Sneaky Beach Must-Haves You'll Never Think Of

15 February, 2017

And just like that, we’re counting down the days to summer. In a few months, you will be hunting for the best beach resort and cramming for that beach-ready body.

If you are a backpacker, this is an exciting season for you. Summer is definitely a good excuse to discover places you’ve never been and experience adventures you’ve never tried. Apart from setting a budget for your next beach trip, you also have to make sure that you have everything you need to make your summer more enjoyable.

While backpackers have the reputation for being beach-ready, there could still be a few things you could be missing out on. Sure, backpackers know exactly what to pack and how to pack. But there are some backpacker secrets that will surely come in handy for your next beach trip.

We’re talking about beach hacks that you never really thought of. These involve ordinary items lying around the house that can actually make your adventure at the beach truly hassle-free.

Spread out a fitted sheet


Photo courtesy of The Krazy Coupon Lady via Pinterest

If you’re the type who likes to spread out a beach towel in the sand to read a book or get a tan, dig into your closet and get a fitted sheet instead. The opposite side should be on the top, unlike when you’re using it to dress up your mattress. Use your beach bags, ice boxes, or any other item that you can fit in the four corners for a two-inch height on all sides. The fitted sheet should look like a rectangular inflatable pool, only not made of plastic and without water. Now, you can lay down and not worry about sand getting into your sheet. This is also helpful when you have a toddler who needs a bigger, sand-free space.

Zip the gadgets


Photo courtesy of Buzzfeed via Pinterest

Of course, you’ll never go to the beach without your precious phone. But since you don’t want it to get wet, you can use ziplocks to the rescue.

A ziplock bag is definitely one of the most useful items for backpackers. You can store your phone there and still use the touchscreen or the camera. You may also use a ziplock bag for other gadgets such as cameras, Bluetooth speakers or earphones.

Valuables in bottles


Photo courtesy of Bored Panda via Pinterest

Do you have an empty shampoo or lotion bottle at home? Don’t throw it out yet. Clean it well  and bring it to the beach. One of the best backpacker tricks is using empty bottles to store your money, hair ties, pills, and hotel keys. Admit it, not knowing where you last put your hotel keys makes you panic.

Wrap it up…in a diaper


Photo courtesy of Personal Creations via Flickr

You don’t always want to bring your beach bag with you. Carrying something everywhere could be a hassle. Don’t you wish you could just leave your valuables in your beach hut and not worry about strangers taking them? The solution is to wrap it in a diaper or nappy. Store your money, keys, and gadgets inside and no one would dare touch them, for obvious reasons.

Keep wet sand away


Photo courtesy of Austin Kirk via Flickr

Sometimes, it gets annoying to walk around with your feet still covered in wet sand. Kids especially don’t find this very comfortable. This is where baby powder would come in handy. Dust off the wet sand with baby powder.  We don’t know why it works but it does.

Laundry bag for beach toys


Photo courtesy of Play Ideas via Pinterest

Bringing along kids to the beach can be very challenging. Apart from all the running around, they also bring with them too many stuff such as toys. Keep all their beach toys in place by bringing a mesh laundry bag, which sifts the sand so you don’t bring sand-covered toys home. This beach hack will definitely make any parent’s life a little easier this summer.

Water balloon packs


Photo courtesy of comment-economiser via Pinterest

Forget ice cubes. To cool your juices or bottles of beer, pack your cooler with frozen water balloons. They do the same thing as ice cubes but they are not messy. If you have kids, your colorful cooler will also be a treat.

Binder clips for wet clothes


Photo courtesy of Kate Ter Haar via Flickr

Binder clips are not just office supplies. They are among the many multipurpose items that backpackers will definitely find useful. Bring two or three binder clips with you when you go to the beach. You can use them to hang your wet towels or shirts. You can also use them to reseal food packages.

Upgrade your beach towel


Photo courtesy of Making It With Danielle via Pinterest

There’s so much more that you can do with a beach towel other than to dry you off. You can fold over the hem of your towel and sew little pockets on it so you can secure your stuff that will otherwise be scattered around. You may also sew a pillow on your towel so your head won’t be lying on the hard sand.

Frozen water bottle

You’ll want cold drinks to go with anything while you are on the beach. One of the beach hacks you’ll find very useful is filling half of a water bottle then throwing it in the freezer. Before you hit the beach, get the frozen water bottle and pour any drink you like. It will stay cold for a long time.

All-around scarf


Photo courtesy of milivanily via Pixabay

A scarf is as important as sunscreen during a beach trip. You can use it as cover-up, as a hat, to tie your hair, or as a bag to store your belongings. It is one of the multipurpose items you shouldn’t forget to bring with you on the beach.

Aloe vera ice packs

In your hotel, prepare some aloe vera ice packs to treat sunburn. Squeeze some aloe vera juice in an ice pack and freeze them overnight. They will be very useful to cool down sunburns after a day at the beach.

Make your beach escapades more enjoyable with these tricks. They are perfect for backpackers and first-timers travelers who want to make sure they got everything covered.