Beach-Friendly Dresses For Your Boracay Wedding

22 September, 2017

Marriage is probably the most important partnership you'll ever enter. It involves a perpetual contract with another person whom you vow to be love and support “'til death do you part.” The significance of this coming together of two individuals, and their family and friends, deserves an unforgettable celebration. Alta Vista de Boracay is a stunning venue for your dream beach wedding. It offers a majestic view of Puka Beach and the rest of the picturesque Boracay while ensuring you and your guests privacy for your intimate event at the function hall. Calm your pre-wedding jitters in the infinity pool and de-stress in a post-event karaoke session.

Start preparing for one of the best moments of your life. Here's a dress guide for a beach wedding and some tips on how to make this day worth remembering.


Off-shoulder bridal dress with crochet barefoot sandals

Beach Wedding Off-should Bridal Dress

Photo courtesy of Pixabay via Pexels

There was a time when weddings were exclusively held in a church. Everyone is donning a formal attire of evening gowns and tuxedo or Barong Tagalog. Over the years, the celebrations slowly geared away from traditions. More couples now exchange vows in a garden, on a beach and sometimes even underwater. Themes became fads and wedding dresses evolved from fairytale-like to party-ready.

You wouldn't want to worry about getting sand in your shoes as you walk down the aisle. An off-shoulder bridal dress is perfect with white crochet barefoot sandals. Your bridesmaids can also sport lariat sandals that go with their knee-length ivory silk dresses.


Bring Mykonos to Boracay

Boracay Beach Wedding Mykonos to Boracay

Photo courtesy of Markus Spiske via Pexels

Thinking of having a themed wedding? Why not have a Grecian-inspired event? The Greek traditional tunic is a suitable wedding dress inspiration for the beach. A white peplos is basically a body-length robe or shawl wrapped around the body and hangs with loose folds. You can also dress in a stunning chiton adorned with brooch-like pins. Go for linen fabric or something light and drapey that appeal to the warm beach weather. Accessorize with gold or silver bracelets and arm cuffs.

The secret of a successful themed event is consistency. If you're bringing Mykonos to Boracay, make sure the reception venue is decorated with pillars and olive branches. The menu must be rich with vegetables in olive oil, fish, white and red meat and lots of wine.


Appear at your best in lightweight chiffon dress

Beach Wedding Lightweight Chiffon Dress

Photo courtesy of nic via Unsplash 

The bridal dress is typically the highlight of a wedding ceremony. It's also the most costly. But gone are the days of lavish weddings attended by 200 guests. Today, couples go for intimate rather than the grandiose. This is one reason why beach and garden weddings are so appealing to young people.

Look and feel beautiful on your special day in a sheath wedding dress. This is commonly made from lightweight chiffon and designed to accentuate your figure. It reveals your natural curves while keeping your overall appearance regal. Let your long locks flow over your shoulders for a truly beach goddess look.

The glamorous mermaid wedding dress

Glamorous Mermaid Wedding Dress

Photo courtesy of Anne Edgar via Unsplash

Finding the right wedding dress can be overwhelming for many brides. The fit may not be flattering, your budget may not match or you simply “don't feel it.” For curvy women, a mermaid wedding dress is simply perfect. This silhouette wraps around your midsection before broadening out down your legs. The shape resembles that of a mythical sea princess. A chiffon material suits the warm yet breezy beach atmosphere.

Your bridesmaids can go for off-the-shoulder summer dresses or floral maxi dresses – anything that will make them comfy and pretty on your outdoor wedding.


Get daring with your dress color

Daring Beach Wedding Dress Color

Photo courtesy of Ngọc Hằng via Unsplash

The bridal gown is traditionally to symbolize purity of the soul. Wearing a red or black dress was reserved for photo-ops and soap operas. However, people are breaking norms and going for the unconventional. There are many women who got married in flowy top-and-pantsuit combo, in baby pink ball gown, and in colorful summer dresses. So, what's stopping you from wearing a wedding dress in a shade of your choice? A strapless gown in bleu de france is perfect for a nautical-inspired event. You can also go for a lavender or orchid-colored, summer-inspired dress.


A wedding dress that floats like ocean waves

Beach Weddding Dress Like Ocean Waves

Photo courtesy of Pixabay via Pexels

“Her happiness floated like waves of ocean along the coast of her life,” bestselling author and poet Santosh Kalwar mused. Your wedding marks a new chapter of your life. Many women don't have the courage to take this path. You should be celebrating yourself and the life ahead of you. Let your bridal dress flow as freely as the sea waves in your Boracay beach wedding. For a floaty weightless look, you can opt for a chiffon, ankle-length, A-line gown or a more structure organza material. When choosing the fabric, go for something that allows movement.


Dress ideas for your cool groom

Beach Wedding Dress Ideas for your Groom

Photo courtesy of Allef Vinicius via Unsplash

Your bridal dress may be the centerpiece of the event, but what about your groom's and his entourage? Lucky for them, their options are wider and less restrictive. They can go for a beach polo shirts and linen pants. Your dashing groom may sport a beige suit vest on top of a white long-sleeve polo or simply a cool Amalfi shirt.

What about the guests? One thing people love about beach weddings is the less formal atmosphere. Your aunts may not mind wearing glitzy ball gowns once in awhile, but that can be a challenge when the affair involves the sun and sand. They can come in any beach outfit they want (though you may need a prior consensus whether swimsuits are okay). But of course, if you have a theme, everyone must dress up accordingly.

People usually need at least six months to prepare for their wedding. That period includes the processing of marriage license (if applicable), the venue reservation, and sending out of invites, among others. It's not unusual that couples, especially the would-be bride, suffer from immense stress during this time. Don't hesitate the seek assistance. Admit it. Prepping for a wedding is not a one-man job. Besides, you need to prepare for anything that can happen in a beach wedding including a sudden downpour or outfit mishaps.