Lessons Only The Beach Can Teach You: 7 Best Boracay Classes

9 July, 2024

Traveling to Boracay brings more pleasures than just the splendid beaches and the buzzing nightlife. You can go mermaid swimming, kitesurfing, freediving, and many other activities. Better still, you can take lessons that will help you ease into the new experiences. You’ll have more reasons to leave your relaxing loft at Alta Vista De Boracay, and just experience more of what Boracay has to offer.

Live out your mermaid fantasy with PMSA

The Philippine Mermaid Swimming Academy (PMSA) will let you live out your mermaid fantasy in the turquoise waters of Boracay. You get to wear a beautiful tail and swim in the sea with the mystic and grace of a mermaid. You may dive into the deep waters or stay near the shore. A certified Mermaid Instructor will help you through the process. During a 90-minute class, you will learn to project the best mermaid poses and swim in four different ways while wearing the mermaid’s tail.

Those who wish to get more comprehensive lessons can take the Advanced Mermaiding Course where you can learn techniques like bubble-blowing, handstands, snorkeling, self- rescue exercises, and a host of underwater mermaid tricks.

You will find the PMSA at Fisheye Divers, Station 1, White Beach, right beside Starbucks. Swimming schedules are from 10 am to 3 pm daily. The lessons are offered at Php 2,000 per person while the mermaid photoshoot is priced at Php 1,000 per person.

Get an exhilarating kitesurfing experience at Freestyle Academy

kite surfing freestyle academy boracay

You can learn to kitesurf with a team of certified IKO instructors at the Freestyle Academy. Boracay has built a reputation for being the best kiteboarding spot in Asia. The island has the warm water and constant winds ideal for kitesurfing.

Freestyle Academy offers kitesurfing courses for beginners, intermediate, and advanced levels. They accommodate children and adults. You will be taught by people who are dedicated to sharing the high they get from kitesurfing and are passionate about giving their guests the best experience possible in Boracay. They are committed to offering more than just a school environment but a family as well. You will find Freestyle Academy in Bulabog Beach. The beginner level kitesurfing course is offered at Php7,000 per person.

Cook authentic Filipino food at We Cook Local

kare kare cook filipino food

Learn how to cook Filipino food at We Cook Local, the leading cooking school in Boracay. The cooking classes are held in authentic native structures and are taught by instructors who speak excellent English. The courses come with a cookbook written by the course chef instructors.

A typical day at the We Cook Local starts with students picking up ingredients at a local market and the instructor discussing the different types of food you encounter. Once you’re done, you will be driven to the class location where you will prep some of the food over a refreshing beverage and light snack. After prepping the ingredients, the class will start cooking the first dish for the day, with the instructor going through the process with a thorough discussion. When the dish is ready, everyone gets to eat and enjoy their cooked meals. The same process will be done for another round of entree and for the appetizer. You will find We Cook Local along Angol Road, Manoc-Manoc, Malay. The cooking lesson is offered at Php3,500 per person.

Earn certificates recognized worldwide with Freedive Boracay

girl free diving boracay

Freedive Boracay offers two Freedive Educational Systems: PADI and Apnea Total. Both programs are designed to be student-centered or tailored to match the capabilities and comfort of the students.

PADI is one of the world’s most popular SCUBA Educational systems. Freedive Boracay takes pride in offering PADI Freedive Courses that are fun, intensive, and comprehensive. An international freediving organization, Apnea Total promotes the Apnea Total Freediving Education System. Those who finish the course will earn a certification that is recognized worldwide. The program maintains the highest standards in terms of freediving education, instruction, and safety. It also promises a fun and intensive program. You will find Freedive Boracay at Fisheye Divers, Station 1, Barangay Balabag, White Beach. A freediving lesson is priced at Php5,750 per person.

Treat your kids to a diving lesson

Boracay Island New Wave Divers offers a family-like atmosphere along with serious diving training. More than just making sure you stay safe, they put prime importance to your comfort. Kids as young as ten years old can join the program and earn PADI Open Water Diver scuba certification. They then become Junior Open Water Divers for scuba diving. The program comes with limitations. The kids are only allowed to dive when accompanied by a certified parent/guardian or a PADI Professional. Dives must not go over 40 feet deep. Divers ages 12 to 14 can keep building their experience until they make it to the Master Scuba Diver Rating. New Wave is proud to be the only diving center on the island with a Certified Clean Air Certificate awarded by the Tri Air Testing in Austin, Texas. You’ll find the diving center at Station 1, Barangay Balabag.

Take PADI Adventure dives to earn advanced qualifications

PADI diving adventure boracay

There are new activities in store on the island even for experienced, certified divers. Completing five PADI Adventure dives offered at Calypso Beach can earn divers a PADI Advanced Open Water qualification. Some of the adventure dives you can have are the deep dive, boat dive, night dive, drift dive, and multilevel dive. PADI adventure dives can be collected over time until you qualify for a new certification. This means spending just a day diving will already get you ahead. Trying something new and having fun underwater can earn you credit. You’ll find Calypso at Station 2, White Beach. Advanced open water diving lessons are offered at Php17,000 per person.

Feel more centered with yoga routines

girl doing yoga

Boracay Yoga will help you feel more centered with classes offered by knowledgeable teachers. They combine your own needs and goals with group dynamics for more impactful lessons. If you are new to yoga, the Hatha Yoga course will set you off to a good start. The class involves a slow-paced stretching class with basic breathing exercises and simple meditation. It is a great way to learn beginner’s poses and ease your way into more complicated routines.

If you prefer your routine fast and sweaty, the Vinyasa Flow is just the yoga class to give your body an intensive workout. It will have you flowing from one pose to another, ensuring a complete body exercise. It will give you bursts of physical energy while keeping your mind focused and in the moment. It’s the perfect routine for people who like to stay in motion.

From Mermaid Boracay and Yoga Boracay to cooking classes, the options for Boracay classes are practically endless. You’ll have your schedule booked for the upcoming holidays!