Five-Star Diving Sites in Boracay You Should See in this Lifetime

27 December, 2017

Boracay is known all over the world for its marvelous white sand beaches. But did you know that the island also offers stunning views under the sea? Scuba diving is highly recommended when visiting Boracay! While scuba diving may seem intimidating and expensive, these 5 accessible sites near Alta Vista de Boracay will save you time, money, and effort.

1. The popular choice: Yapak diving sites

Photo courtesy of joakant via Pixabay

Yapak is arguably the most popular Boracay diving site. Yapak is a wall dive with four dives located in the northwestern tip of Boracay. It’s accessible by a 20-minute boat ride from Station 1 and 2.

The area has two main dive sites called Yapak 1 and Yapak 2. Yapak 1 is recommended for novices while Yapak 2 is ideal for experienced divers with deep dive certification. Both sites offer splendid underwater views. Note, however, that currents can be strong. But once you’re underwater, you’ll be amazed by the wonderful creatures such as mola mola, ocean fish, sharks, trevallies, and sea horses.

Dive nitrox is advised because most of the dive will be below 30 meters or 100 feet in depth. Those interested in photography would do well with wide angle lens. Having a dive buddy is also recommended for safety reasons.

2. Emblematic beauty: Tulobhan Reef

In many ways, Tulobhan Reef is emblematic of the best Boracay dive sites. Diverse marine life has made Tulobhan Reef a primary diving spot not just in Boracay but also in the Philippines.

While shallower than other diving spots in Boracay, Tulobhan Reef boasts of a steady flow of slow current that makes the diving experience comfortable and wonderful. The starting depth is 5 meters and the maximum level is around 20 meters in depth. Tulobhan Reef is accessible via boat, or feel free to swim from the shore.

No doubt the biggest attraction of Tulobhan Reef is its corals. The color and activity of the marine life make for a memorable dive. Get up close to sea snakes, feather stars, parrot fish, and cuttlefish. Overall, the diving site is recommended for inexperienced divers. Anyone who wants an easy and relaxing dive will find Tulobhan Reef a perfect site. Given the structure of Tulobhan Reef, you will find yourself enjoying the beautiful scene rather than struggling against the current.

3. Paradise under the sea: Punta Bunga

Photo courtesy of joakant via Pixabay

One of the best things about scuba diving in Boracay is being able to witness underwater paradise. Punta Bunga is a diving site in near Alta Vista de Boracay that is fantastic for photographers, videographers or anyone who appreciates a vibrant marine life.

Punta Bunga is a calm dive site located beside the Yapak dive sites. It is a very accessible diving spot that only takes about 15 minutes by boat from Station 1. Punta Bunga is teeming with diverse and spectacular marine life. Its cubby holes serve as playground to sea creatures such as lionfish, moray eels, and groupers. Divers can also see butterflyfish, angelfish, and even stingrays. Given Punta Bunga’s biodiversity, expect to see reef sharks such as white tip sharks and grey reef sharks. The depth is between 9 meters and 24 meters.

Punta Bunga has very good visibility and mild currents. It is recommended that you bring an underwater camera to capture the magnificent tropical underwater life that’s hard to see anywhere else.

4. Friendly currents: Laguna de Boracay

Photo courtesy of fridzema via Pixabay

Wondering how diving is in Boracay? Check out Laguna de Boracay for its lovely marine environment and friendly currents. There is usually no current in Laguna de Boracay, making it ideal for beginners. Sometimes, you get to experience light currents which you can safely swim along with.

With a depth of 5 to 20 meters, Laguna de Boracay is located at the eastern part of the island. The dive site can be reached from the shore of Boracay and it takes around 7 minutes if you swim with your gears. You can go around the island via speedboat, which can take about an hour.

The healthy corals offer ideal conditions for first-time scuba divers. The dive site is covered with both hard and soft corals. The variously-sized clams make for an Instagram-worthy picture. If you’re a fan of Finding Nemo, you will be delighted to see different species of anemones. The divemaster might be able to tickle the feather stars, and it’s amazing to see their movement. You will also be able to enjoy the extravagance of stonefish, scorpionfish, and sea squirts.

Boracay scuba diving rates vary depending on location, but for Laguna de Boracay the price ranges from Php1,500 to Php2,500. Weights, tank, guides, and transportation are already included in the price.

5. Five-star dive: Laurel Island

diving sites in boracay
Photo courtesy of lucatelles via Pixabay

Another beautiful diving site in Boracay is Laurel Island. It’s location and features make it a five-star diving destination. It is situated at the back of Crocodile Island, and can be accessed by a 50-minute boat ride from Boracay.

Upon reaching the island, you have the option to explore two diving sites. Talk about hitting two birds with one stone! The first site is known as Laurel Tunnel. As the name suggests, there is a tunnel where you can swim into. It is home to mesmerizing sponges of all types.

The next dive site in Laurel Island is known for its caves that serve as home to diverse flora and fauna. Prepare to be wowed by corals of different shapes and colors! It is advised, however, that you first take a special cave diving course. Exploring the cave depths and crevices would require you to be at the advanced level.

A day trip to Laurel Island will cost you around Php3,000 for two dives. The price includes transportation and equipment. The price can also increase or decrease depending on the dive resort and dive guide.

If you’re a first-timer in Boracay, be sure to check out the best tips on sights, food, and accommodation. Whether you’re a new or experienced diver, safety is always top priority. There are various Boracay diving packages that can teach you the basic skills. Look for diving centers that have certification from the Professional Association of Diving Instructors (PADI). Lastly, remember that the beauty of Boracay is for everyone to enjoy, so do your part in taking extra care of the corals and marine life.