9 Boracay Activities You Shouldn’t Miss Out on this 2020

16 January, 2020

Boracay bustles with life, events, and activities throughout the year, making it your best destination this 2020.

Often known for its pristine world-renowned beach and the Ati-Atihan Festival, which celebrates the indigenous roots in Kalibo, people forget that there is a wide selection of activities every month in Boracay. The recent rehabilitation of Boracay has only refreshed and improved what the island has to offer.

If you’re still deciding when’s the best month for you to visit Boracay, this list of events happening in 2020 will help you plan your vacation. Other than events and activities, hotels like Alta Vista de Boracay have room promos all-year-round so that your Boracay plans will be a reality. 

1. Get your body swingin’ in February at the Latin Dance Festival

Photo courtesy of Vanessa Barthelemes via Pexels 

The Boracay Latin Dance Festival has attracted several tourists to the island throughout the year. This year, the festival will be held from February 20 to 23. If you want to learn new moves and grooves with your significant other in the month of hearts, then this is the best place to share a dance with your loved one.

If you’re single, then showing off your moves on the dance floor with your barkada will chase away that feeling of loneliness brought by the Valentine’s Day blues. Who knows, you may enter the crowd alone but emerge dancing with someone new! 

2. Engage in sports and celebrate cultural events in March and April

Photo courtesy of Serkan Göktay via Pexels 

If you’re a beach and water sports enthusiast, then the Boracay Dive Olympics, which is annually held on March 29 to the first week of April, is the perfect event for you. The mechanics are patterned after the actual Olympics and are designed to allow beginners and pro-divers to interact with one another. Boracay beach-goers may enjoy watching the divers in action and cheer for their favorite competitor.

Extend your trip after participating at the Dive Olympics for the Boracay Beach Soccer Cup, which is a 2-day sports event to be held from April 20 to 22. Local and international teams meet to compete in this event, attracting several bars and food establishments to participate and sponsor the activities. Enjoy munching and tasting various cuisines and food-fusions while watching several soccer teams battle it out at the sandy field. 

3. Try Ultimate Frisbee at Boracay Open this March

If Boracay’s Dive Olympics doesn’t push you to get out and be active, maybe Boracay Open 2020 can! This March 20 to 22, 2020, on of the world’s biggest beach ultimate frisbee events is back on its second year after the reopening. Not only will by local Filipino frisbee enthusiasts attend, but teams from the USA, Japan, Korea, and China have already signed up to join the event.

Boracay Open 2020 is open to for teams and individual players to join the ultimate frisbee games and matches, while partying the night after. Once you join the event you can join ultimate frisbee tournaments, and have all-access to the all the parties during the weekend.

4. Immerse in Philippine culture in May 

Photo courtesy of VisionPic.net via Pexels

May invites Boracay international and local tourists to taste the succinct culture of the islands. Happening from May 11 to 13 is the Boracay Food Festival, where visitors may get the chance to try out the local Aklanon interpretation of traditional Filipino cuisines such as kare-kare (ox’s tail with sauce) and stuffed chicken relleno. Don’t worry, there are tons of options and selections, even if you are following a strict diet.

Moreover, if you missed the Ati-Atihan Festival in January, then why not visit Barangay Manocmanoc in Malay, Aklan for their festival on May 24-25. The name Manocmanoc means “just like a chicken”  after Spaniards described the huge rock that is shaped like a chicken as it protrudes from the sea.   

The Manocmanoc Festival is just as vibrant and colorful as the Ati-Atihan Festival minus the huge crowd. Immerse yourself in the local culture that is unknown to most tourists and dive into seafood cuisines freshly caught from the sea. The town’s quaint and peaceful cove usually serves as a sanctuary for traveling ships caught in the middle of a seastorm. 

5. Make the best of your rainy day getaway in June, July, and August

Photo courtesy of VisionPic.net via Pexels

The return of the monsoon season in the Philippines, which starts in June and ends in October, brings with it a slight dwindle in the number of tourists visiting Boracay. 

If you’re the type of person who prefers to stretch it out on the sand in an uncrowded beach, then these months are the best option for you. What’s great about Boracay is it still has a wide array of activities to offer during this rainy season. Getting the most of your rainy vacation in Boracay can be done as long as you know where to go.  

This may be the time you want to go island-hopping since you can enjoy the places you’ll go to due to the relatively small number of visitors. One of the best beaches you need to go to is Puka Beach, where you can pamper yourself and enjoy your privacy.

If the rains remain persistent, you’d be surprised that Boracay may be the best place for your staycation, especially if you a perfect rainy day romantic getaway with you and your partner. 

6. Score a hole in one with golf in September

Photo courtesy of John Such via Unsplash

The much anticipated Caddie Shack Golf Tournament in Boracay is held annually on September 8. The tournament incorporates Boracay’s unique sandy and rocky terrain to develop a golf course of varying difficulty, which perfectly suits amateur and professional golfers.

The competition is named after the 1980s film Caddyshack starring Billy Murray. Beach-goers and the audience may watch the game while also marveling at the beauty of Boracay’s beaches. 

7. Let yourself loose with booze in October

Photo courtesy of NICE GUYS via Pexels

October is the best time to party with friends because of the worldwide Oktoberfest. Several bars and establishments such as the Club Galaxy and Mad Monkey participate in this grand event by offering free beers on selected dates.

Similar bars and restaurants provide a huge discount when you buy bucket-loads of beer to enjoy throughout the night, what better way to keep your spirits in 2020 high and lively by partying like there’s no tomorrow! 

8. Spend your holiday break in Boracay in November 

Photo courtesy of Kaicho20 via Pixabay 

Boracay doesn’t shy away in celebrating Halloween. This year, expect events like Cirque Du Freak, a Halloween Ball, in EPIC where several DJs from around the world come to the party. These parties are reportedly more tame and friendlier after the major Boracay clean-up and rehabilitation effort last 2018. 

Boracay also remains a haven for sports enthusiasts even until November with the Chairman’s Golf Club scheduled from November 11 to 24, and the Boracay International Beach Football Championship, which will be from November 18 to 24.

These sports events are bigger and grander compared to other tournaments that will be held in Boracay this year due to the influx of the people expected to visit Boracay for the short November break in observation of All Saints Day and All Souls Day.

9. Welcome New Year with a blast in December 

Photo courtesy of PhotosForYou via Pixabay 

Just when you thought Boracay would run out of activities in the last month of the year, then wait till you find out the many more events you need to consider for your 2020 year-ender vacation.

The Balabag Festival is from December 28 to 30. Other than the cuisine, the event will also be led by a procession which will be followed by music and dancing at the Balabag plaza. 

Extending your stay in Boracay to attend the Simbang Gabi is a 2020 goal you need to consider. Simbang Gabi is one of several Christmas events observed by Filipinos. Imagine keeping hearing mass in the morning, and enjoying the rest of the day relaxing while sprawled on the beach. This is a much-needed reward for yourself for doing an excellent job in surviving 2020, the first year of the decade. 

With all these things happening in Boracay this 2020, one might call Boracay the island that never sleeps. Never miss out again on any of these events with the help of this 2020 event guide. What are you waiting for? Book that flight, and book your room at Alta Vista de Boracay today!