way, it’s easier to cancel hotel bookings than flights. So always check the hotel’s cancellation policies including the fees, reservation, timeframe and money-back guarantee so you can adjust your vacation accordingly. 

9. Facilities

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If you’re the type who doesn’t just sleep in a hotel, then the facilities are definitely something to look at. Some hotels offer facilities and services that go beyond room accommodations, like the infinity pool in Alta Vista Boracay, a gym after a huge meal with your friends, or a common game room when you get bored in your hotel room. Facilities like these can boost your wonderful experience in Boracay. 

10. If the price is right 

And last but not least, your budget must also be highly considered, as well as if you’re getting the experience you paid for. Value for your money should always be met. Does your hotel offer in-house island concierge services for their guests or complimentary breakfast during your stay? Don’t be afraid to compare the prices of the hotels you’ll find.  

These are just some of the considerations when choosing a hotel in Boracay. Always remember to double-check everything you read online and only trust legitimate websites. Also, keep in mind that in choosing a hotel for your vacation, your enjoyment and comfort is the utmost priority. 

See you soon in sunny Boracay!