Watching fireworks display on New Year’s Eve is a tradition for households around the world. In the most parts of Asia, fireworks and making noise is a way of scaring away bad spirits that may bring ill luck for the new year. In many western cultures, the spectacular show in the sky is a display of abundance and hope for a fresh start.

Currently, the use of fireworks and firecrackers is restricted to ensure public safety. Responsible pyro use is good news for people and the environment. However, there are ongoing appeals to allow the fireworks show in Boracay. For an unforgettable New Year’s Eve, fly your family to Aklan and watch fireworks in Boracay.

Here are 12 of the best places to watch fireworks shows in Boracay.

Celebrate the new year from a high point

colorful fireworks display boracay

During the reopening of Boracay, following a six-month rehabilitation, the government set guidelines on pyrotechnics use. No fireworks shall be used after 9 pm everyday. This is to protect bats living on the island. The fireworks must be set up within a reasonable distance from the shoreline.

Watch fireworks in Alta Vista de Boracay, a premier hotel in Puka Beach that sits atop one of Boracay’s highest peaks. It offers a panoramic view of the island and breathtaking sky shows. You can also organize your family reunion/New Year countdown in a function hall in Alta Vista de Boracay.

Get an amazing view of the White Beach coastline

firework display boracay sea view

For many years, Boracay has been one of the world’s best New Year's Eve destinations. It beat Ibiza and Las Vegas in 2015. People visit the island for its festive countdown parties, mouthwatering food choices, and incredible pyro display.

Watch fireworks displays at Steve's Cliff, which offers a view of the entire White Beach. This spot is at the far end of Station 1.

Dance and watch pyro shows at Station 3

What better way to welcome the new year than with lively music and lots of dancing? Boracay has long been known as a party place but the six-month rehabilitation reduced the number of establishments operating on the island. Only those that comply with environmental guidelines remain.

Welcome 2019 by joining a beachfront party. Check out bars and restaurants on the white sands of Station 3. You can visit Congas Bar & Resto and Boracay Stars. You can have a sumptuous dinner with your family, watch a free fireworks show, and dance til midnight.

Drinks all night and sky display at Station 2

fireworks blurred display

It has been a challenging 2018 and you deserve a good drink to cap off the year. There is a number of establishments in Boracay that host New Year countdown parties. They offer overflowing booze under bright lights and loud music.

Head on to Station 2 clubs including Summer Place and Exit Bar. These are popular spots for both local and foreign tourists. The NYE parties are amazing opportunities to meet new people and network.

Enjoy chill music and colorful fireworks at White Beach Path

man rapping

Your New Year’s Eve doesn't need to be raucous if you prefer a more subdued celebration. You can enjoy good music on December 31 in a cozy bar. Pats Creek Bar features live bands playing reggae, acoustic, and jazz. If you want to chill, it is the place to be.

Have a dinner feast in Alta Vista de Boracay’s L’Altura Restaurant, then head to the White Beach Path for a night of chill music under amazing fireworks display on Boracay’s skies.

Marvel from Boracay's highest point

halfmoon view cliff

Do you prefer a more private view of Boracay's pyro shows? Climb the highest peak on the island and watch the mesmerizing sunset before the fireworks display. Mount Luho is the highest point in Boracay. It offers a spectacular view of the skies, the white sands, the clear waters, and all the raw beauty of nature.

On December 31, trek Mount Luho in the afternoon. Make sure you reach the top before the sun sets so you can witness the marvelous close of the day. Wait a bit for the colorful fireworks display.

Watch the parade of skylights from the waters

sun view sea wave

Experience a unique way of watching New Year’s Eve fireworks shows in Boracay. Go for a night diving adventure! The top diving spots include Yapak, Tulobhan Reef, and Punta Bunga. Night diving offers a different experience because many underwater animals and corals are only visible during nighttime. You can explore the rich nocturnal marine life in Boracay.

You can watch the awesome fireworks display night diving. You can expect a stunning view from under the parade of skylights.

Welcome 2019 in a secluded party place

boracay fireworks display top view

There is an underground party place in Boracay that throws epic events on full moons. Area 51 Secret Party Facility is a throwback to the old style of partying in the beach destination. There are no fancy décor or high-tech audio system. The fun starts with the search for the place. It is hidden in Bulabog Beach.

Area 51 has earned the reputation of organizing epic New Year’s Eve parties. Watch Boracay's fireworks shows from this event place with your family and friends.

Relax and celebrate in your favorite Boracay pub

palm trees beach sunset view

Pubs are favorite spots in beach destinations. The laidback atmosphere in these establishments suit the calming waves of the sea and the stress-free ambiance everywhere. Red Pirates in Station 3 has earned a loyal following over the past years. You get to enjoy affordable drinks while chilling on wooden furniture laid out on white sands. Get an amazing view of the New Year’s pyrotechnics from your well-loved pub in Station 3.

Cheer 2019 in a chic resto bar

Are you planning to dress up for New Year’s Eve? Visit the chic bar Epic in Station 2. This bar offers good food and drinks, classy interiors, and tasteful music. After sunset, it transforms from a chic resto-bar to a fancy club with talented DJs. The real winner is the extensive selection of cocktails, hard liquors, and beers.

Witness the magnificent display of pyrotechnics on December 31 from the beach end of D’Mall. Don't forget to charge your phone for an entire night of selfies.

A New Year’s countdown in Station 1

new years countdown fireworks

If you are celebrating New Year’s Eve with kids, you should choose a place where they can be comfortable. Book a table at Aplaya, an Italian-inspired bar & restaurant, on Station 1. This spot is away from the crowds in D’Mall and is a great place to chill and enjoy delectable food. Children will surely enjoy the pizza, pasta, and other Italian cuisine specialties. Let them relax on bean bags, under coconut trees.

Station 1 is a recommended spot to watch Boracay's fireworks display on December 31. You get an unobstructed view of the night skies during the show.

Watch pyro shows in sweet solitude

heart shape in beach shape

Have you been celebrating New Year’s Eve with much noise and merriment? Try something new in welcoming 2019. Spend time alone and ponder on the lessons from the past months, and your plans for the year ahead.

Save a spot on Puka Beach, overlooking the stretch of the coastline. You can watch the fascinating pyro shows from nearby hotels and resorts while enjoying the calm waves before you.

2018, a fruitful year worth celebrating, is about to close. Welcome the new year in one of the country's top holiday destinations. Kickstart your Boracay events 2019 calendar by booking a room at Alta Vista de Boracay.