Who says swimsuit shopping can only be done during the summer season? On second thought, shopping can begin as early as this Christmas season.

Although, choosing a swimsuit for you and your kids may not come easy. From following swimsuit trends to protecting your kids’ from harmful UV rays, there are many things to consider before buying a swimsuit. 

This is why it is practical for you to start shopping around for possible swimsuits as early as now. Not only do you have all the time in the world to choose, but you will also save yourself from the pre-summer rush. Plus, you can even score a few items on sale. So, it’s a double win for you.

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For starters, you may want to consider swimwear that is comfortable and flexible enough to meet the demands of your kids’ high energy level at the beach. This includes playing in the sand. 

And, before heading to a swimsuit store, why not buy matching swimwear for you and your kids? The “Mommy and I” swimwear is a trend that is not about to go away, especially for growing families that love the beach. 

If you think that matching swimwear sounds (and looks) corny, take inspiration in well-known bloggers and their kids, like Andi Manzano and her daughter, Olivia. This lovely mother-daughter duo wore matching swimsuits to their beach trip last year. How about that! 

Here are some inspirational and trendy ideas for you and your kid.

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1. Get Comfy with Rash Guards 

It’s understandable that most moms (and you might be one of them) wouldn’t dare expose their children’s delicate skin to the sun. If that’s your major concern, then rash guards are definitely your top choice. 

Rash guards are often long-sleeved swimwear that can protect you and your kids from the sun but is comfortable enough to swim in or play around in.

Fashion tip: While some don't consider rash guards as fashionable, don’t worry, it’s all about pairing them with the right accessories. Pair up your rash guards with matching bandanas for you and your kids and wrap these around your wrists or necks and, voila! You and your kids are ready to make the beach your runway. 

2. Animal Prints Will Make a Comeback 

If you own at least one animal printed swimsuit; so now it's time to buy a matching one for your kid. 

Back in the day, leopard and snakeskin prints were considered trendy for swimwear. Today, however, a wider variety is offered, including tiger, zebra and cow print. Who knows, the prints of your kid’s favorite animal may just be in style in 2020. Just imagine how happy your kid would be! 

Fashion Tip: Whether it’s a one-piece or two-piece, your animal print swimsuit will pair well with a pair of black, white or monochrome shorts, to balance out the design of your swimwear. It can protect you from possible wardrobe malfunctions, too.

3. Frill It Up

Photo by Angelina Litvin on Unsplash

If you’re the type of mom-daughter duo who likes to go big in fashion, then swimsuits with frills is the trend to follow. You can never go wrong with a few frills on your and your kid’s swimsuit. Frills are often found on one-piece swimsuits or sleeveless tops. When buying swimwear with frills, make sure to purchase one that’s comfortable for strenuous activities and your kid, like swimming and running, among others. 

Fashion tip: Top your frilly swimsuit with matching beach hats for you and your kid. Not only will this add to your beach fashion statement, but it can also protect you and your child’s faces from extreme heat.

4. One-shoulder Swimsuit 

According to an article by Eliza Hubber, off-shoulders are no longer the trend. This is because one-shoulder swimwear is set to take over next summer. This swimsuit is the perfect balance between sexy and wholesome fashion for moms, while it’s cute and fashionable for kids. You can pair this off with a cute pair of swimming shorts to complete the look. 

Fashion tip: Consider buying a chocolate brown swimsuit, as it is one of the trendiest swimsuit colors today. It can be easily matched with any pattern, too. 

5. Floral Pattern Suits

 Floral will never go old. This is why getting matching floral swimsuits for you and your child may just be the best (and easiest) choice. Floral patterns can be found in almost any kind of swimwear, one-piece, two-piece, and even rash guards. So, you’ll have all the options in the world. 

Fashion Tip: To balance your floral swimsuit out, add another piece (a hat, a pair of shorts, or a shawl) that’s of neutral color. 

6. Striped Swimsuits 

Here’s another trendy swimsuit pattern to consider. Two-tone striped swimsuits are also the upcoming swimsuit goal next summer. While it carries a simple design, stripes are strong enough to let you and your kid stand out at the beach. It can be matched with almost any pattern, too. 

Fashion Tip: Go for a contrasting color when choosing stripes. Some of the trendy pairs today are navy blue and white, or black and white. Stay within a simple color palette to help you match the swimwear easily with your other accessories.

Tips for choosing the best swimsuit

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These are some of the trendiest swimsuit fashion designs to look out for next summer. However, beyond the following trends, there are other factors to consider when choosing a swimsuit for you and your children. Here are some of them: 

1. Good fit

Body shapes vary from person to person, both for adults and kids. In choosing a swimsuit for you and your kid, make sure that it hugs your body well. 

2. Comfort

Getting into the trend is one thing. But the most important question is, "Are you comfortable wearing it?" Consider comfort over everything else, especially in swimwear. 

3. Durability

As a mom, your vacation also equates to looking after the kids. So, when buying swimwear, buy a pair or a piece that can withstand many factors, like the sudden rush of waves or kids pushing you into the water. 

In choosing swimwear, it is always best to find a balance between fashion and comfort. Keep in mind that the best thing about beach trips with the family is the experience you get to share with the children. The best swimsuits for you and the kids are those that will make all of you happy and hassle-free beach experience.