20 JANUARY, 2020


As we enter the new year, the hot summer weather is fast approaching. What's a better way to beat the heat than to plan a quick trip to one of the most popular islands in the Philippines: Boracay.

An oldie, but most definitely a goodie, summer destination Boracay will be flocked with a lot of island goers, especially now that it has been newly rehabilitated. Expect the island’s accommodations to be fully-booked and beachside restaurants to be crowded. It’s safe to say that you best be prepared for your mini vacation. 

Apart from doing your due diligence on booking your Boracay hotel and accommodation early, it's wise to assemble all the essential items you need inside your Boracay travel bag to make your upcoming trip memorable and stress-free. 

Here’s what you should pack for your Boracay travel bag this 2020:

  1. Resort wear
  2. Proper footwear
  3. Sunblock 
  4. Towel
  5. Swimming Accessories
  6. Dry bag
  7. Sunglasses

2. Resort wear

Photo courtesy of mentatdgt via Pexels

What is resort wear? These are the outfits you bring when going to the beach, such as shorts, tank tops, light dresses, swimwear, hats, and cover-ups.

Planning your resort wear ahead of time allows you to pre-determine the weight of your travel bag. Having good options can also help you mix and match outfits so that you can have more space in your luggage. More space means having the option of traveling light, and traveling with less baggage saves you a couple of bucks that could be used as pocket money.

3. Proper footwear

Photo courtesy of david ortega via Pexels

You’re headed towards a sandy place, so it is essential to bring your sandals, flip flops, and aqua shoes (for those who want to be protected when swimming in the ocean). 

Allow your feet to breathe, let it soak under the sun, feel the heat and the warmth of the soft white sand, as it makes its way between your toes. You know what they say, good shoes take you to right places—island getaways included.

4. Sunblock 

Photo courtesy of Moose Photos via Pexels

Sunburn is about the only negative thing about going to the beach. To avoid unnecessary pain, pack a bottle of sunblock with SPF 30+. According to NBC News, dermatologists best recommend 30+, as it blocks about 97% of UVB rays.

Don’t take sunblock as the only summer sun protective measure you should take. Too much sun exposure could damage your skin, therefore packing a sunblock or sunscreen inside your travel bags is a beach necessity. Pack a pair of sunnies, a cap, and maybe a shawl to keep your skin from being exposed to harmful UV rays.

5. Towel

Photo courtesy of Engin Akyurt via Pexels

Towels are another Boracay necessity. It would be such a shame if you head to Boracay and not swim in its clear waters. You don’t want to go back to your hotel room wholly drenched.

Fair warning, though, a lot of vacationers misplace theirs and end up buying from one of the shops on the island. So here’s a tip: remember that when beach necessities are purchased on the island, the costs are a little bit higher than average; so do yourself a favor and adequately label your items with your names.

6. Swim Accessories

Photo courtesy of mali maeder via Pexels

If you have enough space in your travel bag and you’re planning on doing a lot of water activities, then it’s best to pack your own goggles, paddleboard, flippers, and snorkel. Renting these on the island is possible; but, also, keep in mind that other people have used these products. Quality and hygiene-wise, it is still best to have your own with you.

7. Dry bag

Photo courtesy of Pawan Yadav via Pexels

If you’re planning to go island hopping, then packing all your beach necessities in a dry bag would be a huge convenience for you. You can have it while you swim or roam around, and you’d be secured of the fact that your items are guaranteed not to end up wet.

8. Sunglasses

Photo courtesy of Nitin Dhumal via Pexels

What better accessory to wear to protect your eyes while you island hop than to wear your most trusted sunglasses. Make sure to pack the case for your sunglasses inside your travel bag or dry bag.

9. Action Camera

Photo courtesy of Gabriela Palai via Pexels

Document your escapades on the island by packing an action camera in your travel bag. Action cameras are usually smaller compared to your regular cameras, making them handy. 

Most of the ones on the market can shoot videos in a high-quality format, which is perfect for when you want to reminisce with your friends about your trip. Action cameras are also a lot more sturdy; they’re made for capturing active situations such as swimming, surfing, and parasailing, to name a few. 

10. Power Banks


Photo courtesy of Lukas from Pexels

Everyone is regularly using their phone, and going to Boracay is something you may want to share. With social media, the ability to share with other people (even the ones from a different location as you) what you’re doing in real-time makes all of this possible. 

Granted, your phone batteries will quickly deplete, as you simultaneously use various social media apps. So to avoid going through the hassle of finding an outlet to charge your phone, you should pack a portable charger (a.k.a. a power bank). Some power banks quickly charge your phone and are suitable for 2-4 full charges.

11. Waterproof Phone Case

Photo courtesy of Burst via Pexels

Better safe than sorry, there have been several instances where island visitors have dropped their phones on the ocean. Right after your phone is wet, it needs to undergo a drying process for it to function properly again. Remember that packing a waterproof phone case in your travel bag will be beneficial on your part. You wouldn’t have to panic if it does fall on wet areas, and it would save you the time to google remedies to restore it to its old condition.

12. Pocket money

Photo courtesy of Skitterphoto from Pexels

It’s best to keep smaller bills and change in your wallet. Don’t go to the island bringing only solid Php1,000 bills. Having various bills such as Php100’s, Php50’s or Php20’s, along with some coins, help when it comes to paying travel excursions. It saves everybody time.

12. Valid ID

Photo courtesy of Dom J via Pexels

If you’re a foreigner, you may need to bring your passport; but if you’re a local, any government ID will do. This is required to validate all the reservations you may have made before even going on the trip.

13. Medications and First Aid Kit

Photo courtesy of Pixabay via Pexels

Pack some over-the-counter medicines to relieve your headaches and stomachaches, in case they act up. Buy a couple of Band-Aids, too, in case you accidentally cut yourself somewhere. 

These are the 13 necessary travel bag items to ensure a hassle-free vacation. If you feel as if some things are still missing, you can always visit the concierge of your hotel, who would be happy to accommodate you in whatever you need.

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