Year after year, Boracay gets hailed by travel magazines as one of the world’s best beach destinations. Located off the coast of Caticlan, Aklan, the island is famous for its powdery white sand and clear blue seas. It attracts droves of Boracay travelers and feeds a multibillion-peso tourism industry. Beyond just the sand and sea, there are several Boracay hidden gems that a lot of people have yet to explore. From the intriguing Dead Forest to the relaxing Alta Vista de Boracay, learn about the places you ought to experience while on the island paradise.

Happy Buddha River Retreat

Located in the Nabaoy River in Motag, the Happy Buddha River Retreat offers junglescapes, a river, mini waterfalls, local village views, sumptuous meals, and massages. You can easily reach the hidden retreat by taking a 15-minute mini van or a trike ride from the main thoroughfare in Caticlan. They will have locally sourced and produced food cooking once you arrive. You can wander around, relax on the decks or soak in the river. Do not forget to take a moment to enjoy the beautiful views!

boracay rockPhoto courtesy of Mariostia via Pixabay

Boracay Rock

Just off the east coast beach, you will find a fascinating natural formation called the Boracay Rock. This small area is undercut entirely by the sea, with its top overhanging the recessed base. Starfish, corals, and shells are found in abundance between Little Boracay Rocks and Boracay Rock, making it a favorite fossicking spot for the locals.

Naked Rock

A walk on the path around the rocky point at the northern end of White Beach, towards the direction of Diniwid beach, will take you to an area that offers a magnificent view of Boracay. You may head over to the Balinghai Beach Resort, so you can set your eyes on the volcanic origins of the island. This spot is located on the cliff just above a small, lovely cove. Take a short walk to Punta Bunga Beach and you will find the Naked Rock, which will give you marvelous a view of the Mindoro Island.

Photo courtesy of InsaneTattooProducts via Pixabay

Willy's Rock

Dominating the seascape along White Beach, Willy’s Rock is a castle-like volcanic formation located 100 meters offshore. You will find stairs facing the beach and that lead to a chapel with a statue of the Virgin Mary. Offering a commanding view of the island, Willy’s Rock is the most photographed landmark in Boracay. You can also see Naasog Point on Panay island in the distant horizon.

live coral bedsPhoto courtesy of Marcelokato via Pixabay

Live Coral Beds

Just past the beach rocks on the southern end of White Beach, you will find a large coral shelf that has several corals in various shapes and sizes. You will also find colorful brain corals. The shelf is visible just above the water when the tide is low. The rocky coastline and corals combine to make a picturesque backdrop for avid photographers.

Photo courtesy of Skeeze via Pixabay


You will find several caves on Boracay Island. The Bat Cave, Cave of Buslugan, and Crystal Cave are located on the rocky coast east of Yapak. You will find the Kalikugan Cave between the Punta Bunga and Baling-Hai beaches. Cave bats with wingspans reaching four feet find their home at the Bat Cave. During daytime, flying foxes can be found in nearby trees. For a small fee, you can have guides take you to the Buslugan Caves, Bat Caves, and others.

Photo courtesy of Ebpilgrim via Pixabay

Dead Forest and Wooded Area

You will find the Dead Forest and Wooded Area at the southern end of Bulabog. Here, branches of dead mangroves reach strangely out of the water in an abandoned fishpond. The mangroves are believed to have died when the seawater flooded the pond after a fishpond dam broke. The wooded area is situated at the south end of White Beach.

Photo courtesy of Felix_Broennimann via Pixabay

Gateway Arc

A large arc located at the tip of Bulaboc Point, Gateway Arc is the gateway to an exclusive development in Boracay, the Fairways and Bluewater Leisure resort. The concrete quay situated beyond the rock arch provides a stunning view of the island’s picturesque east coast from Lapuz-Lapuz Point to the southeastern tip of Boracay Island. You can easily reach the Gateway Arc by taking a motor scooter or a tricycle ride.

KAR-TIR Seashell Museum

Kar-tir Seashell Museum is located in the village of Ilig-iligan. It features a great collection of handwoven articles, pottery, woodcarvings, seashells, and traditional costumes from all over the Philippines.

Photo courtesy of Tttboram via Pixabay

Mount Luho

Standing 100 meters above sea level, Mount Luho is the highest point in Boracay. It is a great place to visit if you want the best views of Boracay and the Bulabog Beach. Although it has a couple of steep inclines, the way to the peak remains a pleasant walk. Starting at Bulabog Beach, you can either walk or take your mountain bike up a nice circuit around the mountain and down to the main road before reaching the Fairways. You are likely to encounter a lot of Boracay tourists and locals tackling the circuit in their morning run. Leaving the Bulabog Village will take you to a much quieter area with only the occasional distant banca and chirping of the birds disrupting the silence. Moving farther north, you will reach a sign on the road that will point you to an area where you can pay your entrance fee and start the climb up to a spot where you can have a panoramic view of Boracay Island.

Motag Living Museum

Step back in time at the Motag Living Museum, the country’s first interactive, open air museum. You will get the chance to experience what life was like on a rice farm in the 1920s. You will get to try your hand at planting, ploughing, harvesting, and crushing the rice. You will have the unique opportunity to see what rural life was like for families who farmed and lived 100 years ago.

Alta Vista de Boracay

Tucked away from the crowded beachfront restos and bars is a condotel nestled atop the picturesque hills of Boracay. Perched on a prime four-hectare property on the island’s northern elevated area, Alta Vista de Boracay offers a breathtaking view of the surrounding blue seas, white sands, and luscious greens of the mountains. The best spot to enjoy the view, including a spectacular sunset, is at the property’s luxurious infinity pool. To reach this place, take a tricycle or a van ride from the airport. Alta Vista de Boracay is located only 10 minutes from White Beach, so it offers both a respite from and easy access to the island’s party vibe.

Make sure you go beyond just the usual Boracay tourist spots. Experience unique Boracay spots, and have new tales to tell your friends!