Boracay, as world-class as it is, isn't exclusive to the rich and famous. Thanks to the booming local tourism, traveling to this beach destination has become affordable to everyone. This is why you should be planning your barkada get-away to this island. A Boracay itinerary is cheaper when planned for a group of 5 to 10 people because you can spread the costs. It's economies of scale.

What budget activities can you do in Boracay? Start with the activities that you want to do. Is your barkada into nature walks? What about extreme sports? You can have an action-packed vacation as long as you do your homework: research on Boracay activities and the corresponding expenses.

Here are 7 budget-friendly Boracay activities to try with your barkada.

Day tour at the local eco park

Photo courtesy of Pixabay via Pexels

Welcome your first day in Alta Vista de Boracay with a hearty breakfast. You need to pack up energy for your day-long nature adventure. Boracay has a lot more to offer than its popular white sand beaches. The island is a paradise of flora and fauna. Book a tour at the local eco park where you can go river trekking, cave exploring, and water tubing. Feast your eyes on the diversity of plants, water forms, and birds species. Replenish your energy with a Filipino buffet lunch at the tropical jungle garden.

Budget: Php1,700.00 - Php1,900.00 per person

Island hopping with sumptuous lunch

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One of the essential Boracay activities your barkada shouldn't miss is island hopping. Explore the breathtaking beach destinations around the island starting at Puka Beach, which was named after Puka shells that lay in abundance on its shores. Your next stop is Crocodile Garden where you can try snorkeling. Have a one-hour break to savor seafood dishes for lunch. Your last destination is Crystal Cove, the home of magnificent rock formations.

Budget: Php999.99 per person via a tour agency, including boat rental but excluding snorkeling fee (Php20) and Crystal Cove entrance fee (Php200)

A night of overflowing booze and good company

Boracay is a known party destination. Thousands of locals and foreigners flock to the island for its rave parties, overflowing booze, and vivacious crowd. There's a long line of bars and clubs along the White Beach and you can expect concerts until dawn. Cocomangas Shooter Bar prides itself as “the most successful and longest running bar in Boracay.” This bar is famous for its drinking challenge where customers drink 15 different shots of assorted liquor. Winners score a point for their country (there are 190+ countries represented) and a place on the Wall of Fame.

Want a more private party? Visit the Sports Bar at Alta Vista de Boracay. The bar is well-stocked with local and imported alcohol, not to mention the tasteful music playing in the background.

Budget: Depends on your drinking habit. Prepare Php600+

Karaoke night like no other

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A Filipino gathering is incomplete without a karaoke. It doesn't matter the occasion, be it a birthday, Christmas or simply surviving a week in the office. Pinoys can easily find an excuse to belt out Air Supply's hits for all the world to hear. After all, music is therapy. Hold your much-awaited karaoke night at Alta Vista de Boracay. The Karaoke Room is equipped with an entertainment system including a TV, sound system, and a collection of songs. Lounge on the comfy sofas while you wait for your turn on the mic.

Budget: Rent price may vary. Check with Alta Vista's information desk.

Who can say no to a gastronomic adventure?

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You can never go wrong with a gastronomic adventure. Food is one compelling reason why people travel. Do you remember that spices brought about the discovery of territories centuries ago? In Boracay, your food choices are endless. The island has diners, restaurants, and hotels that serve local and international dishes, a wide variety of desserts and traditional snacks.

Start your journey at L'Altura in Alta Vista de Boracay. Let your barkada try the fusion of culinary influences in this top-rated restaurant. The Grilled Adobo with Yogurt offers a pleasant twist to a Filipino favorite. Enjoy the Filipino-style Pizza Di Juan which comes in local flavors: sisig, adobo, and chicharon. The other food joints to visit in Boracay are La Cozina Boracay, Ruf Resto Bar, and Smoke Resto Boracay.

Budget: Php200 to Php250 for a complete meal

An 80s-themed beach party

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Celebrate long years of wonderful friendship by throwing a party in Boracay. Yes, you can afford a bash in the world-famous island destination. In Alta Vista, you can book the versatile Function Room for your themed barkada reunion. The room is used as venue for special events such as debuts, family reunions, and corporate activities like seminars.

Give your party an amusing twist by having a theme. For the love of Neptune, please don't have another luau-inspired party! Why not pay homage to the glam and glitter of the 80s era? You can draw inspiration from Stranger Things, Boy George's stint in The Voice or the viral Japanese bubble dance. You can even aspire to perfect the addictive choreography for your party.

Budget: Check the rent prices with the information desk. Everything else (cost of decors, food and booze) depends on your preference.

Bond with style

Not all barkadas are created equal. Some bond with the booze and loud music while others enjoy a quieter atmosphere where they could talk endlessly. Catch up with your closest friends with the magnificent Boracay sunset as your backdrop. Alta Vista's Dinara View Deck offers a 360-degree view of the island from one of its highest peaks. You can also share the latest news about your lives while taking a dip in the infinity pool. Bring out the champagne and relax with style!

Budget: A bottle of Moët & Chandon Rosé Impérial champagne is for Php1,100 - Php1,590

You don't have to splurge your Christmas bonus on your barkada out-of-town trip. With sufficient planning and the right choices, you can have an unforgettable adventure in a world-class destination. Explore fun and affordable barkada activities in Boracay.