01 FEBRUARY, 2019


As another year starts, everyone is determined to tick off all the resolutions they have set for 2019. For those who are part of the workforce, achieving work-life balance remains to be one of the priorities.

Don’t let your 9-5 schedule in the office prevent you from going on an adventure of a lifetime. A work-travel lifestyle is a necessity in order to prevent the dreaded “burnout.” Don’t worry, you can travel as much as you want without quitting your job.

Here are 10 work-life balance tips and techniques you need to follow to strike the perfect balance between career goals and travel goals.

#1: Plan your trips on the weekends

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There are many ways to spend your Saturdays and Sundays and this includes traveling. One work-life balance tip for employees is to use the weekends to plan short getaways and memorable trips. With the help of trip planners available on the web, you can customize your very own “short-cation.”

The weekends are truly a blessing, especially for someone who wants to travel and be able to report back to work on Monday. Spending your weekends going on an adventure is also a good alternative to staying in

#2: Keep track of your vacation leaves

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We have all been there before: counting how much vacation leaves we have left. The best way you can maximize work and travel is by using your leave before or after a weekend. This work-life balance technique allows you to go on a trip for much longer. So keep track of your leaves and then use them to get an extra day or two for your getaways.

Living a work-travel lifestyle means making the most out of your trips and you are sure to do that when you use your leaves wisely.

#3: Choose a place with good Wi-Fi service

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You are on your most-awaited trip and work unexpectedly comes up. A work-life balance tip for employees is to deal with the work immediately. This can only be done if you are in a place that has Wi-Fi connectivity and good Internet service. If you are planning a trip to Boracay, Alta Vista De Boracay’s rooms, reception lobby, and sports bar all have internet connections.

You may have planned your trip on a weekend with matching vacation leave to boot, but there is still a chance of work emergencies, which you need to deal with. So be prepared to work remotely.

#4: Create and stick to a to-do list

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Once you are on your trip, it might be tempting to disconnect with work and then just deal with it come Monday. But if you are really serious with living a work-travel lifestyle, inserting working hours during the trip is the way to go.

The best way to make sure that you accomplish both your work tasks and travel tasks is by creating and sticking to a to-do list. Some are comfortable reserving the first half of their day working and then having fun later in the day. The key is to craft your to-do list based on your preference. One important work-life balance tip for employees is to keep track of your activities and make sure both your travel goals and work checklist are met.

#5: Keep your schedule flexible

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Keeping a to-do list is a good way to work and travel at the same time. But making sure that your to-do list is flexible is just as important. Anything can happen when traveling and a flexible schedule will allow you to adjust accordingly.

Missed the tour bus? Use the waiting time to write the article you need to finish and just adjust your tour to a later time. The same goes if you meet up with an old friend unexpectedly. Spend your time with them earlier and then just schedule your working hours later. Just because you adjusted your time doesn’t mean there’s no longer work-life balance.

#6: Wake up early

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There are many reasons why waking up early is good for you. If you are gunning for work-travel balance, being an early bird lets you do more work. Not only can you start the day fresh with a clear plan, but the stillness of the morning hours allows you to work better.

Besides, the earlier you get your work done the faster you can go back to your much-needed rest and recreation. Work-life-travel balance can be achieved with steps as simple as setting an alarm and getting up earlier.

#7: Make the most out of technology

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It’s easy to get lost in the amount of activities you have planned for the day. What more if you add work. This is where you need to use technology to your advantage. Right now, there are applications that allow you to track your working hours and even streamline your workflow.

Once you’ve found the perfect application that helps set your work and travel groove, having a work-travel lifestyle comes naturally.

#8: Use the holidays to your advantage

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When planning a trip, it’s important to consider weekends. But what you should not forget are the holidays especially when one falls on either a Monday or a Friday. In connection with the work-life balance tip for employees earlier about using vacation leaves wisely, you can spend your holidays wisely by connecting it with your vacation leave. The result? A much longer getaway for you.

Keep track of the upcoming holidays and check if they result in long weekends.

#9: Maximize bursts of productivity

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Once you are already on your trip, you change from work mode to rest mode. If work needs to be done, transitioning from resting to working can be troublesome. Maximizing periods of productivity is one of the key work-life balance tips and techniques you need to master.

Forcing yourself to work even if you’re not on your groove might just lead to idle time, so don’t. Once that burst of “work, work, work” sets in, use it to your advantage. If you are still stuck in a slump, there are certain habits you can start to kickstart your productivity.

#10: Enjoy!

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There is one thing that’s not included in most articles that talk about work-life balance tips for employees — it is to enjoy.

Seeing tourist attractions, interacting with locals, and tasting different cuisines are definitely enjoyable activities. But the same goes with finishing your tasks early, completing your project reports ahead of time, and just basically accomplishing your to-do list. There are many ways to enjoy working and you just need to find what works for you best. Once you find working fun, work and travel are just going to be one and the same for you.

Of course, it definitely helps if the environment you are in is perfect for both working and traveling. If you are planning to visit Boracay soon, Alta Vista De Boracay is a haven for those seeking work and travel balance.

Traveling and working can and should go hand in hand. Hustle hard so that you can build the career you’ve been dreaming of but go on a trip every now and then to rest. Just remember these tips and before you know it, you’ve achieved that elusive work-life balance.