21 JULY, 2017


With long stretches of stunning white beaches, clear turquoise waters, picture-perfect sunsets, Boracay is not only a popular destination for travelers but also for lovebirds looking looking for a wedding venue. Although it is common to find the beach path teeming with countless visitors, both local and international, finding secluded spots for your intimate and beautiful beach wedding is not impossible. Find out how Alta Vista de Boracay can help you achieve your dream Boracay wedding. 


Romantic beachfront wedding


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There is something very romantic and magical about a Boracay beachfront nuptial ceremony. You can turn the deep blue waters overlooking a picturesque horizon into your very own wedding backdrop. Transform the beachfront into an open-air venue decorated with a beautiful arch, aisle, chairs and an altar. Whether you prefer the tranquil blue and white of the daytime horizon or the stunning red and orange hues of the afternoon sunset, you are bound to have a breathtakingly beautiful wedding.


Picture-perfect backdrops

Staying true to its name, Alta Vista de Boracay offers the best views from one of the highest peaks in the island paradise. Providing a relaxing air of seclusion, seventeen mid-rise condominiums sit comfortably on four hectares of the sprawling hillside. Located in Barangay Yapak, Alta Vista brings you closer to some of the best kept views of Boracay: stunning white sand beaches, turquoise waters, and lush mountains. This slice of paradise is just what you need to have a boatload of picture-perfect wedding moments.


Expansive space


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Alta Vista de Boracay is situated on four hectares of prime land, and consists of seventeen buildings elegantly spread out across the island’s sprawling tropical mountains. Each building offer stunning views of the island paradise of Boracay. The property’s expansive space gives it an air of grandiosity that will make the bride feel regal on her wedding day.


Access to unspoilt beauty

Most marriage ceremonies are done on the White Beach. But as popular as this destination is, it can be just as crowded. For a more intimate wedding setting and to ensure you don’t get surrounded by uninvited “guests”, going off the beaten track may be your best option. Alta Vista provides easy access to the secluded Puca Beach, an ideal getaway for those seeking refuge from the bustling island activities and Boracay’s party vibe. Puka Beach is a hidden secret worth discovering, especially on your special day of love and romance.


Refreshing waters

One of the main attractions of Alta Vista de Boracay is their infinity pool. It’s one of the first things you will see as soon as you set foot in the vicinity. You’ll find it a sight to behold. The pool is massive, and there’s a great chance that you will find it completely vacant. You get to have the whole place to yourself! The pool also comes with a jacuzzi. You get to dip in and have a refreshing and invigorating break from all the hustle and bustle a wedding entails. You can also enjoy a quick dip with your bridesmaids the night before your special day. You can even turn it into your honeymoon spot right after your wedding!


In touch with nature

Alta Vista de Boracay managed to preserve the nature sanctuary that is Boracay. This will allow you to have all the good vibes you need for your special day. Weddings can be hectic and stressful. Being in a place that lets you breathe easier will help make your wedding the joyful occasion. You get the chance to make memories that are as fresh and vibrant as your verdant surroundings.


Tranquil spot in paradise island

If you want to take a break from Boracay’s party scene, Alta Vista de Boracay lets you have your own relaxing spot on the island with its secluded location on Barangay Yapak’s hillside. It’s elevated location allows you to enjoy panoramic views of surrounding mountains and the long stretches of white sand beaches. Alta Vista is definitely the perfect wedding destination in Boracay.


Perfect mountain seaside retreat

Alta Vista de Boracay sits atop a hilly terrain, providing an idyllic backdrop and an exclusive and private sanctuary amidst the verdant, rolling landscape. You get to bask in the cool, gentle breeze and the tranquil atmosphere. The place gives you beautiful reasons to look back to your special day for the rest of your life.


Comfortable and convenient accommodations

Warm, inviting and spacious, the units are a haven for comfort and relaxation. Fully furnished with all the amenities that you will need, they ensure convenience. You can easily settle in and just lay back and chill. You will also love its contemporary design. Alta Vista de Boracay takes pride in its cozy condotel-residential community that provides a secure and private hotel-like resort experience. It’s a great place to house your guests. You are also guaranteed a luxurious bridal suite.


Breathtaking views


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Alta Vista stands at a vantage point of the island, providing breathtaking views. Taking full advantage of its hilltop location, the condotel installed each unit with a floor-to-ceiling window that opens up to a spacious balcony that lets you enjoy a panoramic view of the island, enjoy ambient light, and breathe in the refreshing sea breeze.


Classy and tasteful interiors


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Boasting the finest of Southeast Asian architecture, the condotel encapsulates Boracay’s tropical charm and character. It gives the same air of swanky modernity radiated by the posh mid-rise condominiums in Metro Manila, but with more of the tranquility you would usually feel when in close contact with nature. Upon entering Alta Vista’s reception area, you would instantly notice its expansive spaces complemented by monochromatic, neutral colors that will have you thinking of elegant, old-fashioned mansions.


Resort amenities for leisure and pampering


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You will have the time of your life with Alta Vista’s resort amenities, including a spa area, hair and nail spa, nature pathways, billiards, landscaped gardens, game room for indoor activities, karaoke bar, lounge area, and infinity pool with jacuzzi. You will also feel secure knowing that your guests are well-entertained.

 Make your wedding one of the most memorable moments of your life. The stunning, comfortable, convenient, refreshing, and entertaining piece of paradise that is Alta Vista de Boracay will ensure that you will have the best time. Now it’s time to plan your own perfect Boracay wedding. Catch these helpful wedding ideas!