Boracay Bike Tours: A Simple Guide for Beginners

11 December, 2020

Famous for its fine white sand, blue waters, and lush emerald islets, Boracay is the place to be for beach enthusiasts. But as many seasoned tourists would say, especially the fitness buffs, this vacation hotspot is more than that. Lined with scenic routes around the island, it's also a paradise for cycling hobbyists.

Bike tours are among the popular activities tourists try when they go on a vacation in this top travel destination. It’s actually the top to-do when spending an ecotour holiday with the barkada.

Perhaps you’re visiting Boracay soon yourself. If you’re wondering, “What should I know before doing my first bike tour?” Refer to this beginner’s guide to learn how you can enjoy this activity better. But first, let’s start with why it’s a good idea to include cycling in your travel itinerary.


Why Biking Should Be Part of Your Travel Activities

From giving you a nice full-body workout to easing your mind from worries, cycling has a lot of benefits. Here are some of the specific perks you can get from the activity:

  • You can stay physically active while on a vacation. It's a challenge to stay healthy and stick to fitness routines when you're on a holiday. But with a fun, exciting activity like going on a bike tour, you can easily stay fit. You won't have to feel guilty feasting on the buffet meals at your hotel restaurant.

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  • You get to take your mind off stress. With so many picturesque sights to see in your Boracay bike tour, it’s easier to relax and be calm. It also helps that you’re exploring a top travel destination in the Philippines that has a lot to offer, making travel superbly satisfying. Plus, isn’t it exciting to plot locations on the itinerary? Answering the question, “How do I plan a bike tour?” already gives a sense of thrill and adventure.
  • You can exercise your navigational skills. When you're on an island, you can't always have GPS — and that’s a good thing. On a bike tour, you’re compelled to use your ability to navigate. You might get lost a few times, but there’s no other way but to keep going. Go biking for a couple of more sessions in your travel, and surely, you’ll be familiar with places in Boracay like a local.
  • You can easily meet other travelers. Having trouble making friends during your travels? Cycling naturally puts you in a social setting. You meet beginners, enthusiasts, and athletes on the way or even at the beginning of your ride when you sign up for group bike tours.
  • You get to immerse yourself in nature. You can see the lush vegetation around you, breathe the fresh sea breeze, and hear animal sounds you wouldn’t catch in the metro. Going on a bike tour gives the ultimate sensory experience with nature. This makes Boracay a top travel destination even in 2021, post-pandemic.

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What to Prepare Before Your First Bike Tour

Now that you know why it’s good to include biking in your travel to-do, the question now shifts to, “How do I prepare for a bike tour?” Here are some points you should focus on:

1.Gear. Of course, you need to have the right equipment for your cycling activity. From the bike to your apparel, you need to get these covered:

  • Bike. What is the best bike for touring? Most of the two-wheelers you see going around the island is the classic mountain bike, which features a steel frame and drop or flat bars. You can rent these at Boracay Fun & Sports Shop located at D’Mall. The fee is around Php100 to Php150 per hour. For a whole day, it’s Php850 to Php1,000 (you can haggle with the suppliers).
  • Safety equipment. A helmet is essential. Make sure that it fits your head properly. It can compromise protection when you use a poorly fitted one. Make sure to have knee pads and arm guards, too. For your eyes, wear sunglasses. The ones you usually use for your travels would be fine.
  • Comfortable apparel. It’s better to wear the proper cycling apparel even though you’ll just be on a bike tour for an hour or two. These wearables increase comfort during the activity:
    • Cycling jerseys offer insulation and ventilation to keep you warm or cool during your ride.
    • Shorts have padded liners that minimize friction and prevent moisture in the crotch area.
    • Bike shoes are designed to be lightweight.
    • Cloth masks are breathable, with the right size fitting snugly around the face. Some come with adjustable ear loops and a wire nose bridge, which improves comfort for bikers.
    Make room in your budget for this apparel. For sure, you’ll enjoy cycling that you’ll be doing it again in your future travels (or as part of your everyday fitness routine).
  • Belt bag. This should help you keep other essentials in your bike tour: cash and cards. With your money secure, it won’t get in the way of your cycling activity.
  • Bike locks. There will be times when you would have to leave your bike in a certain area to walk or trek to a particular destination. To secure your rental two-wheeler, buy locks.

2. Cash or credit card. Make sure to carry funds just in case you need to buy something along the way. It’s best to bring just enough so you don’t have to keep worrying over dropping money along the way.

Photo courtesy of Karolina Grabowska via Pexels

3. Food and water. A lot of the touring bikes in Boracay come with drink holders so you simply have to keep your snacks in your belt bag. Go for food that can fuel your body and are easy to carry. Some options include bananas, peanut butter sandwiches, energy bars, or dried fruits.

4. Travel maps and routes. This is your opportunity to use the good old physical maps. Ask your hotel concierge for it. Of course, there’s also the option of knowing only the routes to certain destinations. The important thing is to decide where to travel so you can maximize the limited time for your bike rental.

5. Your physical condition. You ask, “What do I need for a bike tour?” Well, you shouldn’t forget yourself in your preparation. Before pedaling your way through the island, do a five to 10-minute warm-up. Those who trek on mountain biking trails to train their stamina engage in leg swings, lunges, planks, and squats as preparation.

Make sure that you're not feeling any pain, shortness of breath, or nausea before and while going on a bike tour. If yes, consider postponing it or cutting your trip short until you feel better.

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Where to Go, What to See

Maps are helpful in planning itineraries for your bike tour. You can use a physical or a digital one. But for a few ideas, here are some good places worth visiting:

1. Puka Beach. This part of the island is much quieter and secluded than the White Beach. Starting your bike tour before 6 am, you can catch the cool, peaceful sun glow on this side of the island, perfect for early morning meditation. Although the main road you’ll take is a bit narrow, you’ll be able to catch glimpses of the local culture as you pass through villages.

A quick trivia about Puka Beach, it got its name from the puka shells, which are abundant in the area.

2. Mount Luho. From Puka Beach, continue your bike tour by taking the slightly steep road going to this gem of a mountain. This time, the scenery that will greet you will be lush greenery, complemented by birds chirping. At the summit, you have to leave your bike and walk up to the viewing deck. The bird’s eye view of the entire island will surely relieve the tiredness from pedaling and walking. It’s the reason it remains a favorite Boracay travel destination even in 2020.

A quick trivia about Mount Luho, it’s the highest point on the island, about 100 meters above sea level.

Photo courtesy of Deedee Geli via Unsplash

3. Bulabog Beach. After Mount Luho, bike towards Bulabog Beach. This is the side of the island known for the thrilling activities it offers. The most popular are kitesurfing and windsurfing. Try these yourself, and maybe sign up for a few classes. Read blogs about these travel adventures to see if you can take it on yourself.

A quick trivia about Bulabog beach, it earned its popularity because of its windy weather. Tourists from all over the world go to this travel destination not to swim but to do wind-related sports.

Helping you explore vacation hotspots, bike tours in the Philippines are among the best activities you can do when traveling. It’s a great way to get active, meet new people, connect with nature, and learn more about yourself. On your next adventure in Boracay, don’t forget: go for a nice, relaxing ride. And book your stay at Alta Vista de Boracay while you’re at it!