29 SEPTEMBER, 2016


Sun-kissed shoulders and a gorgeous tan line are just some of the things people like about hitting the beach during the summer. There’s something about the sizzling weather that we crave. The water is clearer under the sun, marine sanctuaries come to life, and our soaked bodies feel cool and warm at the same time.

But summer’s over and rainy days are here. Do we just shelf our swimwear and snorkeling gear? But how can you when all airlines and travel agencies have marked down their rates? How can you look away when Alta Vista de Boracay is offering huge off-peak discounts?


Image courtesy of the Alta Vista De Boracay Facebook Page

Well, you don’t have to. There are many ways to enjoy the beach during the monsoon or rainy season. Boracay, one of the most pristine beaches in the world, is just as lovely when it’s raining. In fact, there’s a different charm to it. Being in a tropical country, the sun could still get mighty hot during the day, although the nights could be a bit colder. Just perfect for chill nights by the beach.

Let us help you craft your rainy day itinerary in Boracay. We guarantee you summer fun amid the rainy days.


Have a feast

Photo courtesy of nadinkim via Pixabay

You ask: What to do in Boracay if it’s raining? The answer: Eat. A lot.

The good thing about Boracay is that you can choose to dine by the beach or under a roof. If it’s drizzling during the day, sit down and have a gastronomic feast of the best local and international cuisine. Whatever your cravings are, you can expect Boracay restaurants to satisfy them. You can go Italian, Indian, Mexican, Spanish, Moroccan or Continental. Or if you want to go local, you can enjoy the best of Filipino cuisine—seafood, lechon, sisig, and so much more.


Get your groove on

Photo courtesy of Ronald Tagra via Flickr, Creative Commons

Boracay is famous for its legendary party scene. Your Boracay itinerary will not be complete without grooving and dancing the chilly night away in one of the clubs. When the night gets cold, it would be nice to consume a moderate amount of booze to feel a little warm. Sweat it out too by hitting the dance floor. Just remember to drink in moderation and be responsible for your actions.

Make new friends

Photo courtesy of Wpreeves via Pixabay


Don’t let the gloomy weather dampen your spirit. Don’t just lock yourself away in your hotel. Try to meet new people and make new friends while dining or partying. A quick chat shouldn’t hurt. Boracay, after all, attracts vacationers from all over the globe. Being rained in with new friends can lead to the most eye-opening conversations.


Go wild and extreme

Photo courtesy of jackmac34 via Pixabay

Never leave Boracay without doing something for the first time. Your 2016 Boracay itinerary should always include some water sports, which the island is known for. There are water activities that are still allowed even when it is raining, such as banana boating and fly fish rides that you can enjoy with friends. You can even go bungee jumping. Wind and big waves also bring more excitement to kiteboarders and windsurfers. The important thing to remember is to always exercise caution and secure your safety.


Hit the land more

Photo courtesy of rihaij via Pixabay

A little drizzle can make land activities more fun. For example, ATV rides are more exciting with mud. The bumpier and dirtier the ride is, the better it is for adventure and thrill seekers. If island hopping is not recommended, you may try motor biking to get around the island. Mountain trekking is also worth a try.


Relax and pamper yourself

Photo courtesy of The Pageman via Flickr, Creative Commons

Boracay is a perfect place to de-stress, rain or shine. Hotels offer their in-room spa services and there are also massage places everywhere. During the rainy season, it would be great to slow down and pamper yourself. After a day of water activities, the therapeutic and calming scent of aromatic oil as it is gently rubbed in your body will make you relaxed. If you want to have a scenic view of the beach, you can try the unique island massage under a hut by the beach. The sound of the waves will surely make you feel calmer.


Sip tea or coffee

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For those lazy afternoons when you don’t feel like doing anything, you can try one of the cafés in the island. Nope, it’s not all booze in Boracay. Certainly, one of the rainy day activities in Boracay that you can do is just to sip hot tea or coffee. From the highly commercial Starbucks to local coffee shops, you can have your caffeine fix while watching the rain.


Milkshake, anyone?

Photo courtesy of MariaMichelle via Pixabay

Who says you can’t have a milkshake when it is raining? Try the famous Jonah’s fruit shake or milkshake. The sweetness will surely kiss your rainy day blues away. Stay for a while in their nipa-made restaurant and have a few snacks while you watch the rain fall--it makes for a calming experience.


Staycation at its finest

Photo courtesy of Alta Vista de Boracay


Booking good accommodations in Boracay is even more crucial during the rainy season. You want a Boracay hotel that has the right amenities and facilities when the weather gets gloomy. Luxurious rooms can make for a fun, restful stay. Choose a Boracay hotel accommodation with its own pool or jacuzzi for times when you can’t hit the beach. Consider facilities such as a bar or karaoke room for those nights that you want to party, even on a low-key fashion.


Enjoy the view

Photo courtesy of Alta Vista de Boracay

The postcard-worthy Boracay sunset presents entirely new dimensions during the monsoon season. A bit of exploring will reward you with spectacular views that simply aren’t witnessed in the summer. Luxury hotels atop one of Boracay’s peaks offer a breathtaking view of the island. When the sun is about to go down, sit in a deck and savor all the beauty that Boracay has to offer.


Stroll and shop

Photo courtesy of Wounds_and_Cracks via Pixabay

Never leave the island without some souvenirs. During the monsoon season, the chilly breeze makes strolling a little bit more conducive. Visit the famous D’Mall and D’Talipapa for bargain finds such as shirts and native bags. You can also find some restaurants there.

Don’t let the rain keep you from romancing Boracay. The island is as majestic in the rainy season as it is during the summer. Just come prepared with waterproof bags for your gadgets and, more importantly, a hankering to explore.