07 JANUARY, 2020


You might be thinking there’s no such thing as “luck” in travel. But think about it. Remember the piso fare you didn’t get because the website supposedly crashed down? What about that time when you lost your wallet on one of your trips abroad? Let’s face it. There are some unlucky circumstances we encounter when traveling.

What if we told you that there’s a solution to bring you good luck for 2020? One way is to incorporate feng shui into your decisions in traveling. The word “feng shui” just means the practice of living in harmony with the principles of the natural world. Meaning, we connect our lives with the flow of the environment around us. 

Some people allow their Chinese Zodiac signs to dictate their travel destinations and plans while some choose to bring along lucky charms during their travels. 

As the Chinese New Year draws nearer, here are some lucky Chinese charms you can consider bringing on your next vacation, whether local or abroad! 

1. Bagua mirror

A very popular symbol in the world of feng shui is the Bagua mirror. This is a small mirror encased in an octagonal wooden case often seen at the top of the front doors. The Bagua is used to cure negative energies in a particular area and create harmony and good fortune. 

There are three types of Bagua mirrors, and how would it affect you. The Bagua mirror can also be a traveling charm, as smaller versions of these are available for you to bring wherever you go. You can place it in your luggage, and once you’re in your accommodation, put it in your doors or windows to keep the evil spirits away.

2. Dragons or Chi Lins 

Photo courtesy of Engin_Akyurt via Pixabay

Feng shui dragons and chi lins are one of the commonly known Chinese mythical creatures that bring in all sorts of luck to the person who possesses it. But don’t worry, you don’t need to bring a heavy statue of these creatures in your luggage to bring in good luck; small charms and even key chains would do just fine.

Dragons are a symbol of yang energy, and its charms often come with a pearl or crystal attached to its claw, symbolizing power, wealth, and abundance of opportunities, which you need when traveling. 

Meanwhile, chi lin, the Chinese version of a unicorn, brings in good health and prosperity and is also suitable for travelers. 

3. Chinese coins 

Photo courtesy of Alexander Stein of Pixabay

If you’re traveling abroad, make sure to have a few Chinese coins with you. Chinese coins are for protection and good luck to travelers. It also represents abundance in money when traveling, which is essential if you love shopping whenever you’re on vacation.

Chinese coins are often grouped into three by a red ribbon, symbolizing the trinity blessings or luck for heaven, earth, and people. You can hang these coins on your backpack or wallet, just make sure you won’t accidentally spend it.

4. A piece of red cloth 

Photo courtesy of truthseeker08 of Pixabay

Red, in feng shui, represents passion, emotion, and high energy. It’s the most common color you can find in any charm known to mankind. Wearing red during your travel may attract luck and happiness. It also symbolizes protection from negative energy. 

5. Gold medallions  

Photo courtesy of Worldspectrum via Pexels

Most medallions in Chinese tradition are used for general protection from natural disasters, evil spirits, accidents, negative energies, and even people. So, if you’re traveling to a country or city that’s prone to natural disasters like typhoons, floods, or earthquakes, then medallions should be on top of your packing list.

6. San He or Liu He bracelets  

Photo courtesy of meilideyingzi via Pixabay

Bracelets are another common charm in feng shui. There are many types of bracelets to choose from, but the most popular one is the San He and Liu He bracelets. San He bracelets are made of red beads with 12 animal signs grouped into four depending on their compatibility, thus symbolizing harmony with the person. 

The Liu He bracelets work in the same concept, except the animal signs are divided according to its yin and yang. This bracelet brings in good fortune to whoever wears it, which is a comforting factor to travelers when they are on a trip.

7. Mystic knot 

Photo courtesy of tutuqi via Pixabay

Another famous feng shui charm and symbol is the mystic knot. It is a combination of six infinity knots that is believed to bring in happiness and good fortune by attracting positive energy. Sometimes, mystic knots are a standalone charm like keychains, bracelets, and rings. But it is also tied with Chinese coins for luck in the monetary department, and a wind chime to counter-attack terrible fortune.

8. Jade amulet  

Photo courtesy of Engin Akyurt via Pexels

Apart from red, a certain green crystal is commonly seen in feng shui charms; this is the jade amulet. The jade symbolizes purity, gentleness, and nourishment. It also symbolizes harmony and balance within the person.

A popular jade amulet is the Jade Lotus amulet, which enhances a person’s good fortune. It gives the person a peaceful and clear mind when setting important goals, which is essential for those who are planning to travel. You can carry this around in your bag so harmony will follow you wherever you go. 

9. Lavender essence 

Photo courtesy of Mareefe via Pexels

Lavender oil is the top choice of essential oils for feng shui because of the calming energy it possesses. Lavender scent is used to promote good health and happiness and can improve your personal chi by removing the negativity around you. When traveling, spray some lavender essence in your hotel room to help yourself calm down, relax, and feel at home.

10. Traveling Buddha 

Photo courtesy of Alexander Stein of Pixabay

Also known as the laughing Buddha, this feng shui element is another popular charm used to attract good luck. The Buddha brings good energy, wealth, and joyful blessing to where it is placed. You can bring the traveling Buddha in a keychain or small statues. 

11. Embrace your lucky animal 

Every lunar new year, your birth year is assigned to a lucky animal within the Chinese zodiac. Once you find your lucky animal through feng shui, you can go on and buy trinkets or charms of that animal and make it a part of your everyday getup. 

12. Lucky color!

Your birth year matches an element that is compatible with certain colors. Certain colors can bring in luck and fortune, while other colors are needed to be avoided. Once you have figured that out, you can begin investing in clothes within that hue. 

Investing in feng shui charms is a great help for travelers, especially when you want to take extra precautions. But it’s also essential to come prepared for any vacation or travel destination with thorough planning and execution. At the end of the day, it’s your choice whether you would believe in these charms and the luck they bring to people. 

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