10 Beach Hacks To Know When Travelling With A Baby

3 October, 2018

Summer is still a long way off, but the re-opening of Boracay in October 2018 has many wanting to pack their bags and get a dose of vitamin sea at Puka Beach or its surrounding seaside destinations. Sounds like fun if you’re still single. Parents, on the other hand, might want to try these 10 beach essentials for baby to have a good time.

Protect them from the sun

sunscreen for kids

The sun’s powerful rays can be harmful to a baby’s skin, especially for those who haven’t grown hair. Upon your pediatrician’s recommendation, apply a generous amount of the right sunscreen on your baby. You can even sing a few songs to make the application a little bit more comfy and soothing for them.

Play dress up

mother and child beach

Put a hat on them. Make sure they have the proper clothing such as rash guards, comfy dresses, cotton shirts, and shorts. Aside from that, deciding you’ll use diapers or not is essential. You can use re-usable diapers so that they don’t get puffy when they take a dip in the water. Be creative yet practical.

Prepare a shelter for them

portable beach chairs table

Speaking of heat, sunscreen can only protect your baby’s skin to a certain extent. Here’s one of the best beach hacks for baby that we just found out: bring a large umbrella to provide shade and aid the effect of the sunscreen. Just make sure to adjust the umbrella as the sun moves along.

A tent would be okay too, as long as it has large “windows” to let air freely pass through. Having these portable items will act as their second shield against the intense heat of the sun.

Keep them in check

check kids

It’s a parent’s nightmare when their baby goes missing. With the many people flocking to the new and improved Boracay, you put your precious one at risk if you leave them unchecked. Assuming that your baby doesn’t walk yet, you might want to bring a kiddie or an inflatable pool to keep them in check.

No, you won’t put it in sea water. The pool will act as a play fence so that your baby doesn’t wander away. It can also protect them against other items like glass or other sharp objects left in the sand that can potentially harm your baby. You can shovel a decent amount of sand for your baby to play with. It’s a beach hack that’s a bit of a hassle to carry around, but the benefits are just too great to pass up.

Never forget beach toys

kids beach toys

Toys are one of the most obvious hacks for bringing a baby to the beach. Depending on their age, you can bring toys that he/she is already familiar with or buy new ones so your baby can stay entertained longer.

Stacking cups, bubbles, and the good old plastic shovel and pail are beach must-haves for baby to choose from. Perhaps buying it all is a good idea to keep them busy for a long time.

Chill baby's essentials in the cooler

Another awesome hack we learned was to store your baby’s essential in an ice-packed cooler. This will keep them from overheating and make it easier to cool down your precious baby’s temperature after some time under the sun. Keeping their food in the cooler will also prevent it from spoilage. Make sure that each item is properly sealed so that it won’t spill over.

Time your trip to the beach

Knowing when to go to the beach can spell the difference between having a great time with your family and a baby throwing a tantrum. Schedule your trips to the beach around early in the morning or late in the afternoon. The cool breeze and gentler sun will help you have a great time at the beach.

We would suggest dropping by the beach at around 6:00 to 10:00 in the morning, while afternoon visits can be as early as 3:00 all the way until the sun sets.

Make sure to keep them hydrated

Even with a decent amount of shade and sunscreen, the heat of the sun can still overheat a baby. Make sure that your “mini you” is properly hydrated to keep them cool. Increase their water intake for the duration of your stay at the beach. The only drawback here is that they’ll probably pee a little bit more than you wanted, but at least they’re not dehydrated and cranky.

Cool them down

beach cool them down

Aside from the previous hacks to keep the baby out of the sun, there are other ways to prevent your baby from getting too hot. You could use a water spray bottle. Set it on its most gentle spray and squeeze it around a foot or two away from the baby. The cool water will help cool them down. You can also use a mini fan. This is handy especially when the air isn’t strong enough to be felt. Just make sure to bring a power bank or extra set of batteries.

Book a room with air conditioning

After a long hot day at the beach, nothing beats going to a posh room to rest and freshen up. For less than Php5,000, you can already book a 62-square-meter loft-type room at Alta Vista de Boracay. All rooms are equipped with air conditioning and spacious beds that are perfect for you or your baby’s nap time. Bathrooms have generous space for you to give the baby an after-beach bath to wash away the sand, sunscreen, and sweat.

Aside from that, this hotel has a playroom so you can leave your baby with yaya and enjoy the other facilities like the karaoke room or infinity pool.

Many people still think that going to the beach with a baby can stop them from having fun. Who can blame them? The baby’s needs must come first. But with these simple hacks and the proper preparation, you and your family can have a wonderful time playing by the beach, making beautiful memories for all to remember.