01 DECEMBER, 2016


“Someone who loves me went to Boracay and gave me this shirt.”

Awww, sweet right? But doesn’t everyone have one of those already? If you are hitting Boracay soon and you want to surprise your loved ones with unique souvenirs, you have to start thinking beyond shirts, ref magnets, postcards, key chains, and nail cutters. They say it is the thought that counts. It truly is, but remember that thoughtfulness also means making an effort to think about the people you are giving souvenirs to: what they like, what best complements their personality, and what will make them feel special. Remember: it might be important to follow your budget in Boracay, but it’s just as important to share your experiences with your loved ones.

One of the best things about Boracay is that it has the conveniences of a city amid the turquoise waters and powdery white sand. You can find Boracay souvenirs everywhere, from establishments to locals walking around the island. But they say the best gifts are not available in stores. So think out-of-the-box and come up with unique souvenirs from Boracay. You might be surprised that you won’t even have to shell out cash.

Greetings from tourists

Photo courtesy of Ronald Tagra via Flickr

You will bump into a lot of tourists while you’re there. You will have breakfasts, hop islands, dive, and ride the banana boat together. And since you are all on chill vacation mode, everyone is practically cool about anything.

Get your camera and start filming. Tell them you are making a souvenir footage for your friends back home. And ask them to say: “I miss you” or “Wish you were here” in their native languages. You will spot a lot of Koreans there, for example, and a simple “Annyeong haseyo” will mean the world to your Koreanovela freak friends.


A postcard upgrade

Every corner of Boracay is Instagram-worthy. The gorgeous sunset, for example, is among the most photographed sunsets in the world. If you have folks and friends who appreciate art forms such as photography, why not snap a good photo of Boracay. Do not limit yourself with the usual. Turn your head, look up and down, and change your perspective. Mind your foreground and give it a really good texture. Have it blown up, case it in a frame, and wrap it with a ribbon.

Taste of Boracay

Photo courtesy of FonthipWard via Pixabay

Boracay is home to exceptional cuisines. Never leave the island without a taste of all the delectable dishes on offer. Try the holes-in-the-wall type of hang-outs and don’t be afraid to chat with servers, cooks or owners. They’d be more than glad to share with you a seafood recipe or two. And when you come home, you’ll have the tastiest beach souvenir ever. Cook your family a dish you learned in Boracay. Even just imitating the famous Jonah’s milk and fruit shakes would surely be a hit.

Capture the fun

Photo courtesy of Chris Nener via Flickr

Friends really like it when they see you being silly. Give them a good laugh by taking a GoPro with you and filming your reaction when you try extreme activities in Boracay. Go parasailing and face your fear of heights. Scream your heart out on board the flyfish. Do a reverse bungee jump 60 meters above sea level. Dive off a cliff at Ariel’s Point. You may also try kiteboarding and windsurfing. Or if you want to leave them with a funny image of you, dress up like a mermaid.

The pure sand in Boracay’s beaches is a guaranteed fun time for the kids. Capture their hijinks at the beach and show them to folks back home. Kids are a lot of fun without them even trying.

Tour of the hotel

“Where did you stay?” is among the most common questions friends ask when you go on vacation. And given that you love taking photos from your balcony to capture a view of the beach and post it on social media with the caption “View from our room,” why not give them an actual peek?

There are two types of accommodations in Boracay: budget or backpacker and luxury. But whichever Boracay hotel you would end up booking, you are surely never too far from the beach. Giving them a tour of your Boracay accommodation to  make them feel like they are are in the trip too.

Underwater goodness

Photo courtesy of condesign via Pixabay

There’s something about the beach that is instantly relaxing. If you are going for a dive in Boracay, take out your waterproof camera and film the rich marine sanctuaries underwater. If you have a guide who can go deeper, give the camera to him and tell him to film too. Try to edit it nicely (editing apps will do) and put on a relaxing background music. Your friends can save it on their phones or watch it at home after a long day. Also, you don’t have to be in it. Focus on the view.

Something personal

Photo courtesy of Bluesnap via Pixabay

The idea of giving out unique souvenirs is embedding them with personal touch. You can find Boracay souvenir items that attempt not to be common. You can have custom jewelry made in the receiver’s favorite colors. You can have personalized shirts with funny or inspirational words on them. Personalized bag tags for traveler friends and friends with school kids, as well as personalized pens for co-workers would be greatly appreciated.

Bringing sweetness home

Photo courtesy of Beatrice Murch via Flickr

You can’t go wrong with a jar of goodness as a souvenir. You can have a jar of mango jam and calamansi curd from the Sunny Side Café. It’s the perfect way to enjoy the sweet, sunny flavors of Boracay with friends who weren’t able to go with you.

For folks who like it hot, Spice Bird’s Piri-piri sauce made with the best chilies is highly recommended. Or if you want to have a post-Boracay celebration at home, buy a unique flavored rum such as a tropical kalamansi rum.

Souvenir for a cause

Feel good about buying Boracay souvenirs by purchasing one of those soap baskets crafted by the Ati Tribe. They’re all over the island. Look for the Ati label as every purchase generates income for their community. If you want to buy in bulk, visit their community. Giving this as souvenirs for friends and family is also a way of making them part of the good cause.

Souvenirs can be very repetitive. And when you think of coming out with something unique, the task can be so challenging that you will end up buying the same things. The key is to broaden your search. Do not limit yourself to souvenir shops. You know your friends better than any of these gift stores. And that gives you the right to give them something truly special.