Beach Wedding Myths to Swipe from Your Mind Before Your Special Day

8 July, 2024

You may be one of the many people dreaming of having a destination wedding in unspoiled sandy beaches. While this is indeed a dreamy idea, things do not always go as planned and you may be surprised to find yourself experiencing nightmare in heaven. Do not allow the many myths swirling around to keep you from turning your dream beach wedding into reality. Make that Boracay wedding happen without much of a hitch, and get the chance to experience a piece of paradise on your special day. Be well-prepared. For starters, swipe off the following beach wedding myths from your mind.

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The sand and sun are total gifts

The heat from the sun can be brutal during certain hours of the day. So make sure you set the right timing for your wedding. Even if you love the sun and can handle the heat, you have your guests to consider. Some people are vulnerable to high temperatures, particularly the younger kids and older folks. To avoid the uncomfortable heat, make sure you schedule a morning or sunset ceremony. If this is not possible, make sure you at least find a shady spot on the beach.

Also, you have to mindful of the accessibility of your wedding location. While you may love ragged spots and the feel of sand on your feet, you might have guests that will need a little more convenience, like your grandma, perhaps? Try to arrange a comfortable pathway for guests who may need it. The sand and sun are true gifts indeed, but only to a certain extent. Make sure everything stays at a comfortable level on your wedding so you can have a truly blissful day.


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You are guaranteed picture-perfect photos

Just because you chose a stunning wedding destination does not mean you are guaranteed picture-perfect photos. You must choose the right photographer. Make sure you go for someone who is experienced in wedding photography, as this special event requires specific techniques. For one, unlike portrait photography there will be plenty of movement. There is also an emotional side to it that the photographer must know how to capture. There is also the element of lighting that they cannot always control. Your wedding setting may be against the light or the photographer may have to deal with a lot of glare.

Your wedding photographer should be able to work around inevitable constraints and make the most out of the naturally beautiful backdrop, such as capturing the stunning sunset and the crashing waves in the distance. Make sure he is adept at proper lighting technique. Also, you must make things easier for your photographer. Consult him, so he can help you figure out the best area in the beach and the most optimal time of the day to take beautiful photos.

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You can always wear traditional wedding veils to a beach wedding

One of the attractions of a beach wedding is the thought of having the refreshing sea breeze making the setting a tad more romantic. This is indeed true, but it can work against you if you don’t dress right. For one, you cannot wear the same grand veil that most brides do in a church wedding. The last thing you need is a veil stealing the show as it gets flown all over the place. You don’t want to get distracted while living out one of the best moments of your life.

You may want to consider a floral crown instead. You can add vintage embellishments to make it appear more grand or regal. You may even skip the headpiece altogether and just add fresh flowers to your hair. This can instantly make you look like a goddess.

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You can wear any dress and hairstyle that catch your fancy

You may imagine having your hair down and looking like a complete goddess on your wedding day, but this may not always work for you. There is a great chance the wind will get your hair all tousled up, and in a not-so-sexy way. You can avoid this by opting for an updo. Now if you really want to keep your hair down and swaying with the wind, you should at least have the front layers pulled back so you can always look fabulous on photos, and so you don’t get distracted by hair getting blown all over your face. You would want to look put-together and picture-worthy at all times.

You can’t always wear the dress you want either. You have to pick one that is right for the location and backdrop. If anything, you would not want to wear a heavy ballgown while dealing with the heat or winds. A flowing gown made of light fabric will be a better option. Your groom will have to forgo the thick suit as well, and go for looser shirt and pants. You can’t go wrong with airy fabrics like linen, crepe and cotton. A simple sarong and white sundress will look great as they flow with the soft breeze.

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­You can schedule your beach wedding anytime of the year

Your preferred wedding date may not be the optimal time to have a beach wedding. Your beach of choice may have a peak season and low season. Both have advantages and drawbacks. Make sure you choose the right time for you. The biggest advantage of peak seasons is better weather. The drawbacks are more crowded beaches, more in-demand and hard to reserve event spaces and accommodations, more expensive rates, and stricter patrolling of the beaches. The major downside of the low season is a less than stellar weather. Its advantages are a less crowded beach and more private ceremony, more accommodations available, more affordable rates, and easy-to-secure events spaces.

You will find wedding destinations, like the Alta Vista de Boracay, which can provide relatively private locations and affordable rates throughout the year. The key here is finding the right location for a beautiful destination wedding, whatever time of year. Otherwise, plan your timing right! If anything, you would not want a wedding in Florida that coincides with the hurricane season.

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Beach weddings are expensive

You’ll be surprised to find that destination weddings can be more affordable than traditional weddings at your home town, especially if you choose all-inclusive resorts. You will find resorts in prime locations that provide events areas and accommodations at surprisingly affordable rates. Alta Vista de Boracay, for one, offers accommodations at half the price offered by upscale hotels, but with the same high-quality amenities and much better views.

All-inclusive resorts also let you save money on package deals that include accommodations, banquet, decors, meals, local transport, and functions. You are most likely to end up spending more if you were to plan these details separately in your hometown. You can also save on wedding planners, as the personnel in all-inclusive resorts are well-equipped to cater to your needs.

Go ahead and brush these destination wedding myths aside; make that dream beach wedding happen.